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Ive completed 2 pregnancy tests at my GP and 2 house pts, theyve all come back damaging but im nonetheless not sure?

December 7th, 2013 2 comments

Question by Sally: Ive completed 2 pregnancy tests at my GP and two property pts, theyve all come back negative but im nevertheless not sure?

The very first one particular i took was at my physicians but that was only one week following unprotected sex and i know pregnancy wouldnt display that early. I did 2 home pregnancy exams two weeks after unproteced sex but they have been the two also unfavorable. Its been three weeks and a couple days following UPS so i did one more check at the doctors yesterday and that also came back unfavorable. During the 2nd week following UPS i had early pregnancy signs and symptoms such as the “a single sided soreness”, lots of headaches throughout tbe day, feeling exhausted and cramping in my uterus. I havent had these signs and symptoms for a week now apart from headaches and feeling EXHAUSTED. Do these four negatives completely rule out pregnancy? or is it truly nonetheless as well early to get a constructive? the tests i did we’re the urine samples not a blood check. Im stressing in excess of it and i just want to know for certain if i am or not so i can get it from my head! My physician said yesterday that it’d be far better to do a blood check but then made a decision i should just do a urine sample, urhhh

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Response by Taylor
There”s a likelihood that you could be pregnant, it just all depends on if you’ve missed your period.. Most likey, with house pregnancy tests, they won’t show optimistic right up until right after a missed time period. Good luck!

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Medical doctors make sure you need support on discomfort right side of decrease back hurts and front of stomach?

December 1st, 2012 2 comments

Question by Uzma U: Medical professionals please need aid on discomfort appropriate side of reduce back hurts and front of stomach?

my lower appropriate side hurts truly poor i believe it may possibly have to do with my kidney. The medical doctor examined it and mentioned it was a kidney infection and i need to have to get it x-rayed but i do not have enough time to. This harm goes on and off could it be something else. Do you have any recommendations on what it could be. It also hurts the front side of my stomach also (correct side)

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Solution by Jupiter M
possibly it is your appendix, when your appendix is swelled it can result in back discomfort and front abdominal discomfort, go to the doc and tell them some thing is incorrect….for now maybe take a scorching bath or get a warm cloth and place above top where it hurts.

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Extreme Back ache, want aid make sure you and thank you.?

November 8th, 2012 2 comments

Question by Olly: Serious Back ache, need aid make sure you and thank you.?


I have been obtaining back ache for the last one yr, i have asked my mum to make me a doctors appointment and she explained there is no point since it is almost certainly just “developing pains” due to the fact I am 14 and going by way of puberty. (Is there this kind of point as growing pains?)

Either way, when i get the back ache (two-3 times in 2 weeks) it hurts so considerably i can’t do something apart from have a bath (The discomfort goes when I’m in the bath.) (I feel the discomfort going in the bath is due to the fact the warm water calms the nerves or some thing?).

When i initial got the back aches they had been in the reduce back location and are now in the decrease back region AND half way up my back.

Further: I never know whether this has anything at all to do with it, but when i was 13 i briefly began Weight Lifting, i was weightlifting for about a month happily until finally i dropped the weights on my back. (Are unable to bear in mind the volume of fat specifically) The preliminary pain from that was intense, and lasted two-3 days. (I spoke to my medical doctor and he mentioned the soreness would go in two-3 days as well.) It was about two weeks from that event that i started out finding back ache.

^That may well not have something to do with my back ache but i considered it was necessary to add it in.

I have a doctors appointment on Saturday, so we shall see then but i am just pondering if anyone on Yahoo! Answers can assist me.

Thank You.

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Q & A: Low back pain during pregnancy: I’m not sure what I experienced is the “low back pain” symptom or not?

May 4th, 2012 Comments off

Question by : Low back pain during pregnancy:? I’m not sure what I experienced is the “low back pain” symptom or not I do not know if I am pregnant yet (I should not, but I have mild symptoms, so I could). My lower back hurts, but only if I press on it. If I do not then it does not hurt at all. Just like it is bruised or something, but it is not. Is that what is meant by “back pain”? The symptoms I have, bigger breasts and morning sickness. If I am pregnant then I would in my third week. Are these strong signs? Do I have lower back pain to add to the list of symptoms or the way I described it is not eligible? Thank you. Best answer:

reply katsura3568
your first pregnancy symptom is a missed period. If you have not missed your period, then you should not think too many symptoms. At this point they may well symptomen.Lage PMS back pain due to pregnancy happens when you 6 + months pregnant, carrying around an extra 15 + pounds in your belly and change your focus and your skeletal muscles to adapt to try to weight, comfortable to carry, without waddle too much or fall down. Also at that time large enough for any baby on the nerves resulting pijn.Op this point, your lower back “pain” is the same monthly discomfort many women as their uterine lining thickens after ovulatie.Probeer not too much from the symptoms you missed period. At this point, they are the same as PMS symptoms and if you try to become pregnant, you do not want to set for the teleurstelling.Het is called “two weeks wait” (after ovulation) for a reason. You just wait until your period is due. A false-negative or dubious results to avoid, not to test before your period is gevolg.Ik hope you the result you are looking for!

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