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How do i know if my stretching is doing work?

August 19th, 2013 Comments off

Query by SkinnyLad: How do i know if my stretching is functioning?

I’m presently performing stretches to do a split but i don’t know if I need to forcefully stretch myself to come to feel the pain. Need to I force myself to come to feel the soreness? “No discomfort, No obtain” right?

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Response by Robert K
to stretch quickest, try out to repeat the stretch every single couple hrs and do so with discomfort, not pain. hold the stretch for a couple of minutes.

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How come when your sore from like a work out and streching the pain feels soo good?

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Query by allly: How come when your sore from like a work out and streching the pain feels soo very good?

like your sore and then you strech to make the ache “go away” how come it feels great ??

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Response by Morgan
Because you have exercised your body in places that have by no means been exercised like that before and when you stretch it just feels great due to the fact you relaxing your body.

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Ozone Treatment for herniated disc:anyone heard of or, taken it? Is it effective? how does it work?

January 27th, 2012 1 comment

Question by Nikita: Ozone Treatment for herniated disc:anybody heard of or, taken it? Is it effective? how does it work?


I was diagnosed with a “slipped disc” ( not a prolapse, only compression and back ache) a lot more than a year ago. One particular 31 st October 2009 I had sudden and serious discomfort in my back – so considerably that it hurt even if i took a deep breath.

The clinical diagnosis and MRI confirmed a herniated disc at D1 L2, like some mild protrusion in decrease levels also.
I have been on bed rest and ache medication because. Now i am able to move little ( like for the most fundamental requirements) but there is even now very sharp discomfort.

A pal of mine had heard of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy for herniated disc. I spoke to the medical doctor who practices it and it is a process of injecting ozone/ oxygen in the herniated disc. Now I have just heard of it and am but to decide if I need to go and see this medical professional.

Please let me know in situation you have heard / recognized of this treatment.

More so if you or everyone you know has benefitted from it. Speaking of it, please allow me know if there have been any cons of this apporach.

Thanks a lot lot.
God Bless.

Finest solution:

Answer by natpractitioner
I am not extremely acquainted with this method, but I looked it up on the Mayo clinic internet internet site [] and they say that “the remedy can limit pain and irritation by minimizing the disk’s volume. When employed in conjunction with corticosteroid injections, oxygen-ozone therapy might enhance the effect of the corticosteroids. Oxygen-ozone therapy is carried out on an outpatient basis and does not call for anesthesia.”

They also mention a therapy referred to as nucleoplasty. Nucleoplasty utilizes heat-making (bipolar radiofrequency) engineering to develop an power area that decreases strain inside a disk’s nucleus. Decreased stress inside of a disk can provide pain relief. Due to the fact the vitality field dissolves disk tissue without having creating extreme heat, harm to close by structures is minimized.

Each of these therapies sound as if they have been proven effective in the clinical setting.

Great luck.

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