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i have epididymitis, ive been taking antibiotics for 5 days, the bump is still there, is that normal?

January 25th, 2014 Comments off

Question by Eddie: i have epididymitis, ive been taking antibiotics for 5 days, the bump is nonetheless there, is that normal?

i went to the hospital last monday and they diagnosed it as epididymitis, they gave me ten antibiotics and now its sunday, 6 days later and the bump is nonetheless on my testicle, im nonetheless taking my antibiotics but is this regular that it is nevertheless there?

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Reply by Henry Richards
The epididymis is at the back of the testicle, so i presume you indicate the lump is the head of the epididymis that is inflamed, it has a head a body and a tail that runs to almost 19 foot lengthy.

I had this two years in the past, i had it for approx 5 months in total one month serious and then 4 months on and off, and then a single day it just vanished and now i really feel absolutely nothing there, a whole lot of those antibiotics are undesirable information my friend, u dont need to have them for a simple non critical infection like this, people physicians only prescribe them due to the fact theyr striving to vindicate the bill their going to send you in a number of days, its like employing a sledgehammer to destroy an ant, also the epididymis is a quite intricate, tunnel-like spidery canal in which sperm mature and the infection can hide there from the antiobiotics in a crease and stay unchecked by the bodys immune technique for numerous weeks but it ought to ultimately be taken care of naturally by the physique.

I was told by my urologist to preserve taking panadol when the soreness came, to maintain my “foot on the discomfort”, see often the soreness persists right after the infection is gone nearly like a ghost like sensation up the nerves in the groin spot, its like a big long garden hose with a blockage so when you get aroused for sex for too extended without having ejaculation then the pressure builds back up on the authentic inflamed or damaged site and it can truly feel sore yet again, my guidance, if your searching at porn or getting sex, dont hold an erection for longer than twenty mins with out ejaculating, try out it, also by abstaining from water for a day or two this (for some) can alleviate the symptoms, its NOT Significant , most problems that are serious in that area are ones you dont really feel , pain in the area is a good deal better than a lump with no discomfort. Now im not suggested this but alcohol completely relieved my discomfort following instruction and helped me sleep, but not while your taking them antibiotics.

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is the nylon string guitar a lot easier to play for newcomers? and will i still get calouses with it?

June 26th, 2013 3 comments

Question by love45: is the nylon string guitar significantly less difficult to perform for newbies? and will i even now get calouses with it?

i gave up guitar cuz it was hurting my hand and fingers… will a nylon guitar be less complicated on my hand and fingers?

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Reply by suzwiz3
yes and yes. I have two guitars one particular nylon (adore it) and 1 metal (difficult time with it). I would undoubtedly discover on the nylon. Very good luck.

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It is been 3 wks considering that I delivered my infant, and im still in pain?

December 18th, 2011 5 comments

Question by : It really is been three wks since I delivered my child, and im still in discomfort?

I had my son just about three weeks ago naturally… I did have an episiotomy and tore fairly undesirable… But now every single time I stand for a number of minutes, I get sharp pains down in my vaginal area… They don’t go away either, sometimes it takes hours following ice and sitting/laying calming to ease the discomfort… Is this normal?? I am concerned that some thing is incorrect…
I also have been attempting the “kegal workouts”, and I can’t look to stop my flow of urine at all… Does this come back with time?

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Solution by koolaid
maintain in thoughts ur physique just got torn and streched and ur hips moved out of location to have this youngster. . . its gonna take at least four-six weeks for the pain to go. . . .n a couple of months to get ur muscles operating in order once more. . .

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