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My pulse charge is 96 BPM, and I’m having various other signs and symptoms as nicely?

October 8th, 2013 3 comments

Question by Max Davidson: My pulse rate is 96 BPM, and I am having various other signs as nicely?

Amongst other things, I am:
~have sensitive skin
~runny nose
~migraine headaches
~a bad taste in my mouth

I actually will not know what to do, and am in extraordinary amounts of pain. I am going to a concert tomorrow that I cannot miss, and however I won’t be ready to get better just before then, what ought to I do to make my well being bearable for just a single evening?

Best response:

Response by appebbles
It might be a panic assault. Lay down and relax. Or you can breathe into a paper bag. That normally functions.

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Q&A: The symptoms of kidney ailment?

September 23rd, 2013 1 comment

Query by ♪Maira♪: The symptoms of kidney ailment?

What are the signs and symptoms that result in the needed of dialysis or kidney transplant?
A 25 male, had no specific signs and symptoms of the ailment right up until he went to hospital to do routine blood evaluation…..and so forth and the doctors said that he had kidney failure.please support.

Ideal solution:

Reply by j m
The signs of kidney condition or in your situation kidney failure is typically decreasing urine output and then an elevating of blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and elevation of creatine. You could also see elevation in potassium levels on the lab values. Really dark “coca – cola” urine may also be observed. About 75% of patients in renal failure DO NOT make urine (oliguric) and ~ 20-25% of individuals DO produce urine (non-oliguric). The non-oliguric individuals have a greater opportunity of regular kidney perform returning. Nonetheless, even though he could make urine (non-oliguric) the kidney might not be in a position to concentrate the urine and he might nonetheless require dialysis. The capability to urinate is NOT a very good determination of adequate blood movement. The very best test is a 24 hour creatine clearance, however if elevated BUN and creatine, and potassium are seen on the labs a 24 hour creatine clearance could not be indicated if dialysis is essential and emergent (emergency).

I will more than simplify issues for you to assist you comprehend, hope this helps.

There are three standard triggers of kidney failure
1. pre renal – “implies just before you get to the kidney” usually a reduce in blood flow to the kidney, can be from acute (sudden onset) dehydration or continual (lengthy phrase) dehydration. The kidney has created in mechanism to maintain blood flow to the kidney (renin-angiotension program). Basicaly the kidney was not recieving the blood flow it necessary.
2. intra renal – “a difficulty in the kidney” one thing has blocked blood flow to the kidney [infection in the kidney (interstitial nephritis), kidney toxins (nephrotoxins)]
three. publish renal – ” an obstruction stopping the physique from excreating (peeing) urine” the lead to can be something that would block the movement of urine from the kidney’s to the urethrea (out of the body) [kidney stones, narrowing of tubules in the physique which get urine out of the physique (stenosis), enlarged prostate, or any mechanical device that might stop urinating.

All three types have 1 issue in typical – the kidney did not recieve the blood movement it necessary to sustain the cells which are required for proper kidney function.

Issues that may pretain to a 25 12 months outdated male —-

Physique developing supplements (Creatine ‘this will ruin your kidney if you don’t drink enough water”, Steroids,…. and most other dietary supplements)

There are also specific autoimmune (the entire body attacks itself as with diabetes sort 1 “insulin dependent/childhood diabetes”) ailment which might lead to kidney failure.

(Kidney=Renal) the terms are used interchangeable.

Don’t forget I am NOT a nephrologist “kidney doctor” and have no access to his medical data. This is a Very oversimplification of kidney condition. Your nephrologist will have a far better notion for therapy choices and brings about of the problem.

Hope this helps you.

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Can any person tell me what some symptoms of ovulation are?

July 22nd, 2013 5 comments

Query by michaelsmyth2002: Can any person inform me what some symptoms of ovulation are?

I was just wondering if any of you guys could tell me what some of the symptoms of ovulation are? Are there physical indicators women have that inform them they are ovulating?

Best response:

Response by capricorn
cranky, crave sweets, acquire a minor and moody.

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Q&A: What’s the very best way to rid menstrual symptoms? (educated solutions only, please)?

June 23rd, 2013 6 comments

Question by RoyGBiv456: What’s the ideal way to rid menstrual signs? (educated solutions only, please)?

For the duration of the first day of my menstrual time period I knowledge severe cramps in my abdomen that range from a continual boring ache to intense sharp pains. I also have a frequent feeling of nausea when I get up. It is worse in the course of the morning and evening hours which I attribute to getting significantly less active throughout these instances. Workout performs to relieve cramps but only truly succeeds in altering the position of the pain to a more livable reduce back ache. I have tried Midol, Tylonel, and Ibuprofin but absolutely nothing works this first day. Terrible cramps truly only effect me the initial day of the cycle and then the remainder of the week Midol will get care of something.

I aslo recognize heightened senses for the duration of this time. Smell, taste, touch, all appear magnified to me for the duration of the starting of my period. (Does that occur to anybody else?)

Is there anything else I can do aside from physical exercise and heating pads that can help me. I’ve heard modifying diet programs certian methods can prevent cramping. Any person know anything about this?

Ideal response:

Response by zoe_ruby_slippers
I have the implant pill which stops periods altogether-which is excellent for me. I recommend you seek advice from a medical doctor and inquire them to be put on the pill. Very good luck

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Can pregnancy signs and symptoms demonstrate up a week following conception?

January 4th, 2013 Comments off

Query by bells09: Can pregnancy signs and symptoms demonstrate up a week immediately after conception?

Ok. I lost my virginity to my boyfriend last week. We utilised a condom but I feel at some point the condom came off result in my boyfriend opened up another packet and threw out the other 1. I’m frightened that I could be pregnant because I commenced feeling actually depressed lately and consuming a whole lot then I started out showing some blood spotting on my underwear. My question is if signs can demonstrate up this early? Can I truly be pregnant or is it my imagination?

Finest answer:

Answer by PregnantInVegas
Anytime you’re sexually energetic there is a likelihood of pregnancy. In early pregnancy there ARE some PMS-like signs and symptoms. I am 8 weeks pregnant and deal with “cramps” all the time. I’ve been told by my medical professional that they really aren’t cramps at all, its “round ligament discomfort” or something like that which fundamentally signifies my uterus is increasing and its somewhat unpleasant. Even though he did warn that if the pain will get worse than my common cramps it could be a sign of miscarriage. But anyways, back to your query, signs CAN show up this early but it is extremely unlikely. Since its only been a week if you ARE pregnant, you’d be going via Implantation right now which is specifically what it sounds like, the egg implanting its self to the uterine wall. Signs of Implantation are spotting, “cramps”, adjust in entire body temperature and some individuals even get nauseated from it.

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Q&A: Does gallbladder symptoms subside following recovering from gallbladder surgery?

November 26th, 2012 1 comment

Question by Mindy: Does gallbladder signs and symptoms subside immediately after recovering from gallbladder surgical treatment?

I’m possessing gallbladder surgery next Thursday and would like to know how men and women felt after recovering from surgery, as far as, ache, nausea, tolerating food.

Greatest reply:

Solution by formerly_bob
The final result is not totally predictable. Most men and women see improvement, but end up with different signs and symptoms that are not as significant and normally manageable with dietary adjustments. Occasionally the symptoms never modify significantly immediately after surgical procedure and in a tiny quantity of circumstances the signs get worse. Nearly everybody experiences intestinal problems with high-unwanted fat foods. Most men and women need to experiment with distinct meals to figure out what works and what does not – everybody is somewhat various.

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