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I have been obtaining horrible stomach pains soon after eating protein. What could it be from?

August 22nd, 2013 1 comment

Question by Hayley P: I have been receiving horrible abdomen pains following eating protein. What could it be from?

Lately, I have been receiving horrible stomach aches minutes following eating proteins, this kind of as eggs and meat. It isn’t going to appear to come about following chicken. I am also 26 weeks pregnant and this did not occur to me prior to. Nonetheless, before I was pregnant, dairy items utilised to bother my stomach and now I can consume all the cheese I want and I am flawlessly fine.
Tofu and soy goods also lead to me to feel sick to my stomach. But nuts and nut butters are fine.

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Reply by Evil Angel
go vegetarian, our bodys are not ment to consume meat. Consider other sources of protien such as nuts, tofu, and soy.

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Can you get pregnant days soon after your period?

March 8th, 2013 2 comments

Query by mcamp1107: Can you get pregnant days soon after your time period?

My abdomen is challenging and my breast are tender. But its only been a number of days following my time period. Is it attainable?

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Answer by Andrea W
Typically, the best time to get pregnant is in the course of ovulation which occurs 10 days soon after your period. I’m thinking if you had intercourse inside of a couple of days after your period, you are not pregnant, but if you happen to be late for you following period, get a test.

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Q&A: Knee discomfort when lifting leg or going down stairs soon after operating?

February 17th, 2012 1 comment

Query by Roland: Knee pain when lifting leg or going down stairs right after operating?

I trained for a marathon this year and everything went nicely during training. I even did a 22 mile run on my personal. Right after that I began minimizing distance and then resting mostly for the last week. The day of the marathon at about mile 7 my right knee started out hurting and it just went on progressively to the point exactly where I could barely bend my knee. Putting weight was no problem but lifting my leg, bending the knee or going down steps brought on sturdy pain. It felt as if I had a knot towards the outside of my knee but still in the inner side (if that makes sense).

I took a three week rest period and went for a run final evening. After the first mile the signs started to come back. I am scheduling an appointment with a DR. but would like to hear if this is a prevalent injury and if it has a name.

Here’s yet another symptom taken from one more person’s post in the internet. It describes effectively portion of my symptoms:

“It feels like a muscle or a tendon that is connecting or holding my upper leg with the bottom is strained. Therefore when my leg is suspended in the air without having any support the outdoors of my knee hurts and forces me to stiffen my entire leg, lock my knee in order to feel no pain.”

Thank you for your assist!
I went to a orthopedist and was diagnosed with ITBS Ilotibial Band Syndrome. One thing that apparently is only witnessed in runners.

It would seem this is not a serious injury and will go overtime if you stretch regularly and maybe get some therapy massages.

Here’s a video with some very good stretches for the IT Band (

An additional video about massaging that muscle can be observed right here:
Update: I just went for a four mile run soon after investing about 30 min stretching my IT Band making use of equivalent stretches to the ones shown in the video hyperlink over. I then massage my IT Band as shown in the other video over.

I started out slow but then went rather rapidly compared to my last run (about two min less per mile avg) and every little thing went fantastic! At some point felt one thing really slightly so I quickly stopped and stretched the IT Band once again, then continued. No pain at all for the duration of this run.

I hope this aids an individual else with the very same symptoms.

Greatest solution:

Answer by Mubeen
It looks sciatica.There are numerous causes of sciatica like pelvic injury, fracture, tumors or piriformis syndrome. Every cause has distinct therapy program.
I had the sciatica due to piriformis syndrome. Its a body disorder, not condition. You can remove pains by stretching your muscle. These iPhone app hyperlink assisted me to take away sciatica.
Right here you can have a visual tour of complete sciatic nerve. Mark the discomfort region & get a set of rehab exercise routines in 3D format. There is also readily available total health-related background & notes.

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Red spot/ring on inner portion of proper eye cornea? Came back soon after “remedy”?

