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I think my eight mth previous son is not feeling very good??

November 23rd, 2013 2 comments

Query by Nicole C: I feel my eight mth outdated son is not feeling great??

My eight mth previous son has been sleeping alot lately and earlier he was coughing and threw up all above his father . I am not certain if the sleeping is from him teething or not feeling excellent and if the throwing up is from coughing or being sick…Support!! I never want to fret!

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Answer by Ava
It could be a minor cold. Children will get sluggish when they dont really feel nicely. Consider him to the ped and he must be fine.

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What do you think of iatrogensis?

September 10th, 2013 1 comment

Query by (()): What do you believe of iatrogensis?

do u believe in your physician?

or if ur a doctor oneself, do u believe in yourself and your fellow medical professionals?

Very best response:

Answer by snakker2k
Yes, one particular have to trust his or her physicians, far more so as a physician. Several physicians out there make mistakes, as a medical professional or other health professional, you have a lot more accessibility to information that may possibly help you get specific decisions and offers you the know-how of who to request, when to get a second view and so on. Some errors are far more unsafe than others, that’s why patients want to have some understanding themselves.

If a medical doctor gives you a medicine, study about it, investigate. A mistake on the side of the medical professionals is bad, but ignorance on each sides is worse.

But all round, you should always believe in your physician. They generally know what they are undertaking, and at times their tips may possibly seem contradictory, nevertheless even then, they know what they’re performing.

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What would you believe Leonardo DiCaprio think about Kirk Cameron if he remembers Kirk Cameron at all?

August 15th, 2013 7 comments

Question by Tori Kutenai: What would you consider Leonardo DiCaprio think about Kirk Cameron if he remembers Kirk Cameron at all?

Now that Leonardo DiCaprio has confirmed himself to be the greater actor amongst him and Kirk, what would you consider Leonardo DiCaprio thinks about Kirk Cameron if he remembers Kirk Cameron at all?

Right after all, Leo D. and Kirk C. have been co-stars in the 1991 season of “Expanding Pains” collectively.

Greatest solution:

Response by Skyler
Spiritually speaking, Jupiter is in Uranus so your argument is invalid.

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Q&A: Do you think its k for me to request for discomfort med refills?

April 29th, 2013 5 comments

Question by mrniceguy1456: Do you consider its k for me to ask for soreness med refills?

The prescription was filled apr eight.a hundred pills. Its the 18th and I have 3 pills left. Doc stated ” take two every four hours if necessary for soreness”. I have 3 left. Do you consider its been time ample for me to request for a refill?
They are oxycodone 5/325.

ALSO do you think this is a bit of an excessive volume of Tylenol for my liver? I have a fatty liver as is

Best answer:

Answer by A_Girl
take your time and do not rush for it.

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PLEASE: Read this scene I wrote and tell me what you think?

