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Is it typical for a individual that gets to be disabled to also turn out to be swift tempered/mean to people they really like?

July 26th, 2013 8 comments

Question by sattice: Is it common for a person that gets disabled to also grow to be quick tempered/mean to those they love?

Somebody that has just lately turn into disabled-is now really rapid to anger and bossy/imply to family members. Why is this and what can we do to assist?

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Answer by PlainJane
dealing with a disability can make a particular person angry at himself or at the circumstance simply because of the modifications to their existence. if they are no longer able to be independent, they can knowledge feelings of depression & reduced self esteem. the alter in mindset to loved ones members can be their way of acting out due to the disability. if it is attainable, touch base with the medical doctor concerned and tell him/her about the character adjustments you are seeing. also, if there is a support group for their certain disability, assist may possibly be found there, also.

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Q&A: It is Typical to have unbearable cramping a day or two following ovulation?

February 21st, 2013 2 comments

Query by Jacks: It is Standard to have unbearable cramping a day or two soon after ovulation?

I feel I ovulated two days in the past but today I have the most terrible cramps, virtually like time period cramps. Is this noraml or is there something incorrect?

Ideal solution:

Reply by Kris
I am getting the very same troubles and we had intercourse 2 days in the past and yet again last evening….and today i am really crampy….i posted some thing also so possibly we can swap answers we get.

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Is it typical to have pubic bone soreness this early?

November 14th, 2012 Comments off

Query by Child due in 4/two/2010: Is it normal to have pubic bone discomfort this early?

I will be 21 weeks pregnant on friday and I started noticing that my pubic bone has been hurting for about virtually a week now. Just questioning if anybody has encounter the identical around this time or later on in your pregnancy.

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Response by and then there’s Maude!
Yeah I have got that also (at 19 1/2 weeks). It truly is generally just like “expanding pains”. The uterus is finding larger and it’s pushing on anything else down there which can trigger some of the soreness. It really is regular, it sucks, but it is typical. Just attempt a warm bath, tylenol, heating pad on low, or even an ice pack which tends to dull/numb the discomfort sometimes. I’ve also seen that prenatal yoga has aided with that ache as well as sciatic/back discomfort. So maybe consider that if you can or have the time.

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reduce back “pain” in early pregnancy? is this typical? Please Answer!?

October 8th, 2011 3 comments

Query by Lauren813: lower back “pain” in early pregnancy? is this typical? Please Answer!?

im five days late for my period…and I have some other signs and symptoms but the principal a single im asking yourself about is that my lower back has this “hot” feeling and occasionally gets a tingling sensations…feels like when you do a bunch of back workouts or one thing…is this standard?
I also have darker rings close to my areola…? They are not actually dark, but they are a darker skin tone than the rest of my areola…

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Answer by Cody Green
Yes standard

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