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Just a little support right here. Only great answers please!?

March 13th, 2014 3 comments

Question by angelwings2nite: Just a small help here. Only good answers please!? have much more detail. I charted myself on a ovulation calender and my fertile window was Sept 13th to the Sept 18th and The 18th was the day that i was supposed to have ovulated. I had unprotected sex on the 13th and 14th only. Quickly after the 18th I had discomfort in my reduce left side of my stomach my nipple was sore I am peeing more frequently than standard I got sick and threw up twice I also have decrease back ache and these signs has stopped except for the lower back pain but I am acquiring mild and sudden headaches and a tiny headed hear and there that do go away. Each and every given that this Sunday (September 21st) I noticed that my CM has been egg white but not that thick but variety of a watery variety but it has substance to it but it has covered most of my finger (sorry if its also considerably data) but my question is from the signs and symptoms and details that i offered does it sound like I could be pregnant or in the method of? But I cant test with an early response HPT till this approaching sunday…but I am quite anxious

Greatest answer:

Solution by MrsVincent
It sounds like you very properly could be pregnant. “] You had pain in your reduced abdomen which can sometimes be known as “Plantation Pains” and if your nipples are sore thats one more excellent sign, also the frequent urination. Excellent Luck and plenty of baby dust. “]

I love that each other person that answered this was a guy, cuz you know guys would know a womans entire body far better than a woman and all.. lol

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How a lot need to I anticipate to pay for pool support in Phoenix AZ?

August 30th, 2013 1 comment

Query by AZ101: How considerably ought to I assume to shell out for pool support in Phoenix AZ?

I just purchased a new residence in north Phoenix with a pool and was wondering what I canexpect to pay out for pool services. Also what does this normaly incorporate? Is this weekley service? And other data aboutowing a pool would be appreciated, other than “it’s a discomfort” previously heard that 100X……

Greatest response:

Answer by Larry G
Probably ought to do it yourself. Just consider in a sample of water every week to Leslie’s or yet another pool shop and they will test it totally free and tell you what you want to do. Yet another than that just clean the filter, vacuum it and sweep it.

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RDX Weight Lifting Belt Gym Back Support Power Training Pain Lower Lumber Wide N

August 18th, 2013 Comments off

low back pain on eBay:

ITA-MED Elastic Criss-Cross Back Support (Light Support), XL

August 15th, 2013 3 comments

ITA-MED Elastic Criss-Cross Back Support (Light Support), XL

  • Our Criss-Cross Back support helps correct posture.
  • Recommended for people who suffer from osteochondrosis and lumbago or have ever experienced lower back pain. Ideal support when driving long distances, standing or sitting for long periods of time. Protect yourself against fatigue, stress and other back related injuries

    This Back Support is designed for everyday use and is not visible when worn under clothes.

The Criss-Cross Back Support (9 “wide) ensures that the correct posture and reduces the pressure of the muscles and the lower part of the spine to protect against fatigue, stress and other back you . related injuries Side pulls are designed for better support .. and adjust to the desired level, this back support made of breathable elastic and for everyday use and is not noticeable when worn under clothes Two spring metal stays provide increased stability Recommended for:. those who suffering fr

List Price: $ 37.10 Price: $ 26.76

Does gargling listerine support get rid of a sore throat?

August 1st, 2013 1 comment

Query by Hunter Z: Does gargling listerine assist get rid of a sore throat?

I have a rather soar throat and I want to know if gargling listerine will aid it or make it worse.

Ideal solution:

Answer by ckm1956
It is always worked for me.

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Can I join any military support with a metal rod in my back?

June 9th, 2013 1 comment

Query by Brandy: Can I join any military service with a metal rod in my back?

Ok, so I broke my reduce back and have a rod and some screws holding it together now. I can even now stroll and have given that healed and hardly have discomfort. Does this quit me from entering the military, far more importantly, the Air Force? Please, I need to have help

Best response:

Answer by BoB
Depends if it will hinder your overall performance. Military workouts are no joke. Even if youre thinking of the air force you will nonetheless rigorous training. If you think you can stand the strain of carrying individuals up and down hills for hrs every day with out painthen it shouldnt be a dilemma. But you Should inform them about the rod otherwise they wont be liable for any injuries you experience.

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