November 21st, 2011 1 comment

Query by bennyboytx: Red spot/ring on inner portion of right eye cornea? Came back after “treatment”?

I had a couple weekend nights in which i was essential to be up late and had my contacts in way as well long. This was a month ago. A week after those nights, my appropriate eye was constantly feeling irritated and stratchy/itchy when i had my contacts in. If i wore them for as well prolonged, a red spot/ring would kind on what i feel is the side of my cornea closer to my nose. Soon after wearing contacts that week, the pain was unbearable and had to see a doctor. He told me i had some infiltrates and to cease wearing contacts for the next 3 weeks. Over that 3 weeks, I took lotemax, a distilled steroid eye drop, 3 occasions a day. Came back, he mentioned infiltrates were gone, and all i had was some dry eyes ( which he gave me some eye drops for) and sent me on my way.

These days! I place in a new pair of contacts, they felt fine. Around three o’clock my contacts started out feeling itchy/dry and just not comfy anymore. Came residence at 5 and took them out. My left eye feels fine, but the right eye exhibits a lot of indicators of irritation nevertheless. There was a redish ring close to the inner side of my correct cornea, along with a tiny red blotch branching off that semi-ring. The inner portion of the eye feels dry, raw, and puffy, and alot of other emotions i cannot describe. Point is it really is nonetheless uncomfortable. Whatever I had prior to is back, and I believe i was misdiagnosed. What do you believe it is?
I use Acuvue Oasys contacts and have been for the previous 5 many years. No issues ever. I purchased this 8-pack online from coastal contacts. Not confident if that is a feasible issue to blame (negative producer batch/source?)

Best solution:

Answer by David E
It is likely that you need to have to adjust manufacturers of contacts. You possibly even want to quit wearing silicon hydrogel lenses. I know we usually inform patients about how they are state of the art and give your eyes a lot more oxygen. They also cause signs and symptoms like yours in some individuals.

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reduce back,thigh and buttock discomfort and spasms soon after a fall?

November 16th, 2011 Comments off

Question by Debbie M: lower back,thigh and buttock pain and spasms after a fall?

Hi this is my 2nd query a single was in regards to a knee injury from this fall I has almsot four weeks ago,which is still not healing, but now I have yet another concern my back, I have developed back discomfort and spasms in my lower back and also in my buttocks and thighs and down the two legs at diverse occasions, it feels like genuinely bad sciatica, could I have ” Herniated disk” I have had lower back pain ( sciatica ) ahead of but not this undesirable. I really really feel it has one thing to do with the fall that injured my appropriate knee
hoping somebody might shed some light on this issue for me
Also the pain is that bad at occasions i cannot even bend adequate to touch my thigh and despite the fact that it is somewhat better when resting its even now quite painful even on rest


Greatest answer:

Answer by Matt
Dear Deb,
I’ve seen this just before, a leg injury that irritates the back. It can be knee, hip or ankle even. You see, when you injure some thing like your knee it might alter your gait. Changing the way you stroll will operate its way into the lower back. I’ve even recognized an individual to put on a diverse pair of shoes and get back pain from it. If there is a disc that is already weak or injured it can very easily get stirred up from a fall or a leg injury that affects your gait or posture. You may possibly want to make confident to see a chiropractor who adjusts extremeties al properly.

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Each as soon as in a while when I turn my neck this warm “pain” shoots up the back of my head. What is that?

October 8th, 2011 5 comments

Query by H: Each and every the moment in a although when I turn my neck this warm “pain” shoots up the back of my head. What is that?

It is not severe discomfort…just a warm sensation. I do not have headaches related with it. It only takes place every so frequently and only on the back left side of my skull when I turn my head to the right. Could it be muscular? If there are any physicians or nurses or folks who expertise this that can support me out that would be wonderful. I am 29 years old…in great well being.

Ideal answer:

Answer by Bandmom
Sounds like a pinched nerve. If you’re not possessing any pain or discomfort with it, it’s not a lot to worry about.

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