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Am I sick or are these indicators of pregnancy?

February 13th, 2014 2 comments

Query by BiiaBear123: Am I sick or are these indications of pregnancy?

Ive had my time period but for the previous month or so ive had terrible headaches a number of occasions a week. Often right after eating i really feel sick or if i wake up truly early i am nautious. Tonight I had what id phone “growing pains” in my upper leg & knee! Are these signs of pregnancy or am i sick?

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Response by Raychael
I would get a test done just in situation. You are greater becoming protected than sorry.

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Q&A: What are these a symptom of?

December 20th, 2013 Comments off

Query by Michael: What are these a symptom of?

Im a 15 12 months outdated guy, I have a random tingling sensation in my left shoulder at factors throughout the day. I get heartburn seldom. It appears as even though im acquiring a relatively itchy rash on my neck that isnt going away. I have a rough patch of skin on my right hand that has been there for a whilst as effectively. If anyone has any concept what this could be please tell me.

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Answer by W
The tingling is most probably “developing pains”, but if you are quite over excess weight could be a indicator of something a Medical doctor need to seem into.
The heartburn might just be some food items you eat that don’t get along effectively. I enjoy peanut butter but I have to be mindful what I consume/drink just before and after or I get heartburn. Same with bananas. I also love peperoni pizza, but I pay out a price tag each time I do.
The rash could be an allergic reaction to the laundry detergent in use at your property. I am Okay with Tide but most any other brand makes me vulnerable to a rash on my back.
The patch on your hand has me stumped. Appear for one thing you come in get in touch with with that may possibly be causing a response. Or possibly it is just dry skin and some hand lotion will cure it.

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Why these emotional pains only when I just fell asleep?

July 11th, 2013 Comments off

Query by Wisen Sensible: Why these emotional pains only when I just fell asleep?

Transpires only if I take a nap, not at night. It is so weird nevertheless true and quite scary. Happens 1 out of 5 instances that I lay down to consider a nap. Just when I am falling asleep, this sensation of “emotional ache” right in the center of my getting wakes me up, my heart racing, break out in sweat, the most horrible ideas get a hold of me to t he point exactly where I just want to hurt myself to both cease the ache or kill it forever. I do not wish this feeling to my worse enemy, I just want to die at that second. Lasts for about thirty seconds. If it lasts any longer, I would not be writing right here, for positive.

I am preparing on seeing a psychiatrist. Practically nothing else occurs any other time. I do have OCD which I have lived with all my life, no difficulty genuinely with that.

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Reply by B
Could be a negative situation of nervousness. Try out not to consider naps, if which is what triggers it. It sounds to me like you had been having seanxiety attacks, I get them all the time.

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What song are these lyrics from, “Come here prey, I’ve received a way to mess you up”?

November 9th, 2012 Comments off

Question by Kate H: What song are these lyrics from, “Come right here prey, I have received a way to mess you up”?

“I will tell you some thing to make you truly feel like you are in enjoy.” It is sung by a girl and it is featured on the tv display “Royal Pains”. It is upbeat also. Thanks.

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These are my symptoms – any idea??

March 30th, 2012 2 comments

Question by shnazzy: These are my symptoms – any notion??

I am going to my doctor tomorrow for my yearly, so I am going to inquire her then, but just believed I’d pose my signs to all of you, to see if any individual has an thought??

-upper roof of mouth, left side, on the challenging component, little bumpy things, that itch and are tender/sore to the touch

-on same side of mouth as over bumps, upper, my gums about my molars are extremely swollen, inflamed, and sore

-the back of my throat is sore and tender when I swallow, ( on the identical side of my mouth as the over – the left side)

-continual headache on the left side, appropriate in the front, nearly feels like it is behind my eye.

-consistently tired, and in “discomfort” – can’t get comfy, sore, achy.

Any tips??? I’d commonly guess I was just getting a cold or flu, but the bumps and swelling in my mouth are throwing me off.

I’ve had all of these signs, constant, with no relief, because yesterday morning. It is now 5pm the up coming day.

Thanks to anybody who answers!

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Solution by emtd65
Have you ever had Mono/Epstein Barr Syndrome ? It may extremely be. Of program, there are other viruses which present in a comparable way.

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What may well be leading to these health troubles?

October 8th, 2011 2 comments

Question by fragglerockqueen: What may possibly be creating these wellness issues?

Signs and symptoms:

upper abdominal pain (appropriate side), stomach discomfort & no appetite , constipation, chest pain (both sides and center – “heat discomfort”), back, neck, and shoulder pain, throbbing headaches, “tingly” numb sensations, negative breath, and the feeling that your throat is constricted, muscle aches and joint pain, teeth grinding, drooling while sleeping, and extreme weakness?

A parasite? What kind? A bacterial infection? A disease of some sort? My physician believed it was stress, but did some tests for my piece of mind & discovered a cyst approximately 9 mm in diameter in my brain. But then he dismissed it as “congenial” and mentioned he did not assume it essential to address at this time. Meanwhile, my mother is obtaining very upset because I retain getting worse and she says I “smell sick.” I asked the medical doctor if I may have contracted a parasite, as advised by the vet because my dog was Extremely ill, and he stated no b/c I have not traveled outside the states.

Any ideas??? I am in a Lot of discomfort!
I have known as a psychologist, and whilst I ought to probably be seeing a single for anger and anxiety concerns, they had been also concerned about the cyst the MRI identified. Otherwise, yes, I am addressing “psychological” issues as properly. It has been essentially determined, even so, that the physical ailments have little to do with the emotional element of it all (minus triggering tension more than my poor wellness).

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Answer by answers4questions
your vet is wrong- due to the fact you can get a parasite from animal contact without having traveling outta the states- but anyways
It sounds like you have a combo of issues going on. I would go to the medical doctor or physicians till someone listens. But yeah i do not know where ya got the parasite thingy- but every thing listed can’t be parasite symptoms. One great issue about parasites and worms – is you’ll wake up among 1-3 AM. Excellent luck figuring it out.

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