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Myself and 2 kids woke up with sore necks.?

October 29th, 2013 1 comment

Question by R B: Myself and 2 youngsters woke up with sore necks.?

This morning i was acquiring my eight and 12 yr outdated kids prepared for college and they both complained of neck ache or soreness. I found it odd since I as well woke up with a sore neck. Does any person consider it can be Carbon Monoxide poisoning or some thing else..? Im concerned.

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Answer by vivi
study chemtrails in the sky, brings about plenty of symptoms, portion if the new globe purchase……………………………please read…………………….
just passing on the word. found out about it myself not also long in the past.We dwell in a matrix, my fellow brothers and sisters.please wake up!!!Did you know that 750,000 individuals die each and every year from smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol? Did you also know that NOT 1 reported situation has surfaced due somebody dying from marijuana? Not one, basically due to the fact it’s an herb, and most of all it’s GOD’s creation,Has seven leaves,and its also GOD’s quantity,as a result satan hates it. It assists with all kinds of deseases and kills poor viruses!!I did my analysis. However they have every person addicted and dying to guy produced medication, wich is okay however lead to it is legal, right? Hummm..something is desperately incorrect right here.It seems to me like death of yours and my household is okay to those insane law makers and satan worshipers.Allow me make this brief, trigger I can go on and on about this corrupt world we dwell in. google,or utube vids Dimitru Duduman, illuminati, new world purchase, chemtrails, developing 7, builderburg group, trillateral commision, bohemian grove, David Icke, book of Enoch, and also go to,, of of a lot of important factors. 1 very sturdy guidance I received from all of my analysis is, never hate or dread anybody or anything at all, since that is their program. Just as prolonged as you dislike or concern, they’ve received you by the throat. Just lookin out for my fellow human brothers and sisters.Just say no to the new planet purchase, and pass it on.Please, I genuinely hope that you currently knew all of this. May possibly YAHWEH(Heavenly Father),and Yashua(Jesus Christ,son), and the Holy Spirit be with you all. Praise him, since excellent will prevail in the Finish. sorry so prolonged, quite critical though. Just 1 a lot more thing, my husband and I observe the display known as “Intervention” really a handful of times. Adequate to be in a position to base our viewpoint on it, and they don’t demonstrate 1 situation of a person being addicted to or overdosing on marijuana. All I am saying is, if GOD did not want us to use his seed baring plant, he would’nt have produced it….Genesis 1:eleven-twelve
psJesus as soon as stated the reality shall make you totally free. swine flu hysteria. Yeah, it truly is a flu. BUT it was designed in a lab. “3 flu in a pot, then stir.” They have no reported instances of pigs carrying it. Do your very own investigation as an alternative of believing what the media tells you. they are nothing but puppets of the illuminati who controls the new globe order. I am sorry if I sound a tiny harsh, I only want americans were’t so brainwashed. I genuinely do feel that I require to tell you this, if you get the swine flu shot, it will destroy you and your young children. I don’t mean to scare you but that is the reality. Also look up the dangers of the medication they place you on for it. There are content articles upon articles talking about the swine flu being produced in a lab. Please do your analysis. It is sickening, please warn every person you know and dont know. may possibly YAHWEH(GOD) be with you and your family.”Also do not hate or dread any person or something, since that is satans program, just as prolonged as you do individuals factors he isn’t going to care who you are.
please will not take the swine flu shot, it will make you truly sick and/or kill you. Do your analysis,please!!!

please go to

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Q&A: What would take place if you woke up in the course of surgical procedure?

July 29th, 2013 3 comments

Query by Mortymight: What would happen if you woke up throughout surgical procedure?

I want to know what they’d do, and what YOU’D do.

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Reply by rwinnie2
they would give you added anaesthetic to place you back to rest

and anaesthetic also has the impact of wiping your memory so you would not remember

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Woke up with severe foot pain?

August 4th, 2012 1 comment

Query by d3v10u5b0y: Woke up with extreme foot ache?

I was awakened abruptly this morning by my wife asking if I would assist her open her meds (she sliced her hand with a pair of scissors yesterday). At very first, I didn’t observe until finally I went to go to the restroom that my proper foot was killing me. I was in a position to get up and limp to the bathroom. I limp each and every morning, though, because of plantar fascitis in Each feet, so my wife considered practically nothing of it.

When I came back I tried to lay down on my abdomen and bend my knee so my foot was behind my back, that way I could stretch and massage it and try out to feel about for swelling. When I pulled on it to stretch it, it nearly felt as even though it was dislocated, possibly severely sprained. I did sprain this foot when I was 9 by hitting it fairly tough on the peg of a scooter at my cousin’s home, and walked on it for a couple of weeks just before it swelled up adequate that my mother and father noticed and took me to the medical doctor. Probably that is connected.

The only way I can describe the ache is like when you’re a kid and you have what they get in touch with “growing pains”, multiplied by about five – 10x (my “increasing pains” have been fairly unpleasant). I’m no stranger to ache, so it truly is more of a small annoyance than a actual distraction. But, I’d like some insight, if feasible, into what the problem could be before it will get worse or leads to any permanenent damage. Mainly I’m asking here simply because, despite the fact that my wife and young children are covered my health-related insurance, I am not. I simply see no require given that I never go to the medical professional. If I can get an thought of what the issue is from here then I will check with a handful of far more sites and individuals I know in the medical area, then probably attempt to handle it on my very own.

Thanks in advance.
HA! Nope, no foot fetish, but we did go at it a couple of times final evening. Going straight to the medical doctor is probably a secure bet, but I am stubborn like that.

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Answer by Okram C
You had threesome with foot fetish… hehe. nicely, the greatest thing to do is to get up from that chair and straight to the medical professional

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