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Q&A: What would take place if you woke up in the course of surgical procedure?

July 29th, 2013 3 comments

Query by Mortymight: What would happen if you woke up throughout surgical procedure?

I want to know what they’d do, and what YOU’D do.

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Reply by rwinnie2
they would give you added anaesthetic to place you back to rest

and anaesthetic also has the impact of wiping your memory so you would not remember

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Injury, how big of a deal it is?? How would you take care of this concern if you were in the US Army?

April 13th, 2012 Comments off

Question by : Injury, how large of a deal it is?? How would you take care of this problem if you had been in the US Army?

Hello pals, my title is nate, im in the US Army…3 years ago, i hurt my back…it turns out now, 2011, after an MRI, that i have 2 buldging disks on my thoracic spine. i am deployed in afghanistan as you study this, and i consistently preserve going to the TMC and asking to be noticed by an orthopedic, which is taking months (four)…i honestly really feel, that im obtaining worse as the years go by, i was 27 when i got hurt, and now at 31, the injury seems to hurt more. I was taking meds, but they dont operate, they just put me asleep (robaxin and piroxicam)…This deployent in afghanistan is my 4th, i been deployed to Iraq 3 times…on my 3rd deployment, i went although i was harm, and with no no a single telling me to do it, i’ve “suck it up” which means, i withstand the ache and deployed anyways, although i saw medical doctors whom would supply me with flexerils and ibuprofen (whilst in iraq, i had no done an MRI, so i didnt know i had “slipping disks”) now that i am in afghanistan and im consistently concerned with the medical professional and PA-C…is quite tough, lead to they dont believe me. They have even told me that im making an attempt to “play the technique”, but i aint, all im asking is for a profeccional to see me…to get solutions of WHY i hurt so a lot and to request, “am i really duty fit?” considering that i can not do exercises, i are not able to lift no much more than 15 pounds and i are not able to put on my gear (tactical vest, kevlar)….so, how terrible am i? i want to request the medical doctors in i can truly remain in the army like this? plus im deployed!!

so…all this comes down to…What you yahoo solutions people think? what should i do in this case…The sergent mayor, right now, told me this and i quote this man “SGT, you should suck it up, you are deployed, i comprehend you are hurt, but you have to suck it up, there are other individuals hurt and they still go on” (sgt significant has no prior understanding that i’ve “sucked it up just before, nor he knows what is actually going on with me medically, because the 1st sergeant wont really discuss my problems with him, or fullfill him with the right information about my case and background of it”…so the sgt main asks me to suck it up, drive on and that he will try to support me by putting me in a position to NOT wear gear, that, THAT really should do very good for me and i will not feel no more discomfort.

i honestly dont think that is a solution, even though NOT sporting the gear will help, i nevertheless want to see someone about my issue. What do yuo people believe of this that is occurring to me here in
afghanistan? i need to have sincere answers.

Very best reply:

Reply by james
im confident you guys do post-deployment wellness assestments like we do in the marines. note it on there and inform them you want to look for healthcare aid with it when they ask you if you want to or not. if its too a lot to deal with it while your deployed go to the corpsmen and tell them and they will help you. if they cant do it there they will medevac you to a location in which they can get you some help. but if you can perform threw the discomfort just finish your deployment and take care of it when you get back.

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