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Q&A: Boring ache in the testicles medical professionals have no concept?

December 6th, 2013 Comments off

Query by Nobody: Boring ache in the testicles medical doctors have no idea?

I went to the medical doctors and they did a blood check and urine test. The only abnormality they located was a small volume of microscopic blood in the urine? That could be from something. The only other point left to do is A. get an ultrasound or B. get ciprofloxacin antibiotics for 21 days for one thing that might or might not be an infection. I will not have any other symptoms besides a dull ache in my testicles and sometimes a very benign stingy ache down my leg. I ejaculated a couple days in the past right after not ejaculating for months and my semen was a gold shade? I never know if that means something. What ought to I do the pricey ultrasound or suffer on the toilet for a month taking antibiotics? Or ignore the ache and dwell with it? By the way I’m 22.

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Answer by JockPain
You plainly have blood coming into the system in between your testicles and the prostate. If you ride a bike that can be a contributing factor, and if so publish me with the address in my profile.

The “stingy discomfort” down your leg is quite curious. The nerves that feed the genitals do not go down into the legs directly.

I am an athletic training and I have seen males with testicle soreness who trip bikes with a bad saddle, or do bodyweight lifting in accurately. The “gold shade” semen tells me plainly that you have some blood someplace. I would suggest you ejaculate two days in a row and see if the shade adjustments, or you see absolutely nothing.

I hope you will write me so we can discuss this in detail.

I hope this aids.

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Why do my testicles begin to harm randomly?

September 12th, 2013 3 comments

Query by Nate: Why do my testicles commence to harm randomly?

I just turned 14 years outdated one month in the past and pondering why im why my balls are hurting. Pleas help

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Answer by Just a woman
Prostate cancer

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Q&A: Unusual feeling just over my testicles when eating sweets?

November 18th, 2012 1 comment

Query by Cody L: Peculiar feeling just over my testicles when consuming sweets?

Amongst the bottom of my stomach and my genitalia on the proper side I get a strange feeling from time to time. It only looks to sense this way when I consume anything like truly sweet like birthday cake or donuts. It really is not my bladder for certain, and it’s not genuinely a “ache” so significantly as a discomfort. Any tips what this is?
Bloating fuel underneath my abdomen? I will not see how…

Like I stated it is only when I consume specified sweets. It truly is not from overeating for sure.

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Answer by roxors your boxors
do not worry about it

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