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for the duration of menstration, is it regular to have cramps other than in the uterus region?

February 11th, 2013 11 comments

Question by draecoiram: in the course of menstration, is it typical to have cramps other than in the uterus spot?

for example, (sorry, kinda gross!) i always get crampy bowels & get diarrhea, and my abs & back tend to cramp up occassionally. does this take place to any person else? is it standard, or does it level to some thing like endometriosis?

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Answer by kasey06
It is regular. It happens to me too. I think it occurs to most women. I wouldn’t be concerned about it. I guess its just yet another joy of becoming a females 🙂

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Identified no fluids in uterus or appendix @ ER am I preggo?

June 27th, 2012 Comments off

Query by SleepingBeauty: Found no fluids in uterus or appendix @ ER am I preggo?

prior med historical past- @ the age of twelve (2000)i started depo provera- i stopped in 2008 (twenty) due to wanting to “cleanse” /” its just not all-natural, anyways immediately after 1yr i received back on it result in effectively pms is just disgusting, so in 09 after a year of “cleansing” i get back on depo til my final schedule shot which was april 17th 2010, nicely i didnt get it (Finance causes), so in june (chaotic) i dont keep in mind my period and i know i havent had 1 this month, must be preggo appropriate? no preceding signs of pregnancies or miscarriages in the past.

so now that ur caught up on my med historical past lets go to june 12th 2010

close to 11 in the morning i get a blood spot ” oh yeah no wonder why ive been a biotch” so i have no tampons (packed up) so i go to keep and purchase some, properly all day into the subsequent i dont bleed anymore but i have a bloating reduce adominal discomfort, “must be gassy” properly as the day proggressed the discomfort went over to my right side and was horrible, i slept in the recliner for the subsequent two til i could get to the er. cause now ive done some research on ovarian cyst (bf is experienced in popping them) and i assumed i had a single rupture do to the ache and stuff. well i get to the er they do a urine pee test, detrimental, an ultrasound, located a cyst on my left side (not my correct in which the discomfort is), a ct scan no fluids in my appendix either so the dr stated no ruptured ovarian cyst and the surgeon stated it was since its not appendicitis, so either way the gave me some percs and motrin, im not taking the percs any longer, i stopped the 17th morn when i received sick oh yeah i went to er the 16th btw, the ache was disturbing my rest, either way, the men gave me a gynos # and she thinks they should have gave me some check (im considering blood), both way she scheduled me in for the 22nd of up coming month but, she she just before you come in consider a preggo check, for ins. motives,

what do yall believe?

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Solution by Addy’s Mommy O)
I’m getting a tough time following what you are making an attempt to say but I will consider to assist. I do not think you are pregnant, I believe you could have either an infection or some thing wrong with your fallopian tubes. I consider you need to get to a doctor asap and have the medical professional give you a pregnancy check. Any medical professional, that tells you to consider a pregnancy check prior to an appointment is not a good physician. That’s is there occupation not yours.

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