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Is it attainable for males to have “sympathy” cramps although their girlfriend is on their cycle?

December 14th, 2012 2 comments

Question by lashae: Is it achievable for males to have “sympathy” cramps whilst their girlfriend is on their cycle?

Me and my boyfriend had been encountering the identical “pains” lastnight and I have heard guys can at times have the very same cramping symptons as girls have whilst menstrating. Is this a myth or probably reality? Please aid…

Finest solution:

Answer by Kitteh Jaramillo
Yea that occasionally takes place, either that or you have given him blue balls. Hope you feel better.

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September 7th, 2012 Comments off

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Does any person experiance terrilble pain in their neck/shoulder muscles and reduced back aches?

December 11th, 2011 4 comments

Question by Arab: Does any person experiance terrilble discomfort in their neck/shoulder muscles and reduce back aches?

I want an individual to help me please! Various docs say diverse points?! Men and women close to me can’t even realize. Let me make clear.

I am a 20 year old male. i am 5′ eight” 160 lbs. i don’t genuinely exersise that m uch but what ever.
About three 1/2 a long time ago when i was 17 i got into a automobile accitdent and commenced to experiance lower back aches/discomfort thereafter. when i went to the doc. he essentially said i have muscle spasms in my decrease back and gave me some muscle relaxe(which did not assist). it didnt hurt all the time just occasionaly so i just stated screw the doc and i managed. well that proggressivly got worse (last summer season it was generally hurting every day).
so i went to an orthopedic medical doctor 6 (feb 09) months ago. that doc gave x-rays and mentioned i hade a cronic sprain in my back. he gave me loratab, mobic and physical therapy. he then did a mri (mar. 25 2009) he concluded that i had bulging disc in my reduce back. he continued loratab, mobic, and took me off physical therapy. Nevertheless i got in an additional car accident (not server… hit my head on the steering wheel but no airbags) in mar 2809 aswell.
About THE 1st Component OF APRIL I Began TO HAVE A NEW Problem.
My neck and shoulder muscles started becoming tight/painfull. it commenced out mild and occasional so i went to the doc (early june 09). he ordered one more set of x-rays and c-spine mri. On june 20, 09 i got the xray/mri and the doc told me i had “damaged soft tissue” So i asked what is going on with me and he said, “You have a hurt neck”. DUH. he ordered me to contiued loratab, mobic and zanaflex and commenced physical theray yet again. I DONT KNOW no matter whether the discomfort/tightness in my neck/shoulder muscles Increased naturally or b/c of physical treatment. But by mid july it got to the point where i could not rest at evening (irrespective of how may muscle relaxers i took) even even though this was not every single night but nevertheless very regular.
BY THIS TIME I WAS FEED UP WITH MY Existing Medical doctor!!!!
I wanted a 2nd viewpoint… i got 1 at the end of july 09.
the new health practitioner (orthopedic) looked more than all prior xrays/mri and told me i had 2 “buldging disc” in my reduced back and had “irritated soft tissue” in my c-spine area. i was desperate and asked what do i do. the doc orders me an epidural in my c-spine.
on 8/four/09 i got the epidural. THAT WAS THE WORST TWO WEEKS OF MY Whole Existence!!! THE EPIDURAL Result in A Entire NEW SET OF F’ED UP SHIT. HEADACHES THAT ONLY ( AND I Indicate ONLY) GO AWAY WHEN LYING DOWN AND Far more Discomfort Around THE BASE OF MY SCULL. That is yet another story.
simply because of my complecations with the c-spine epidural i went the the ER twice. they gave me a new set of scans:xrays, ct scan, and mri and mentioned i have a doable CSF leak, stenosis of the c=spine and straighting of thej neck and two disc that are finding that are fundamentally shrinking (i can’t don’t forget the expression). the epidural assisted none and i am still obtaining pain/tighting of the muscles in my neck/shoulders and discomfort/aching in my lower back!


Greatest answer:

Solution by justabigfan
My heart goes out to you. This just sounds like an awful snowball of pain, misdiagnosis and mistreatment.

Does the health practitioner who ordered the epidural know what the benefits were and what your new symptoms are? Does he know you received no relief, only far more pain? Are you even now taking Lortab, or was that discontinued? It just would seem clear that you need to have one thing stronger for pain, just to commence with, but you also need to have a health practitioner who specializes in difficult spine problems. Do you have an insurance company that you can ask to recommend one particular for you? Nearby county hospitals typically will recommend medical professionals when requested. You can try either of individuals possibilities, but in the meantime make positive to communicate with the medical doctor treating you if only to get greater pain medicine even though you line up a much better doctor. I hope you locate a solution soon.

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