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Early Pregnancy – Anybody Had Stabbing Pains?

February 19th, 2014 2 comments

Question by Wannabemum: Early Pregnancy – Any person Had Stabbing Pains?

From 7DPO I had these light stabbing pains that progressed into sharp ones as the days went buy. They were intermittent but occurred all day. Lasted about 4 days.

I then felt a strange sensation, like a feather stroking my uterus, unpleasant.

apart from intense tiredness for two days, this is the only symptoms, I have, so doubt am pregnant. Plus am 13DPO carried out an IC check and zilch. AF is due tomorrow,

Anybody been through the exact same thing.
meant to say as the days went “by” Lol.

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Solution by alton w
u are pregnant

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Why do i get a sharp stabbing discomfort in my right rib cage?

May 17th, 2013 2 comments

Query by carlos: Why do i get a sharp stabbing discomfort in my correct rib cage?

I received this discomfort in my right rib cage yesterday i couldnt breathe or laugh simply because in class and my pal stored making me laugh ibegged my buddy to cease producing me laugh but i stored going thruu that really undesirable stabb pain what is it? Oh yea and i feel like going to bathroom alot more if that helps o,o not pee though and its frequently :/

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Answer by Laura

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Stabbing pain “up there” at 35 weeks pregnant? (LABOR?)?

August 25th, 2012 2 comments

Question by Pink or Blue due eight-twenty-twelve: Stabbing discomfort “up there” at 35 weeks pregnant? (LABOR?)?

I was at perform today & it was a extremely difficult day. I was on my feet working close to like a crazy fool. (I work in a hospital) I lastly got the assist I required & started to slow down. I was just strolling up the hall way. When it felt like some 1 caught a knife up my vagina to the middle of my belly/uterus area. I practically dropped to my knees it hurt so undesirable!! Then under my belly button I acquired insane muscle spasms. I went from freezing cold to sweat running down my back! My co-employee saw me jerk & practically scream. She mentioned my encounter was as white as a sheet of paper then I started out crying.
This was about 11:45am nowadays, I took it effortless for a number of seconds. Even sat down for about three or 4 mins (did not have time to sit) & kept functioning. Infant has been moving fine since. No blood, no other troubles. I had some extremely light cramps but that is all.

Is this a sign labor could be coming in the next couple of days?
I hate to get in touch with my physician due to the fact they just want to send me to the ER for every little issue. (considering that office is closed) Then its a 35min drive & a $ 75 co-pay for nothing. Subsequent time I go to the hospital I want it to be since our infant is coming!

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Reply by JustWondering
I had individuals from about 36 weeks on until finally my water broke at 38w+4d and I had my son. Almost everything stated they were just signs of him pushing down when he was head down. They produced me feel like throwing up but were completely normal. I always described it as if there was a string attached to my vagina and he was yanking it inward. Ouch, just pondering about it.

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