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I am twenty years old and my bones hurt. Could it be expanding pains?

March 18th, 2014 6 comments

Question by allhaildeann: I am twenty years old and my bones harm. Could it be developing pains?

For the past couple weeks, I maintain getting random pains in my legs, arms, chest, ribs, and shoulders, and it just feels like the bones harm. It really is not the joints but just like the bones. Nowadays I have had them specifically badly. They typically only final a couple of minutes but today it really is lasted virtually all day. I have been a vegetarian for 8 many years, even though I do drink tons of milk and eat a lot of dairy, but I never know if it could have some thing to do with that.
Anyway, do you believe I could still be expanding/encountering growing pains at twenty many years previous? I am a woman by the way. If not what else could it be?

Very best solution:

Reply by LovinEcon
No, def not growing pains females create prior to males and males generally completely produce height-sensible close to 18-19.

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Q&A: What will twenty years of Alcohol abuse do to your thoughts and physique?

July 20th, 2013 4 comments

Question by LOL: What will twenty many years of Alcohol abuse do to your mind and body?

Ideal answer:

Answer by rosieC
Brain harm is a frequent and possibly significant consequence of prolonged-term, hefty alcohol consumption. Even mild-to-moderate consuming can adversely impact cognitive working.impaired memory loss improved anxiousness ranges impaired memory and reasoning ability, dementia cognitive impairment and reasoning brain shrinkageKorsaff’s syndrome and alcohol comsumption can harm hearing.

It causes FAS( Fetal Aloohol Syndrome ) in the unborn infant.

They suffer frequent black-outs. Ultimately, they endure from Diabetes. due to the insult of the alcohol on the pancreas.

As far as the physique is concerned, alcohol is a poison. Some of the effects of continual alcohol consumption contain damage to the brain, liver, pancreas, stomach, modest intestine and central nervous program. It is 1 of the couple of substances that can penetrate the lining of the stomach and cause injury. Alcohol can result in metabolic harm and depresses the immune method.

Alcohol is broken down in the liver. The repeated consumption of alcohol inhibits the liver’s production of digestive enzymes, impairing the body’s capacity to soak up proteins, fats, and the excess fat-soluble vitamins (A,D, E and K), as nicely as the B-complicated nutritional vitamins and other water-soluble nutritional vitamins. Generally the liver both retailers nutrients it receives or, soon after processing, sends them back into your bloodstream to be utilized all through the entire body.

When the liver is not functioning effectively due to alcohol a lot of vital nutrients are not retained for use by the body they are quickly eliminated via the urine. Therefore, the alcoholic can grow to be malnourished and dehydrated.

They overlook to consider care of their private look and hygiene.

The toxic effect of alcohol on the liver is extremely significant. First, excessive amounts of body fat accumulate in the liver, a consequence of alcohol’s impact on the body’s capability to digest fats effectively. The liver is 1 of the most robust organs in the body. It has the potential to regenerate itself after specified types of injury. Up to one quarter of the liver can be eliminated, and inside of a brief period of time, it will increase back to its unique shape and dimension.

Alcohol is a single of the harmful toxins that the liver does not manage as well as other folks. The liver are not able to regenerate right after becoming severely broken by alcohol. Alcohol consumption can cause cirrhosis or scarring of the liver and Hepatitis C.

On hangovers

You wake up with a throbbing head, you can not stand the light, your trembling….. you have a hangover. Could this have been prevented.?

The formal identify for hangover is veisalgia from the Norwegian word Kveis for “uneasiness following debauchery” and the Greek word Algia for “discomfort”. An suitable title. A hangover usually contains headache, bad sense of all round nicely-currently being, sensitivity to light and sound, diarrhea, loss of appetite, trembling, nausea, fatigue, improved heart price and blood stress, dehydration (dry mouth, excessive thirst, dry eyes), trouble concentrating, anxiousness, difficultly sleeping, and weakness.

The severity and quantity of signs varying with the particular person. It is real that the a lot more alcohol that is consumed, the worse the hangover will be. Hangovers can be made worse by consuming on an empty abdomen, lack of sleep, increased physical exercise whilst consuming, dehydration just before consuming and bad. well being.


When alcohol goes into the bloodstream it triggers the pituitary gland to block the creation of “vasopression”. Without having this chemical the kidneys send the water directly to the bladder alternatively of reabsorbing it into the physique. The body will lose 4 times the sum of liquid that it gained. Thus you get genuinely thirsty the up coming morning and a headache that is a outcome of dehydration. The physique will truly get water from the brain causing it to lessen in size and pull on the membranes that connect the brain to the skull – ouch!

Regular urination also expels salts, electrolytes such as magnesium and potassium that are essential for nerve and muscle functions – this can outcome in headaches, fatigue and nausea as effectively.

The liver breaks down the body’s shop of glycogen and turns it into glucose and sends it out of the physique resulting in a crucial energy source

Alcohol is absorbed directly via the abdomen. The cells that line the stomach turn out to be irritated. The message lastly gets to the brain that the contents are hurting it and need to be expelled by means of vomiting.. Unpleasant as it sounds this mechanism can actually reduce the hangover by getting rid of the harmful toxins and makes you feel far better. The stomachs irritation also contributes to the diarrhea and lack of appetite.

This addictive character sooner or later interferes with their task functionality. and driving skills.

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