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Well i had sex about three weeks ago and i believe i could be pregnant what are the early indicators of pregnancy?

August 4th, 2013 10 comments

Question by crystal m: Effectively i had intercourse about three weeks in the past and i feel i could be pregnant what are the early indicators of pregnancy?

Plus, i was suppose to have my period five days ago but when it came it was a dark pink, and not hefty at all like my usual intervals, plus i’ve been having actually negative cramps, i believe my breast are acquiring greater but they dont hurt, and i havent been throwing up. Also, my final day of my so referred to as period was like spotting, so thats why i’m not sure if i am pregnant, and i’m not certain what the indicators really are for early pregnancy. I dont think i have a lump but on my stomack only genuinely poor cramps.

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Reply by macca_79_05
Get a check kit from the chemist or see your doctor before you get by yourself into difficulties.

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My head sweat as well considerably, and i got a significant dandruff difficulty?

April 16th, 2013 5 comments

Question by kwanpang l: My head sweat as well a lot, and i acquired a significant dandruff issue?

I want to know what is wrong with my physique: My head sweat as well considerably, and i got a significant dandruff difficulty, and my skin of nose and ears peels off like dandruff sometimes. And a although in the past, medical doctor gave me medicine for curing dandruff to cure the red dots on my reduce physique. Any individual understands what kind of ailment is it?

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Response by ashleypf004
go to >>>> — Hair and Skin ProblemsBe gentle with your hair, not using harsh chemical substances or as well much heat on it. … I perspire a good deal on my head. I never know why some people perspire far more than …

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How do imaintain my well being and seems as i have just entered the menopausestage?

April 15th, 2013 3 comments

Query by nina: How do imaintain my health and appears as i have just entered the menopausestage?

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Reply by jenni_talls
The exact same way you have been for the previous number of decades of your existence. There is really no variation.

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Lost a bet with my girlfriend, now she is giving me a girly makeover. What may well she do to me girls?

November 15th, 2012 2 comments

Question by Chad: Lost a bet with my girlfriend, now she is giving me a girly makeover. What might she do to me girls?

Hi, I lost a bet with my girlfriend on a local baseball game. So now she has to give me a girly makeover tomorrow. She is quite girly, and we also agreed to let her do what ever she wants. She also informed me that she will consider this fairly far, and that she is going to demonstrate me the “pain” that girls go by means of. So women, what may well she do to me? Thanks

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Response by eva
Initial she is going to shave your head so you have to dwell the rest of the day sporting an itchy wig. Then she will light the wig on fire which occurs to some girls if they get also near to a candle. After that she will poke two sticks of eyeliner into your eyeballs. She will keep them in there for about four-9 minutes. If you had been born a green or brown eyed she’s most likely going to do it to alter your eye colour. Final but not least she is going to scorching glue a broom to your hand. We constantly have to keep our broomsticks prepared for battle.

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Q&A: A thing feels wrong with my well being. What do I do?

May 8th, 2012 1 comment

Query by : One thing feels incorrect with my well being. What do I do?

I’ve been feeling physically ill for the past week. It’s not just one particular point, it’s a couple of factors. 1. I had pleural effusion about two years ago. It started out off as a very sharp discomfort on my correct side next to my breast. It carried on for two weeks and finally they identified it. I consider I’m beginning to get the exact same pain on my left side and I’m going through difficulty breathing. 2. My muscle groups in my total physique harm. I have not been exercising at all. The muscles that genuinely bother me are all in my back. My shoulder blades and my upper, middle and reduce back – everytime the ache “shoots” via one of the over and I wince. 3. I have a regular 7 day period, I expertise ache in the initial two days and thereafter I kind of neglect I’m on as there’s tiny to no ache or discomfort. I’m on my 7th day right now and I even now feel pain. It feels as even though there is a raw open wound in my uterus. I have never felt this ache just before. Typically I bleed heavily on the initial 2 nights and right after that I only have to use tampons for the duration of the day. Final evening (6th evening) was the very first evening I could go with out making use of a tampon. Absolutely nothing is standard about this month’s period (it also started out 3 days late). 4. When I turn my head to the left to search that way, a throbbing pain shoots by way of the left side of my head. When I bend down and my head is on a decrease degree than my shoulders, I get this ache as effectively. I truthfully never know what to do. Any suggestions will be significantly appreciated. I haven’t been to the medical doctor since none of these symptoms seem to be to be connected and I wouldn’t know where to start or what to say to make them recognize. 🙁

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Reply by Mr E
see an hio approach chiropractor.

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What may well be leading to these health troubles?

October 8th, 2011 2 comments

Question by fragglerockqueen: What may possibly be creating these wellness issues?

Signs and symptoms:

upper abdominal pain (appropriate side), stomach discomfort & no appetite , constipation, chest pain (both sides and center – “heat discomfort”), back, neck, and shoulder pain, throbbing headaches, “tingly” numb sensations, negative breath, and the feeling that your throat is constricted, muscle aches and joint pain, teeth grinding, drooling while sleeping, and extreme weakness?

A parasite? What kind? A bacterial infection? A disease of some sort? My physician believed it was stress, but did some tests for my piece of mind & discovered a cyst approximately 9 mm in diameter in my brain. But then he dismissed it as “congenial” and mentioned he did not assume it essential to address at this time. Meanwhile, my mother is obtaining very upset because I retain getting worse and she says I “smell sick.” I asked the medical doctor if I may have contracted a parasite, as advised by the vet because my dog was Extremely ill, and he stated no b/c I have not traveled outside the states.

Any ideas??? I am in a Lot of discomfort!
I have known as a psychologist, and whilst I ought to probably be seeing a single for anger and anxiety concerns, they had been also concerned about the cyst the MRI identified. Otherwise, yes, I am addressing “psychological” issues as properly. It has been essentially determined, even so, that the physical ailments have little to do with the emotional element of it all (minus triggering tension more than my poor wellness).

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Answer by answers4questions
your vet is wrong- due to the fact you can get a parasite from animal contact without having traveling outta the states- but anyways
It sounds like you have a combo of issues going on. I would go to the medical doctor or physicians till someone listens. But yeah i do not know where ya got the parasite thingy- but every thing listed can’t be parasite symptoms. One great issue about parasites and worms – is you’ll wake up among 1-3 AM. Excellent luck figuring it out.

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