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Q&A: Would antibiotics screw up your ANA levels?

February 5th, 2014 2 comments

Query by gracefrogrooster: Would antibiotics screw up your ANA ranges?

I know none of you guys are docs, but you never know! I have nearly every single single symptom for lupus, except the butterfly rash. My GP dx’ed me with fibromyalgia, but I hardly fit any of the criteria! Any techniques, I begged (and begged some more) for a referral to a Rhemy.
Now, here is the query. I’m a 26 yr old female, three small kiddos. I get 100mg minocycline (antibiotic) daily to manage horrible acne. I’ve only been tested once on my ANA ranges, they were fine. But could my antibiotic throw those bloodtests off a small bit?
I’m a younger female, with tattoos, and facial peircings. I actually want aid dealing with these medical professionals. They just never pay attention and attempt to publish me off like I’m a drug seeker. I’m not. I just want someone to discover out what is wrong and resolve it. I am so youthful to feel like this, and of course, my poor little ones considering that I can not get around and perform like I utilised to.
Sorry this was so extended! But if you can response my query, give me guidelines, or share stories, I would be so grateful!
By the way, my 1st Rhemy appointment is tomorrow! Yay!!

Greatest solution:

Response by JayM
Minocycline is a single of the tetracycline family of antibiotics. Tetracyclines are identified to result in false positive ANA. It sounds like you have been leaning to the false unfavorable side. If you are contemplating of SLE, 98% of these sufferers have an elevated ANA over 1:80 dilution. If your ANA is regular, it practically guidelines out SLE, specially with no butterfly rash both, unless there is there is a very good explanation to hold taking into consideration that diagnosis. Great luck (I believe) with your Rhuemy tomorrow.

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Ultracet/Tramadol for discomfort. I get debilitating soreness from IBS. Would this be a great pain reliever?

January 20th, 2014 4 comments

Question by Busybake: Ultracet/Tramadol for discomfort. I get debilitating discomfort from IBS. Would this be a excellent pain reliever?

Vicodin works but I’m concerned about it getting habit forming. The doc prescribed Hycosymine. It tends to make me very exhausted and does not ease the soreness.

I consume really very carefully and use homeopathic remedies but when the significant discomfort hits I need something more powerful.

Any info would be appreciated.

Very best reply:

Response by Kirill K
Tramadol is robust ample but it is addictive as well.
See some info below.
Great luck!

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Q&A: What would cause a 9yo to have pain in her jaw&cheek & has a challenging time eatting&talking Dr say practically nothing is wrong

October 31st, 2013 11 comments

Question by EMTorNot2EMT: What would trigger a 9yo to have pain in her jaw&cheek & has a tough time eatting&speaking Dr say nothing is wrong

My 9 yohas been complaining her jaw and cheek hurt she has a challenging time swallowing and talking Her neck and cheek are swellon
She has had her tonsils removed a year ago and a graph completed to her ear drum a yr ago she was seen in the ED and the Dr says there is practically nothing physically wrong…he says it is traumatic anxiety from coming residence from her dad’s residence She is now running a fever of 101 offering her motrin does not assist with the pain. I am an EMT and the signs seem to be to be like individuals of mumps but she has had her MMR vaccine as scheduled……what could this perhaps be and need to I get her to a various Dr to be observed…she was NOT noticed by a peds DR

Best response:

Reply by STEVE M
It would seem evident to me that if she has a temperature of 101

something have to be incorrect.

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How do you believe you would cope to have your subconscious mind integrated into you conscious awareness?

October 5th, 2013 3 comments

Query by From Offtheplanet: How do you believe you would cope to have your subconscious thoughts integrated into you aware awareness?

like most universal species have?

Ideal response:

Response by Hollis Bush
Excellent query but I think that you need to conquer the matrix of your mind to do that

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If you went to a church for 20 years hearing negative factors, would that impact you?

September 4th, 2013 22 comments

Question by McFriend II: If you went to a church for twenty years hearing unfavorable issues, would that affect you?

If you went to a church and heard for 20 many years that a certain other group was the lead to of all of your “ache”, and you heard it above and in excess of and above again, would that ultimately become apart of your worth technique?

I feel it would…and if you donated $ 27,500.00 to that cause, I would consider you a “believer”.

How about you, would that eventually brain wash you above time? And you would not even “see” it?

Ideal response:

Answer by No Muslim as Prez
How could you not “program” that junk into your mind more than that lengthy of time?

Rant, Chant, Rant, Chant….and Obama wants the regular American to “vote” for him???????? Hello….I aint.

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Q&A: How would you interpret this?

August 21st, 2013 3 comments

Query by TooGenerous: How would you interpret this?

My boss wrote me an apology letter and it said “We sincerely apologize for whatever occurred that could have caused you ache.” I took this as he was becoming genuinely careful with his phrases and did not mean it.
In reading one particular of the solutions, you are completely proper in what it is that is bothering me. What genuinely hurts is that I worked evening and day for this organization and I was extremely near to the owners and I was harm by their son who was place in charge. I had to quit and after 4 months, this is the apology that I received from the father.

Greatest answer:

Answer by Gee
If your boss is empathic, then it truly is most very likely sincere.

If he isn’t empathic, then it most very likely isn’t sincere.

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