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I am at 18 weeks in my pregnancy, and I was questioning, what does it feels like when the little one begins moving?

May 29th, 2013 8 comments

Query by XXXBurningStarIV: I’m at 18 weeks in my pregnancy, and I was pondering, what does it feels like when the child starts moving?

I have a pain in my reduced side.
Does it come to feel painful or uncomfortable when it initial transpires?
Or need to I be anxious?

Best solution:

Answer by Emma
it feels a bit like bubbles in your tummy. its not unpleasant, properly not till your baby is bigger and kicking you in your ribs lol. a bit like butterflys in your tummy.its fairly amazin to feel.

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How numerous weeks so i have to excerise to lost excess weight?

January 24th, 2013 4 comments

Question by Malina Kaui Gazel: How numerous weeks so i have to excerise to lost excess weight?

i bought an excerise ball yesterday, how several weeks do i have to excerise on it until finally i start off to shed weight around my hip region, abdomen region, arm region, and butt region?

Greatest answer:

Solution by Unique K
You have to consume appropriately, and don’t view for the weight to come off, just do the proper factor, and sooner or later it will.

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Soreness in my decrease abdomen even though 14 weeks pregnant?

November 23rd, 2012 5 comments

Query by LADY LUCK: Discomfort in my decrease abdomen whilst 14 weeks pregnant?

Ive been feeling aches in my reduced abdomen(off to the appropriate side)it kinda feels like where my ovaries are.It comes and goes and sometimes even switches sides.Also when I lay down or stretch I can really feel it like Im pulling a muscle!?!?Is this typical or must I be worried…I havent had any bleeding or any other tell tale indicators but since this is my very first preganacy Im a little concerned.

Finest response:

Reply by Baby #1 due in October!
It truly is your uterus stretching! Acquired to make space for the minor bablet! No concerns girl – it really is standard, but just annoying.

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Stabbing pain “up there” at 35 weeks pregnant? (LABOR?)?

August 25th, 2012 2 comments

Question by Pink or Blue due eight-twenty-twelve: Stabbing discomfort “up there” at 35 weeks pregnant? (LABOR?)?

I was at perform today & it was a extremely difficult day. I was on my feet working close to like a crazy fool. (I work in a hospital) I lastly got the assist I required & started to slow down. I was just strolling up the hall way. When it felt like some 1 caught a knife up my vagina to the middle of my belly/uterus area. I practically dropped to my knees it hurt so undesirable!! Then under my belly button I acquired insane muscle spasms. I went from freezing cold to sweat running down my back! My co-employee saw me jerk & practically scream. She mentioned my encounter was as white as a sheet of paper then I started out crying.
This was about 11:45am nowadays, I took it effortless for a number of seconds. Even sat down for about three or 4 mins (did not have time to sit) & kept functioning. Infant has been moving fine since. No blood, no other troubles. I had some extremely light cramps but that is all.

Is this a sign labor could be coming in the next couple of days?
I hate to get in touch with my physician due to the fact they just want to send me to the ER for every little issue. (considering that office is closed) Then its a 35min drive & a $ 75 co-pay for nothing. Subsequent time I go to the hospital I want it to be since our infant is coming!

Best answer:

Reply by JustWondering
I had individuals from about 36 weeks on until finally my water broke at 38w+4d and I had my son. Almost everything stated they were just signs of him pushing down when he was head down. They produced me feel like throwing up but were completely normal. I always described it as if there was a string attached to my vagina and he was yanking it inward. Ouch, just pondering about it.

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Q&A: 17 weeks – actually bad reduced appropriate back pains.?

June 16th, 2012 3 comments

Question by : 17 weeks – actually negative reduced right back pains.?

For about a week now I have had a undesirable back (low down on the correct) – it hurts when I bend down and so forth and I get the odd twinge in it.
But final night I woke up in tears – it was killing me. As soon as I laid on my back it went (I have been sleeping on my sides for the past 2 weeks – typically I am a tummy sleeper and I am locating it challenging to get comfy)
Right now it hurts once again, when I am not moving it is a extremely dull ache but when I get up and move close to it hurts a lot more.

