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Q&A: What could temple pains and sinus pains be caused by?

April 27th, 2013 5 comments

Question by went proper: What could temple pains and sinus pains be brought on by?

I have temple and sinus region pains(relatively STERN pains) which come and go (off and on)…it appears biological….. but I guess biology is merely/really all about chemistry when it comes down to it, is not it?

I indicate it could be aPHYSICAL blockage like a tumor or something which in reality is again all about chemistry… to get rid of or disolve such would be a considered….

If I were to go to the Doctors what exams or procedures would the medical doctor want to execute in order to discover out far more about this “head pain”.

I have flu-like signs off and on recently as effectively …. this is nearly like an assault on my immune technique or I guess it could be nanos working on the method attempting to fortify it for Future occasions… I genuinely do not know what this is….
could I be allergic to anything that I am becoming exposed to?

I know I am being vague and or rather ~ head pains can be from many factors.
Just tell me what you can, thanks.

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Solution by jim
Sinus Infection

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