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Shoulder pain…?

February 25th, 2014 4 comments

Question by UndomesticGoddess: Shoulder discomfort…?

My right shoulder is genuinely sore, especially when I am moving my proper arm. My fingers in this arm occassionaly come to feel tingly (right after making use of my arm to publish for awhile). I really feel as however the medial, inferior element of my scapula is bruised but I can see no obvious bruising. It also is a bit uncomfortable when I breathe in deeply. Any notion what this could be? Just standard bruising?

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Response by Bradley’sMoM
I have arthritis and it tends to make my shoulders harm like you described and no you can not be as well youthful for arthritis, I am 33 and have had it for six many years.

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Q&A: Extended phrase shoulder pains/intense discomfort?

November 21st, 2013 Comments off

Query by thdms9211: Lengthy term shoulder pains/intense discomfort?

my shoulders have been in “discomfort” for a genuinely extended time. It’s not always painful, but they come to feel overwhelmingly unpleasant, and when I “row” my shoulders backwards, i can hear my joints. I utilized to have my sister massaging my shoulders to ease the discomfort, but other than that, my back/shoulders have been feeling like this for about 2-3 years. I went to get it checked by a massage therapist a 12 months in the past, but I didn’t really proceed on with it simply because it didn’t support.
ANY recommendations to help with my shoulders? thanks so significantly!

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Reply by pelican
It actually depends on what the damage actually is, so you need to attempt to determine the injury. It could be a rotator cuff damage or tear, or it could be anything else totally. It is crucial to make an accurate diagnosis of the lead to of your signs so that appropriate treatment method can be directed at the lead to, not just the signs and symptoms. Examine these internet sites to try to decide specifically what is going on. You must really see a medical doctor for an precise diagnosis and therapy prepare.

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15 many years old and some thing on my entire body hurts all the time. My back has hurt , my knee, now my shoulder.?

November 9th, 2013 Comments off

Question by kay: 15 years old and some thing on my physique hurts all the time. My back has hurt , my knee, now my shoulder.?

I had a MRI on my knee and shoulder but nothing exhibits up. I have been tested for rhumatoid arthritis and it was adverse. I like to swim and play tennis but have been ready to the last three months since of my shoulder. What is wrong with me? What type of medical professional can I go to for assist?

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Reply by DaveW79
Musculoskeletal pain is typically a symptom of vitamin D deficiency. It is a low-cost resolve. Sam’s club has 5,000 IU D3 x 400 caps for about $ 10.

I took 50,000 IU/day for 3 days then 10,000 IU/ day. My soreness was gone inside of a week.

Google “vitamin d Musculoskeletal pain”.

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Q&A: arm and leg pain and beginning in shoulder?

October 12th, 2013 1 comment

Question by fuzzy: arm and leg ache and beginning in shoulder?

My left forearm is in extreme ache the soreness is radiating up my total arm, and my left calf is in the identical ache i have muscle weakness in both i was walking and i almost fell due to the fact it hurt so bad. Also the ache is beginning to begin in my right shoulder what do you feel this is?

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Answer by
You actually ought to get to a doctor, you most likely have a pinched nerve, they can be quite painful and can lead to other things as well. All your nreves are in the neck but, i sometime have my arm fall asleep and tingle, went to get a checkup and it was /is a pinched nerve. I had to do specific excersies but they only aided me some. I even now get it once in a whilst.
See a medical professional!

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How do I cure a sore shoulder and neck?

October 13th, 2012 2 comments

Query by bangyourheadraisethedead: How do I remedy a sore shoulder and neck?

okay, i fell on some icy methods and landed on my back, appropriate shoulder, correct leg, and neck. now, my correct shoulder, neck, and lower back are Very sore. what do i do to ease the ache? “/ make sure you assist me!

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Solution by Yelhsa
Tylenol or advil, the prescribed dose listed on the bottle, a icy scorching patch and time to relax. sorry but thats about all that will resolve your soreness.

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Deep ache in shoulder and all down my arm?

August 28th, 2012 Comments off

Question by juliana: Deep ache in shoulder and all down my arm?

I woke up two weeks ago exactly with a deep ache in my shoulder, bicep, and all the way down to my forearm. I imagined I just slept on it incorrect and attempted to go about my day commonly but the ache was all I could think about. It went away for about two days then came back and has been rather extreme these past couple of days. signs consist of:

-soreness worsens at evening
-my entire proper arm, sometimes the discomfort “radiates” up to the back of the appropriate side of my neck and head
-there is NO tingling or numbness
-its a deep, pulsating acheyness that I can’t very pin point.
-I nevertheless have complete assortment of motion
-There were no injuries or trauma to the arm, I just woke up one particular morning with discomfort.
I function in retail so I’m often employing my arms, reaching up and down, and carrying heavy boxes of shipment. I could have pulled it miscarrying a hefty box.

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Reply by The Irish Duckie
It sort of sounds like a pulled muscle, the ache you’re describing matches mine exactly when I pulled my shoulder. I did not realize it when it took place, but I felt it the next day. An additional possiblity is you’ve received a bad rotator cuff. Do you function with your arms? Perform baseball? If you are consistently moving your arms up and down it damages the cuff and requires surgical procedure to fix.

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