October 21st, 2012 4 comments

Question of paleandbeautiful22 : PLEASE: Read this scene I wrote and me what you think Telling tears welled before I could stop them. And then I drop thick and fast down my face and neck and on my shoulders and bosom. They kept my rhythm, drip, drip, drip, drip, one, two, three, four. The piano music drifted under my fingers. I began to rock back and forth, sobbing quietly, black makeup splashes and stains my light blue jeans. I knew I must look awful, but at the same time, I do not care anymore. My mind was empty and cold, unlike my heart that burned with pain and agony. A huge sob tore my fingers game, practiced throwing my hands of course, but I pulled myself back together enough to focus on the piece. It was nine minutes long, and I played like I perform for hundreds. I cried on, broken heart cry in every note. Strangely, it was the best I had ever played this piece of my own creation, sitting here, shaking with sobs, my hands steady and methodical, in contradiction with my spasms. Besides the piano and the sound of my tears, the room was dead silent. I doubted anyone was in the room, because it was quiet. Everyone must have been in the classes. Probably laugh and smile and learn about sewing or human anatomy. And here I was, burning, and yet so alone and empty. I could not go to anyone. It was just me, my song, and God in this lonely church. I started praying in my mind. “Please, dear God, please heal me Give me comfort, a sign of happiness; .. Something or someone to cheer me up and just talk to me for my mind off of the pain “I stayed at the piece almost complete. When I finally got the last notes played, I pulled my knees up to my chest on the chair and hit my arms around them. I hid my face and sobbed, as quietly as I could, still the tears. The door opened. I looked up, formwork. I was looking at the face of Luke Osborne.Staande fast, I knew there was no point in trying to brush away the makeup. I just looked at him, and he looked at me-me, grotesque and pathetic, weak and shaking. I did not even blush at my terrible condition. I looked up at his big, beautiful blue eyes. His blond hair was longer back, and his face was not to see his usual smile. There was a look on his face that I had never seen there. Have pity, or was it just a reflection of what I felt? I expected him to leave the room, muttering “sorry” quickly and embarrassed, allowing me to wallow in my misery. Instead, he walked to the other side of the room, grabbed a box of Kleenex, and came to stand before me. I took a Kleenex and tried some of the ugly black lines on my face to arrival. Luke looked at me a bit without saying anything. It was, surprisingly, a very comfortable silence, even though I had just stopped sobbing and we do not really know each other very well. Finally he said quietly, “Are you, Victoria?” He held out his hand, and, to my surprise, began gently rubbing my shoulder. It was so nice of him, more tears streaming down my cheeks. “Not really, but you make me feel a little better,” I snorted, and try not to give him a watery smile. “Would … would you play something for me? I always like to hear you play.” I gestured to the piano. “Of course,” he said, sitting on the couch. He patted the seat beside him, and, making me feel lighthearted, I sat next to him. “What were you playing, but then?” He asked as he reached toward the keys. “It was beautiful.” “I wrote it,” I said softly. “Wow,” he said, looking at me in awe. ‘You write great songs, too. You must not think I’m amazing or anything, “I mumbled, blushing, for the first time. What Victoria does not tell Luke that he that sad song they played inspired. Her heart was really broken by him, because he loved another girl, Tanya. These names are randomly chosen, because I do not want to reveal their real names. But tell me what you think! Note that Victoria Luke and his friends, and they liked him for years. He is a very nice person and has no idea about the heart break that he has caused her. Thanks for reading! Can not wait to hear some feedback! Best of luck and wishes, ~ Sinister Angel BTW, I’ve done nothing to this scene editing. If grammar / spelling / past errors, please tell me! Also “Did sorry” is tricky the heck out of me! I would change that … Note: Luke is seventeen and Victoria was sixteen. Best answer:

Answer by Adam
it’s just too long and boring Hons. bored the hell out of everyone. excess junke

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Do you think that the “pleasure vs. discomfort” principle is the genuine basis of human behavior?

August 26th, 2012 2 comments

Query by TerryBanto: Do you feel that the “pleasure vs. discomfort” principle is the true foundation of human conduct?

Often, this principle seems like a gross oversimplification to me.Other occasions, I can see it as a brilliant insight–a stroke of genius that is spare and basic. The idea is: every little thing that we do in life is a matter of increasing pleasure and avoiding discomfort. From the minute you get up in the morning right up until it’s time to jump back in the sack and rest yet again–every small thing we do is calculated both consciously or not, to somehow/some way boost our personalized pleasure…both in the instant second, or at some future time. But of course, several many things we do have the two constructive (pleasurable) parts, and adverse (painful) parts. For instance: take the case of a guy who hates chess, but who is dating a lady he likes quite much who transpires to feel chess is a fantastic game. He decides to go by means of the brain discomfort/discomfort of learning the game, and sacrificing some of his weekend tennis time (a lot more discomfort) so that he can get closer to this woman and appreciate a deeper partnership with her = numerous amounts of pleasure.

Is this so apparent it’s not really worth talking about for professional psychologists? Or is it a valued principle that aids clarify specific kinds of self-destructive behavior?

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Solution by Bugbear the Barbarian

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