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Can muscle tissues cramp be the lead to of heart soreness and breathing troubles?

July 4th, 2013 3 comments

Question by Haneen Ghazal: Can muscle groups cramp be the trigger of heart pain and breathing troubles?

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Solution by blynsey
Yes it can and it can be really scary and significant but any new or sudden chest soreness must usually be checked out, excellent luck.

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Who else agrees that Politicians ought to be a lot more concerned with troubles as opposed to getting reelected?

January 2nd, 2013 6 comments

Question by Red Sox 27149: Who else agrees that Politicians ought to be far more concerned with problems as opposed to becoming reelected?

Tea Party Republicans do not care about holding babies at church or “feeling your soreness.” Rep. Walsh and Rep. Ryan are a lot more concerned about issues of these days as opposed to being loved and liked. I never believe most Inner-City Democrats know who they are because they do not read through nor watch the news. Vote Republican in the subsequent General Election.

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Answer by Devils Advocate
Ok, whatever you say!

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What may well be leading to these health troubles?

October 8th, 2011 2 comments

Question by fragglerockqueen: What may possibly be creating these wellness issues?

Signs and symptoms:

upper abdominal pain (appropriate side), stomach discomfort & no appetite , constipation, chest pain (both sides and center – “heat discomfort”), back, neck, and shoulder pain, throbbing headaches, “tingly” numb sensations, negative breath, and the feeling that your throat is constricted, muscle aches and joint pain, teeth grinding, drooling while sleeping, and extreme weakness?

A parasite? What kind? A bacterial infection? A disease of some sort? My physician believed it was stress, but did some tests for my piece of mind & discovered a cyst approximately 9 mm in diameter in my brain. But then he dismissed it as “congenial” and mentioned he did not assume it essential to address at this time. Meanwhile, my mother is obtaining very upset because I retain getting worse and she says I “smell sick.” I asked the medical doctor if I may have contracted a parasite, as advised by the vet because my dog was Extremely ill, and he stated no b/c I have not traveled outside the states.

Any ideas??? I am in a Lot of discomfort!
I have known as a psychologist, and whilst I ought to probably be seeing a single for anger and anxiety concerns, they had been also concerned about the cyst the MRI identified. Otherwise, yes, I am addressing “psychological” issues as properly. It has been essentially determined, even so, that the physical ailments have little to do with the emotional element of it all (minus triggering tension more than my poor wellness).

Ideal answer:

Answer by answers4questions
your vet is wrong- due to the fact you can get a parasite from animal contact without having traveling outta the states- but anyways
It sounds like you have a combo of issues going on. I would go to the medical doctor or physicians till someone listens. But yeah i do not know where ya got the parasite thingy- but every thing listed can’t be parasite symptoms. One great issue about parasites and worms – is you’ll wake up among 1-3 AM. Excellent luck figuring it out.

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can reduce back troubles lead to knee pain?

October 8th, 2011 3 comments

Question by a deadly rope: can decrease back troubles result in knee pain?

ever because trying out the back physical exercise “the superman”, i’ve been dealing with a great deal of leg muscle and joint pain. the pain started the day after attempting out the exercise, and most of the leg pains have gone away more than the course of a month with the exception of knee troubles. the knee difficulties have truly worstened. signs and symptoms are occasional redness over knee, rarely stiffness, discomfort “behind” kneecap and close to the knee region, largely tendons. if i put my hands on them, i can also hear them make a creaking noise, even though ive possibly had this ahead of without noticing it. ive been going to a chiropractor and have seen some improvement. discomfort becomes a lot more consistent and stronger a few hours right after exercise.

is this just a situation of overworked knee, or did i do some thing significant to it? i about a month before experiencing leg pain i had started out doing sprint exercises.

sorry if its written poorly, im in a rush and can add info in necessary.
P.S. im 16!

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Answer by Tee
you have chondromalacia patella. its not caused by the back. your just finding old

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