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What’s incorrect with my hands? The sides of my hands from thumb to about the wrist hurt so badly.?

October 26th, 2013 4 comments

Query by tracis327: What’s wrong with my hands? The sides of my hands from thumb to about the wrist harm so badly.?

Each hands are bothering me, they are very tender to the touch. If I even bump them towards anything, it hurts badly. It virtually feels as if they are bruised or have been smashed with some thing. Quite, really, tender and really weak now. I never know if it is a problem with the joints or if it may possibly be arthritis or what. None of my other fingers hurt, just seems to be along the sides of the thumbs and the puffy component underneath the thumbs (on the palm). Any suggestions?

Greatest reply:

Response by Claire
Could be carpal tunnel or arthritis each of which can be cured with medicine and therapy early on. You must see your medical doctor for diagnoses. You don’t want to finish up letting it go too extended and lose the use of your thumbs. Great luck, hope this aided. Claire

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Q&A: What’s the very best way to rid menstrual symptoms? (educated solutions only, please)?

June 23rd, 2013 6 comments

Question by RoyGBiv456: What’s the ideal way to rid menstrual signs? (educated solutions only, please)?

For the duration of the first day of my menstrual time period I knowledge severe cramps in my abdomen that range from a continual boring ache to intense sharp pains. I also have a frequent feeling of nausea when I get up. It is worse in the course of the morning and evening hours which I attribute to getting significantly less active throughout these instances. Workout performs to relieve cramps but only truly succeeds in altering the position of the pain to a more livable reduce back ache. I have tried Midol, Tylonel, and Ibuprofin but absolutely nothing works this first day. Terrible cramps truly only effect me the initial day of the cycle and then the remainder of the week Midol will get care of something.

I aslo recognize heightened senses for the duration of this time. Smell, taste, touch, all appear magnified to me for the duration of the starting of my period. (Does that occur to anybody else?)

Is there anything else I can do aside from physical exercise and heating pads that can help me. I’ve heard modifying diet programs certian methods can prevent cramping. Any person know anything about this?

Ideal response:

Response by zoe_ruby_slippers
I have the implant pill which stops periods altogether-which is excellent for me. I recommend you seek advice from a medical doctor and inquire them to be put on the pill. Very good luck

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Q&A: What’s the word that describes two conflicting tips/words?

June 2nd, 2013 4 comments

Query by Northern Sky: What’s the word that describes two conflicting suggestions/words?

For instance: “birth and death”, “joy and pain”.

I’ve forgotten! Is it juxtaposition? Oxymoron? Collocation? Paradox?

Thank you so considerably.

Ideal response:

Reply by Garry
A phrase combining two contradictory terms. Oxymorons may possibly be intentional or unintentional. The following speech from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet makes use of many oxymorons: Why, then, O brawling love! O loving dislike! O anything, of nothing very first produce! O hefty lightness! serious vanity!

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My Female Pal who is 16 Is hurting in her reduce Correct Back (Erector Spinae) Whats Wrong?

May 23rd, 2013 Comments off

Query by Ejay4G: My Female Good friend who is 16 Is hurting in her decrease Appropriate Back (Erector Spinae) Whats Wrong?

She tells me it feels like muscle spasms happen in the region, I needed to know whats wrong with her and would there be anyway to get rid of the problem . If you Do not know what and Erector Spinae Is, Search it up on google.

Ideal response:

Reply by Ellie P
Let us solution one particular question for confident, the “erector spinae” are the muscle groups that start off at the reduced back and operate there way up the spine and their perform is the extend the spine (bens backwards) as well as offering counter stability to the abs. They are one of your “core” muscle tissue.
As far as your friend’s pain, it could be a muscle spasm, but it could be many other things as effectively. Normally,with a muscular difficulty, there is both a distinct damage or you rest wrong, and so on. Some thing is accomplished to result in the muscle to contract abnormally, but there are other factors in the decrease right back.
It could be a kidney difficulty, ache from a UTI or bladder infection, even from menstrual problems. Sometimes, a dilemma in one component of the entire body has “referred soreness” in a fully other portion of the physique. If you have a spleen dilemma, it can lead to your left shoulder to be painful?!?!
Get a small much more info from your friend as far as was there an injury? Any fever or chills? Any pain while urinating? What makes it worse/greater? In the imply time, she could try ice if the discomfort is much less that 72 hrs outdated, or heat if longer. She can also, if there’s no issue, consider advil or aleve, but make confident there is no purpose for her not to.

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What’s the title of the song that plays on the industrial for the new sitcom Royal Pains?

January 1st, 2013 Comments off

Query by Kyle B: What is the title of the song that plays on the business for the new sitcom Royal Pains?

the sitcom “Royal Pains” when they promote on the business for the demonstrate the song plays and ive also noticed on the radio! does anyone know who it is?

Finest solution:

Solution by carley
i am considering it really is Enur feat. Natasja – Calabria 2007 or pitbull – i know you want me.. sorry i can’t narrow it down a lot more

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whats incorrect with my leg?

June 17th, 2012 2 comments

Query by reginaalovessyou: whats incorrect with my leg?

when i stage on it, the upper, back element of my leg and butt harm actually poor. im 12 many years old and im rather positive its not “developing pains” but i have a dance rehearsal tomorrow that i HAVE to attened all day. anything at all that i can do to make it truly feel much better?

Best reply:

Reply by bobby_jack_169
hi i am twelve also. this happens to me all the time. its eathier that you have been sitting to extended or to significantly bodily activities. just stretch or stroll a tiny and it will go away.

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