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any individual encounter continual pain following vasectomy?

January 17th, 2014 2 comments

Question by wolf39us: anyone knowledge persistent soreness after vasectomy?

I heard it truly is pretty painless and you are going to almost neglect it’s there right after three-4 weeks

any other opinions?

also my doctor mentioned one thing about a response to your own sperm…exactly where a lump is created all around the epidytimis …any person expertise this??

Greatest answer:

Response by Paul M
no i heard it hurts fairly a bit. and you are pretty sore for a handful of days. but right after that you are right you dont even notice it. i have 1 buddy who says he has a difficult time ejaculating soon after it, but he is the only one particular i have heard with that difficulty, i am acquiring a single in the fall. excellent luck

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Why do guys who have never had a vasectomy give STUPID Tips?

January 28th, 2013 3 comments

Question by THEMOJOMAN: Why do guys who have by no means had a vasectomy give STUPID Guidance?

I have had one particular for 29 many years,,I received one particular due to the fact I presently had 2 youngsters and the lady I was marrying was a young widow and had two young children. It DOES NOT Reduced YOUR EJACULATION,,,IT DOES NOT Reduce YOUR Sex Wishes. YOU GET ALL THE LIQUID Part “ONLY WITH OUT ANY SPERM” in it. In fact your sex life is greater,,due to the fact you know you happen to be risk-free.

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Answer by adrianne
Ignorance. Good for you taking responsibility for birth control.

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Q&A: How considerably is a vasectomy, what does the approach entail, and any alternatives?

January 20th, 2013 4 comments

Query by Brian E: How significantly is a vasectomy, what does the approach entail, and any alternatives?

I do not by any signifies want youngsters. I already have 1 sadly but I want to know what are the fees and is it a hundred% productive. I will not trust condoms simply because which is what I used final time and even now ended up with a kid. I would like to hear from an individual who has had the process done. Does insurance coverage support with this method?

Very best response:

Response by Ethelucy
It is a straightforward method (out patient) and the recovery is just a number of days with reasonable soreness. It is about as near to 100% efficient as you can get. I am not sure about the cost, but I doubt if insurance would cover it as it is an elective procedure. I hope this help you some.

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