I also have been getting the odd twinge of discomfort in my belly area near my belly button and in my reduce appropriate side – but I know that this is almost certainly ligament pains.

I just wondered – do you believe this is normal “developing pains” in my back or could it be that I have just lately stopped sleeping on my tummy and the change has harm my back?

I am having an antenatal appointment at the hospital tomorrow so I will ask then but I just wondered what you guys think?


Best answer:

Reply by Gail D
Ask them to check you for a urinary tract infection whilst you are there.

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Q&A: Is three weeks of rest good sufficient for a stress fracture?

May 29th, 2012 1 comment

Question by : Is 3 weeks of rest good sufficient for a pressure fracture?

Hello: I would drastically appreciate if any person could consider the time to study via this entire point. THank you!

According to the MRI i received, i have a calcaneus pressure fracture. My ache started out two weeks ahead of i got the MRI. Throughout these two weeks, i rested the 1st that very first week, and was able to run pain cost-free for the 2nd week. You may request me “Why did you even get the MRI if you had been at the moment running pain totally free”? The explanation is, is that my doctor advised finding it “just in situation” i had a anxiety fracture and the insurance coverage covered the expense entirely. I imagined to myself “what do i have to lose, possibly following all i will uncover out that something may possibly truly be incorrect with my foot and i will require some sort of therapy”. So i went into the MRI assuming that nothing was incorrect and i was just doing it to be truthful, for sh*ts and gigs. Contrary to my prediction, the medical professional named and said: “hello, i think you might want come in, i identified one thing in the MRI that you most likely want to know about”. Regardless of my week of discomfort totally free operating, it was found that i really had a calcaneus anxiety fracture!!! And the medical doctor recommended resting for 6 weeks with some biking and swimming instead.

Nonetheless, i would like to point out many things which i almost certainly really should have described to the medical doctor. Very first of all, i believe the purpose i got the tension fracture in the very first place was simply because i was landing on my foot the wrong way (outdoors of foot) but ever because i fixed the way i landed, my foot felt drastically much better. (a coincidence? i feel not.) I also replaced my old old footwear which probably helped.
Subsequent, i didn’t mention that before the MRI scan i had previously taken a week of rest. However, that was proceeded by one more week of running. That week like i pointed out happened to be pain totally free.
For that reason, i consider it would be okay for me to rest for Three weeks as an alternative of six. On that third week i would commence operating once again. Even so, they would be short and simple runs every single other day. I would not begin my critical workout routines yet again until finally i hit that sixth week. I think this is suitable simply because i had currently had some good rest time, and MY FOOT DOESN”T EVEN Harm TO RUN ON.

Right here is my proposed schedule which includes what i have already carried out.

Week 1: I discover discomfort in the foot and take the week off
Week 2: I get an MRI scheduled but consider landing on my foot a various way. That ends up functioning so i run discomfort totally free this whole week.
Week 3: My MRI benefits are back and i am informed not to run for six weeks. This week will be rest
Week four: Rest/Cross Instruction
Week 5: Rest/ Cross Education
Week six: Ease back into running: Brief easy runs every single other day
Week 7: Ease back into operating
Week 8: Get back to real instruction

The major function is to have my proposed routine evaluated. I am a freshman in high school who would like achievement in the upcoming cross country season. I am addicted to operating and want to commence back as quickly as achievable. Would my strategy be setting me up for severe injury? Is three weeks of nonstop rest merely not sufficient? Thank you for studying this extended essay and responses are drastically appreciated.
This is not meant to be rude: but just in case i didn’t get the point across:

If i wanted to go operating in 5 minutes without any pain what so ever, i could. Nonetheless, i just do not want to threat far more significant injury.

Very best solution:

Solution by Randy Lahey
6 weeks no operating at all (activities like biking/swimming was what i did when i had my anxiety fracture). Sounds like you know what your carrying out however, that is a quite very good proposed action program

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