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Ive completed 2 pregnancy tests at my GP and 2 house pts, theyve all come back damaging but im nonetheless not sure?

December 7th, 2013 2 comments

Question by Sally: Ive completed 2 pregnancy tests at my GP and two property pts, theyve all come back negative but im nevertheless not sure?

The very first one particular i took was at my physicians but that was only one week following unprotected sex and i know pregnancy wouldnt display that early. I did 2 home pregnancy exams two weeks after unproteced sex but they have been the two also unfavorable. Its been three weeks and a couple days following UPS so i did one more check at the doctors yesterday and that also came back unfavorable. During the 2nd week following UPS i had early pregnancy signs and symptoms such as the “a single sided soreness”, lots of headaches throughout tbe day, feeling exhausted and cramping in my uterus. I havent had these signs and symptoms for a week now apart from headaches and feeling EXHAUSTED. Do these four negatives completely rule out pregnancy? or is it truly nonetheless as well early to get a constructive? the tests i did we’re the urine samples not a blood check. Im stressing in excess of it and i just want to know for certain if i am or not so i can get it from my head! My physician said yesterday that it’d be far better to do a blood check but then made a decision i should just do a urine sample, urhhh

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Response by Taylor
There”s a likelihood that you could be pregnant, it just all depends on if you’ve missed your period.. Most likey, with house pregnancy tests, they won’t show optimistic right up until right after a missed time period. Good luck!

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Pain everywhere, all day all evening, have had no solutions despite the fact that have had extensive tests, please support?

June 23rd, 2012 3 comments

Question by : Discomfort everywhere, all day all evening, have had no answers even though have had substantial tests, please assist?

I know this is lengthy, but PLEASE give it a read, I desperately want aid as I really feel like giving up…

I am 17, and ever since the age of younger than 3 I have apparently been complaining of “body pains”. We (myself, family, doctors) utilised to regard these as simple “growing pains” till I reached the age of about 14 when they grew to become much, significantly worse. I would like to point out at this stage that I am otherwise entirely healthy, I have no allergies, no genetic issues in the family, practically nothing else that could give a clue as to what I have.

Ever considering that three years ago or so, I have knowledgeable the very same pains during my body, that are always there, whether or not as a “background discomfort” or really raging by means of me. I’ll present you with a widespread scenario: my left hip starts to have a dull ache, which would seem to spread to my thigh bone but the discomfort becomes a more sharp, stabbing pain. It then becomes unpleasant to walk on my left knee, and the two it and my left ankle will then turn into weak, making it not possible to walk up the stairs. I usually have to crawl all around my house (as ridiculous as this might appear) due to the fact the pain is so excrutiating.

One more illustration, would be that my shoulder would begin to ache, which spreads to my upper arm bone, then my elbow, then my forearm, then wrist and fingers, and the whole arm becomes hefty and aching, and I cannot lift it. I have sat in class on a quantity of occasions virtually unable to lifts my arms as the really feel as however they are glued to the desk. All the while, there is ache.

Now, the discomfort can exist in only one particular region i.e. my left wrist (for some purpose my left side is effected a lot worse than the appropriate, even though it also happens on both sides) but the worst takes place when the pains takes place everywhere. And by everywhere, I imply all of the areas I have described above, which includes my shins, toes and back also, on each sides of my body. It is quite regular for me to cry myself to sleep at evening simply because, to me, it feels like how I would envision the “cruciatus curse” to feel (if you’re a Harry Potter fan).

No medication would seem to have an impact (like regular Iboprofen, Nurofen, paracetamol – and prescribed painkillers this kind of as co-codamol, lodine and a variety of dosages of codeine), and medical doctors are simply baffled. I have had x-rays, blood tests, MRI scans, complete entire body scans, you name it, and absolutely nothing looks to come up. Physiotherapy also had no impact, but I’m at present taking into consideration accupuncture or hypnotherapy, to see regardless of whether it is a psychological problem.

The following phase would be to consider some type of opium to manage the discomfort, but I do not want to go down that route, particularly since I’m so youthful.

I have spent as well numerous hours/days/weeks researching into my signs and symptoms, but have identified no one particular has a similar story to tell. If you have any assistance or suggestions I would be SO grateful, due to the fact it is terrifying to know that even the professionals don’t know how to aid me. Thank you.
I also have hypermobility syndrome: I score 9/9 on the Beighton score, so I can do all of the following:

Putting flat hands on the floor with straight legs
Left knee bending backward
Correct knee bending backward
Left elbow bending backward
Right elbow bending backward
Left thumb touching the forearm
Right thumb touching the forearm
Left little finger bending backward previous 90 degrees
Correct tiny finger bending backward past 90 degrees.

Thanks for your responses.

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Reply by angel ♥ lou.
I have noo idea…you must appear up a medical professional that is nicely known for diagnoses in muscle/ joint ache.

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