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Well i had sex about three weeks ago and i believe i could be pregnant what are the early indicators of pregnancy?

August 4th, 2013 10 comments

Question by crystal m: Effectively i had intercourse about three weeks in the past and i feel i could be pregnant what are the early indicators of pregnancy?

Plus, i was suppose to have my period five days ago but when it came it was a dark pink, and not hefty at all like my usual intervals, plus i’ve been having actually negative cramps, i believe my breast are acquiring greater but they dont hurt, and i havent been throwing up. Also, my final day of my so referred to as period was like spotting, so thats why i’m not sure if i am pregnant, and i’m not certain what the indicators really are for early pregnancy. I dont think i have a lump but on my stomack only genuinely poor cramps.

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Reply by macca_79_05
Get a check kit from the chemist or see your doctor before you get by yourself into difficulties.

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Whos the lead singer from the band Three Days Grace?

May 13th, 2013 1 comment

Query by Matthew: Whos the lead singer from the band Three Days Grace?

Btw if you guys like their song “Ache” then that Is freaking awesome!

Ideal answer:

Answer by V
Adam Gontier. And yes “Soreness” is a excellent song!

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Q&A: Have had a uti for three months do I threat kidney infection?

April 24th, 2013 4 comments

Query by Katie: Have had a uti for 3 months do I chance kidney infection?

I went to the medical professionals when I initial noticed the signs and he told me I had a uti and gave me antibiotics. (Macrobid) for a week. It felt greater but not completely so I went back and he gave the identical antibiotics just for 10 days and it nonetheless has not left. Does this imply I have a likelihood of a kidney infection?

Best answer:

Answer by Lucas
you most likely have the clap

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How do I end likeing a guy I have like for three years?

January 6th, 2013 3 comments

Query by Olay: How do I end likeing a man I have like for three many years?

I have liked this man for three yrs nd he doesn’t lik me. I’m exhausted of just wanting him to lik me. Any suggestions of how to get more than this guy? I’m done becoming in “soreness” liking him. I am carried out, I dnt want to play this stupid game anymore it’s a lot more hurting me when loving someone is supposed to heal u nd make u truly feel better. Help?

Best answer:

Answer by Molly
try to find an individual better

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Q&A: Is three weeks of rest good sufficient for a stress fracture?

May 29th, 2012 1 comment

Question by : Is 3 weeks of rest good sufficient for a pressure fracture?

Hello: I would drastically appreciate if any person could consider the time to study via this entire point. THank you!

According to the MRI i received, i have a calcaneus pressure fracture. My ache started out two weeks ahead of i got the MRI. Throughout these two weeks, i rested the 1st that very first week, and was able to run pain cost-free for the 2nd week. You may request me “Why did you even get the MRI if you had been at the moment running pain totally free”? The explanation is, is that my doctor advised finding it “just in situation” i had a anxiety fracture and the insurance coverage covered the expense entirely. I imagined to myself “what do i have to lose, possibly following all i will uncover out that something may possibly truly be incorrect with my foot and i will require some sort of therapy”. So i went into the MRI assuming that nothing was incorrect and i was just doing it to be truthful, for sh*ts and gigs. Contrary to my prediction, the medical professional named and said: “hello, i think you might want come in, i identified one thing in the MRI that you most likely want to know about”. Regardless of my week of discomfort totally free operating, it was found that i really had a calcaneus anxiety fracture!!! And the medical doctor recommended resting for 6 weeks with some biking and swimming instead.

Nonetheless, i would like to point out many things which i almost certainly really should have described to the medical doctor. Very first of all, i believe the purpose i got the tension fracture in the very first place was simply because i was landing on my foot the wrong way (outdoors of foot) but ever because i fixed the way i landed, my foot felt drastically much better. (a coincidence? i feel not.) I also replaced my old old footwear which probably helped.
Subsequent, i didn’t mention that before the MRI scan i had previously taken a week of rest. However, that was proceeded by one more week of running. That week like i pointed out happened to be pain totally free.
For that reason, i consider it would be okay for me to rest for Three weeks as an alternative of six. On that third week i would commence operating once again. Even so, they would be short and simple runs every single other day. I would not begin my critical workout routines yet again until finally i hit that sixth week. I think this is suitable simply because i had currently had some good rest time, and MY FOOT DOESN”T EVEN Harm TO RUN ON.

Right here is my proposed schedule which includes what i have already carried out.

Week 1: I discover discomfort in the foot and take the week off
Week 2: I get an MRI scheduled but consider landing on my foot a various way. That ends up functioning so i run discomfort totally free this whole week.
Week 3: My MRI benefits are back and i am informed not to run for six weeks. This week will be rest
Week four: Rest/Cross Instruction
Week 5: Rest/ Cross Education
Week six: Ease back into running: Brief easy runs every single other day
Week 7: Ease back into operating
Week 8: Get back to real instruction

The major function is to have my proposed routine evaluated. I am a freshman in high school who would like achievement in the upcoming cross country season. I am addicted to operating and want to commence back as quickly as achievable. Would my strategy be setting me up for severe injury? Is three weeks of nonstop rest merely not sufficient? Thank you for studying this extended essay and responses are drastically appreciated.
This is not meant to be rude: but just in case i didn’t get the point across:

If i wanted to go operating in 5 minutes without any pain what so ever, i could. Nonetheless, i just do not want to threat far more significant injury.

Very best solution:

Solution by Randy Lahey
6 weeks no operating at all (activities like biking/swimming was what i did when i had my anxiety fracture). Sounds like you know what your carrying out however, that is a quite very good proposed action program

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For the Marine Corps, my records had been erased immediately after three years. Do you consider they are erased for this other factor?

February 22nd, 2012 3 comments

Query by Da Austrian Oak: For the Marine Corps, my records had been erased right after 3 years. Do you consider they are erased for this other thing?

When I was 17, I attempted to get into the Marine Corps and was informed at MEPS immediately after seeing a civilian psychologist that I apparently failed one query about marijuana-usage, that I could come back in 6 months and get in. As an alternative, I went to college.

Now I am 29 and I went to the Army National Guard last year (2008) and pointed out I was now on medicine for anxiety and a mood disorder. I got a waiver for that from the Army medical doctors. When I had to fill out a type and check something that applied to me and I checked “herniated disc” (in my back), it took a quite long time to hear back and then I got the official “no” for a waiver from the Army physicians. I never even produced it to MEPS. Do you consider my data is erased now…because I want to take a stab at the Marines due to the fact I’ve been performing back workouts and have not had any pain since?

Finest answer:

Solution by jasonsalcido1
You ought to most likely get the official supply to anwer this. i do consider they retain individuals records on your herniated disc and it will show up. Why would you want to join the Marines at 29 anyway though? I say use that university degree and make modifications to your existence to make it the way you want.

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