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Q&A: are there any normal remedies to my digestive issues?

January 26th, 2014 3 comments

Query by The Fool on the Hill: are there any natural treatments to my digestive problems?

…since lately, my farts have been smelling like Tony I’s breath

Ideal reply:

Response by Sam
Ummm maybe pine leaf tea or holly leaf tea, you can find how to make the tea on the internet. If not perhaps pepto bismol?

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i have epididymitis, ive been taking antibiotics for 5 days, the bump is still there, is that normal?

January 25th, 2014 Comments off

Question by Eddie: i have epididymitis, ive been taking antibiotics for 5 days, the bump is nonetheless there, is that normal?

i went to the hospital last monday and they diagnosed it as epididymitis, they gave me ten antibiotics and now its sunday, 6 days later and the bump is nonetheless on my testicle, im nonetheless taking my antibiotics but is this regular that it is nevertheless there?

Ideal reply:

Reply by Henry Richards
The epididymis is at the back of the testicle, so i presume you indicate the lump is the head of the epididymis that is inflamed, it has a head a body and a tail that runs to almost 19 foot lengthy.

I had this two years in the past, i had it for approx 5 months in total one month serious and then 4 months on and off, and then a single day it just vanished and now i really feel absolutely nothing there, a whole lot of those antibiotics are undesirable information my friend, u dont need to have them for a simple non critical infection like this, people physicians only prescribe them due to the fact theyr striving to vindicate the bill their going to send you in a number of days, its like employing a sledgehammer to destroy an ant, also the epididymis is a quite intricate, tunnel-like spidery canal in which sperm mature and the infection can hide there from the antiobiotics in a crease and stay unchecked by the bodys immune technique for numerous weeks but it ought to ultimately be taken care of naturally by the physique.

I was told by my urologist to preserve taking panadol when the soreness came, to maintain my “foot on the discomfort”, see often the soreness persists right after the infection is gone nearly like a ghost like sensation up the nerves in the groin spot, its like a big long garden hose with a blockage so when you get aroused for sex for too extended without having ejaculation then the pressure builds back up on the authentic inflamed or damaged site and it can truly feel sore yet again, my guidance, if your searching at porn or getting sex, dont hold an erection for longer than twenty mins with out ejaculating, try out it, also by abstaining from water for a day or two this (for some) can alleviate the symptoms, its NOT Significant , most problems that are serious in that area are ones you dont really feel , pain in the area is a good deal better than a lump with no discomfort. Now im not suggested this but alcohol completely relieved my discomfort following instruction and helped me sleep, but not while your taking them antibiotics.

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If there is not a remedy for fibromyalgia,how do they know what to contact it?

January 12th, 2014 3 comments

Question by deroleek: If there is not a cure for fibromyalgia,how do they know what to phone it?

Greatest solution:

Response by Jen-ee-fur

considering that when does there have to be a cure to be able to title factors…. aids and cancer have names and no cures..

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Often I get a sharp ache down there when I am on or fixing to begin my period. Is this something I need to have to

November 22nd, 2013 6 comments

Question by blue_woods_bird: Sometimes I get a sharp pain down there when I am on or repairing to start off my period. Is this one thing I need to

worry about? It feels like a slight stabbing discomfort and then it just goes away and then It wil come back. What could this indicate???

Very best response:

Response by radheyqwe
you have week harmones-take plenty of black currant seeds to cure it.

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Can your mind genuinely make you truly feel pains that aint there?

November 8th, 2013 3 comments

Query by : Can your thoughts genuinely make you really feel pains that aint there?

Like say an individual asked you if your head hurt then you say no but then it starts to harm or if your reading through sythoms of anything and theres one thing you dont have then a lil even though later you all of a sudden have that…can this genuinely happen??

Very best reply:

Response by LadyRoxi
panic attack.that typically transpires with individuals that have panic attacks or hypochondriac. folks told me one thing and i really feel what they have told me. but i did that like as soon yeah its true.

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Is there a very good argument, backed by facts or statistics against marijuana’s legalization?

October 2nd, 2013 2 comments

Question by Henry: Is there a great argument, backed by details or statistics against marijuana’s legalization?

I never use but I do help people’s correct to. I usually believed health-related marijuana was a small bit of a joke till I realized from my aunt how horrible chemotherapy is. We dwell in Texas and my aunt is in nearly continual agony. She is not expected to dwell but we are hoping. I see healthcare marijuana individuals praise and adore it not due to the fact it gets them large but since it truly is the only thing that is guaranteed to work instantly and persistently. And cancer medication is Extremely expensive, weed is grime cheap and there’s no threat of O.D or dependency.

Every study or post i come across debunk’s the standard see of marijuana getting a poor drug. 1 research explained that small quantities of THC actually Increase one’s driving ability due to the fact you grow to be quite cautious and conscious. No one’s ever going to O.D on weed alone and even the smoke is widely believed to be harmless given that pot smokers have virtually none of the wellness troubles cigarette smokers do. Yet another review says weed decreases your probabilities of obtaining badder cancer.

The only unfavorable i come across is bronchitis but even then which is hardly anything in contrast to lung or liver cancer because it truly is not even permanent.

I think that the smoke has to have some poor result but then what do you say to men and women who use vaporizers? They’re turning into a good deal far more well-liked and every person says a vaporizer is far better than smoking in every single single way. And of course hemp can make clothing, hemp paper, hemp milk, hemp oil, it really is almost as diverse in it really is makes use of as soy.

I truthfully consider lobbyists support to maintain it unlawful as nicely. (one of the few conspiracies i truly believe) and i feel that legal weed would put Shady Carlos from the inner city out of perform. Also would not decriminalizing weed take away that forbidden fruit factor? Cigarettes are far less interesting now that people have been educated with actual details.

My aunt says if she had weed, she’d use it to consider and get some of her existence back. So I’m uncertain as to no matter whether or not i would give my own aunt pot! lol.
What do you guys believe?

Ideal response:

Response by Douglas S
There are no “statistics” or “facts”, since huge scale marijuana use in a main country has in no way been experimented with.
No 1 can response the question as no one can give information or figures for a submit apocalyptic planet.
There has been no apocalypse.
(Purposefully dramatic to make a stage.)
Health care marijuana for palliative care ought to possibly be ignored, if not condoned outright.
That’s my view.
The problem will be some snarky wit who claims we’re all going to die anyway….

As for driving stoned, I know much better.
I would guess most men and women alive in the US nowadays, know much better, as well.
It isn’t secure, and possessing a stoner holding his head and mouthing: “Whoa, Dude!” at an accident sight, is not as excellent as preventing the accident.

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