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Q&A: Do doctors dislike it when sufferers propose drugs for themselves?

April 13th, 2013 5 comments

Question by EvK: Do physicians dislike it when individuals suggest prescription drugs for themselves?

I was diagnosed as bipolar II, 3 weeks in the past. My psychiatrist prescribed me lithium and I hate it, it brings about me countless nausea and stomach ache.

I have go through great items about Lamictal, how can I request my docotr to switch without sounding like a know-it-all?

Thanks in advance!

Best response:

Response by Dr D
Not at all.
Just say:
“I have read excellent items about Lamictal, do you feel it would operate for me?”

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Kidney stone sufferers, please give me advice.?

August 5th, 2012 1 comment

Question by nite_angelica: Kidney stone sufferers, please give me assistance.?

For the final 2 months I have had a discomfort in my decrease left pelvic/groin location (nearly the place upper leg and entire body meet on left side) and often radiating to reduced back, hip, and into left flank. It nearly *always* hurts when I am sitting, and is greater or gone when standing or lying down. Not poor ample for soreness meds, but it hurts. Ache just commenced a single day – has not gotten any even worse, but nonetheless there.

In the final two months I’ve had:

UTI check- constructive – provided antibiotics.
Annual blood operate – regular.
UTI test – adverse. Sent for abdominal/pelvic CT scan with oral contrast only.
CT scan showed 2mm and 1 one/2mm stone in left kidney.
Urologist – UTI test beneficial again, so 10 days antibiotics & a strainer.
2nd urologist appt – even now beneficial. More antibiotics.
3rd urologist appt – No uti. Scope of bladder – regular.
OB/GYN – pelvic and pap – typical.

OB said “Traditional kidney stone pain”. He felt my ovary – no discomfort or sensitivity and he said did not see a need to have for ultrasound to check out for cyst considering that I just had a ct scan. I was supposed to have an additional urologist appt tomorrow, but they rescheduled.

If you have had kidney stones, does this sound like typical ache? Are there any other exams I really should have at this stage? A various doctor? I am not positive, and I just truly feel helpless and a little hopeless at this stage. 42/female/130 pounds

Very best solution:

Answer by The mom
I have not had stones myself, but in the program of my task I’ve had loads of encounters with individuals who do. What you describe does sound like traditional kidney stone pain, and the health care history you have is fairly consistent with getting them. There genuinely are not any other exams that will be helpful, honestly, and not a lot they can provide you in terms of remedy both. The greatest factor to do is to drink a good deal far more fluid to encourage the stones to move along the line and pass. I can inform you that procedure will not be pleasant, and it will harm a great offer a lot more than what you are having now. I can understand why you’d truly feel like you do, it truly is pretty typical to feel that way. There just is not a lot anyone can do except wait issues out. And waiting is not easy, I know. There’s no explanation to lose hope of items enhancing even though, just reason to hang in there a bit longer. With a great deal more fluid, at some point those stones will either break up or pass. Your physicians are deciding on a conservative treatment program, which is very good for you and much better in the lengthy run. If the stones do pass, and are caught, then testing of the stone could give you solutions to help you stop it taking place again. And which is about the only testing that will be genuinely valuable to you. You don’t need a new medical doctor, and you absolutely do not need something radical or invasive to offer with the stones. You just need to hang in there, and drink until finally your molars threaten to float out of your mouth. It will get much better, honest.

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