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is it achievable for someone else to get your pregnancy signs and symptoms also?

November 25th, 2013 1 comment

Question by : is it attainable for someone else to get your pregnancy signs too?

.. is it

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Reply by jazzi
Lol no, pregnancy is not a condition of virus.

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I have a difficulty with my back and im questioning if someone can give me some guidance?

April 14th, 2013 1 comment

Question by bebe: I have a dilemma with my back and im questioning if someone can give me some guidance?

I have degenitive disk illness. I had surgical procedure when i was 14 to get rid of two disk. Now im 21 and whenever i stand for prolonged intervals of time my back hurts and it feels like i have cramps. It feels like charley horses kinda in my back but not serious. Also my time period hasnt began in 3 months and im not pregnant im questioning if these items are related. Can anybody give me suggestions?

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Response by baseball freak
Concerning the period: Absence of this kind of does indicate possible pregnancy. Nonetheless, follow up with your doctor. There can be other products that can cause amennorrhea.

Relating to your back soreness, That ache is typical when 1 is standing for lengthy periods of time. Physical exercise inside your limits, usually try to have one particular foot greater than the other to rest the back.

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Q&A: Can someone inform me everything that has happened to Demi Lovato?

February 20th, 2013 3 comments

Query by abc123: Can a person inform me everything that has occurred to Demi Lovato?

So I have been hearing people say that Demi Lovato has been via a great deal… but I wanna know what exactly happened to her and why she went to rehab. thankss.

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Response by Marcie
it truly is all there


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Q&A: Can someone pls aid? My wellbeing is off. :(?

April 6th, 2012 1 comment

Question by : Can a person pls assist? My wellbeing is off. :(?

I’ve been feeling physically ill for the past week. It really is not just one point, it is a couple of things. 1. I had pleural effusion about 2 years ago. It commenced off as a very sharp ache on my proper side subsequent to my breast. It carried on for 2 weeks and finally they discovered it. I feel I’m starting up to get the very same discomfort on my left side and I’m experiencing problems breathing. two. My muscles in my whole physique harm. I have not been exercising at all. The muscle tissues that truly bother me are all in my back. My shoulder blades and my upper, middle and decrease back – everytime the pain “shoots” by means of one of the over and I wince. three. I have a normal 7 day time period, I expertise ache in the first two days and thereafter I sort of overlook I am on as there’s small to no discomfort or discomfort. I’m on my 7th day today and I even now feel ache. It feels as though there’s a raw open wound in my uterus. I have by no means felt this ache prior to. Usually I bleed heavily on the first two nights and following that I only have to use tampons through the day. Last evening (6th evening) was the very first night I could go without having utilizing a tampon. Nothing at all is normal about this month’s period (it also began three days late). four. When I turn my head to the left to look that way, a throbbing pain shoots by way of the left side of my head. When I bend down and my head is on a reduce level than my shoulders, I get this discomfort as well. I honestly never know what to do. Any suggestions will be tremendously appreciated. I have not been to the physician due to the fact none of these signs seem to be to be connected and I wouldn’t know exactly where to commence or what to say to make them comprehend. 🙁

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Reply by Idk
you really should go to the medical doctor anyway, wether they are linked to some thing or not.

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