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Left side chest ache immediately after waking up in the morning?

June 19th, 2012 1 comment

Question by jeffreyking18: Left side chest pain immediately after waking up in the morning?

About me: I am 24yr old male. 5’9 toned -muscular. 150lbs. I’m quite active I hike and function out frequently

About 2 many years ago I was diagnosed with TB. I underwent treatment method for six months. Prior to I was diagnosed I was experiencing inner chest pains on my left side every single morning right after waking up from bed. It felt almost as if the pains have been within my chest below the muscle. Often they had been sturdy sufficient I could feel them through my back and even down to my upper left ab however they wouldn’t final extremely extended.

Immediately after being Diagnosed with TB and going via treatment method I figured that was the purpose I was experiencing these “chest pains” . 2 many years later on right here I am and I’m nonetheless possessing these chest pains on my left side immediately after waking up in the morning. Occasionally I won’t really feel anything at all and at times I really feel it every single morning for a week straight. I thought possibly this could be associated to my perform out regimen even so the discomfort I really feel is under the muscle.

So here I am once again puzzled. I am not sure if this could be associated to my heart. nonetheless, I do not have any difficulty breathing or anything at all of that nature.

I do drink a lot of coffee even so I will do a one particular month detox system from time to time. I am detoxing now as we talk.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thank you -J

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Answer by Lori
ongoing chest pains – especially given your prior pulmonary illness – always warrants a trip to the doc! Go see your primary care provider and I hope you really feel far better soon!

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