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Does anyone have any other suggestions why i could have this ache? Or what i should do? Or even what medical professional to see?

January 24th, 2014 7 comments

Query by Puglover00: Does anybody have any other suggestions why i could have this discomfort? Or what i ought to do? Or even what doctor to see?

I have had abdominal pain considering that I was 13, and I am now about to be 20. When i was 13, the doctors mentioned the discomfort was due to ovarian cysts, and I was put on birth handle. Following they mentioned they were gone, I quit going to the medical professional till I was 18, but was usually sensitive on my proper reduced side (even with kidney but in front not back). Well, I went back at 18, had to get a laparoscopy and was diagnosed with endometriosis. Discomfort went away for two months, then came back worse. I have been unable to take bc’s considering that (mood troubles). But have been assure my much more then one doc that endometriosis is not the lead to anymore. I have been in and out of the ER on morphine, the very first couple of “diagnosis” was kidney infection/bladder infection..then I started obtaining GI problems as properly. Following going to a GI doc, they wished to do a colonoscopy, but I could not hold down the prep kit, and I have not gone back nevertheless. They place me on methscopolamine bromide (sp) and everything appeared very good…
although I even now had decrease back and side soreness soon after strolling or swimming. Then I my ovaries quit functioning, and i was provided a hormone pill, then ended back up in the ER for ruptured ovarian cyst. That was about 3 weeks ago, I have been on a new bc for a week, but my lower back continues to harm as nicely as sharp pains in my side. I have my gallbladder,appenix,blah blah all of it checked, several blood perform, several ultrasounds, pelvic and stomach. I just have no idea what to do any longer, i dont want to be on pain med forever, and I have no notion the place to turn anymore…it would seem like no doctor offers a crap about me, and just act like im making every thing up…I never request for soreness med both. I just never comprehend any of this any longer…
I am presently only on one particular med…the bc and I experimented with the chiropracter, and it created items…I do not really feel comfy going back…

Ideal response:

Response by enomis225
Would seem like you are taking a whole lot of meds. Have you ever experimented with the natural method? Ever been to a chiropractor? A simple adjustment might alleviate some of your issues a subluxation of your vertebrae could be causing interference to the nerves that innervate some of people locations you are getting troubles with. x-rays and a couple of chiropractic changes couldn’t hurt. I’ve seen chiropractic operate miracles.

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What should you feed a young Douge de Bordeaux / French Mastiff?

August 11th, 2013 3 comments

Call Roseanne ? What should you feed a young Douge de Bordeaux / French Mastiff I know they need a high protein diet. But from 5 to 12 months, they suffer from Pano or “growing pains” because they grow so fast. And many proteins can subscribe Pano. So what should I feed? If you could call a specific number of high quality dog ​​food brands would be the most useful. Thanks best answer:

Answer by Lizzie
Call your veterinarian. Veterinarians know everything about pano and can advise you what to feed, how to feed and how often.

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Should I additional enquire about my summer time task applications?

December 27th, 2012 4 comments

Question by bigwheels1031: Ought to I additional enquire about my summer time task applications?

I produced many applications for summer season function ought to I contact the organizations about my applications or will they contact me very first? My mom needs me to get in touch with and request if they reviewed my application but I figure that by doing that I would lead to them too considerably difficulties and not get hired, as if I was a soreness in their side.

Greatest solution:

Solution by monkeyangel210
If you really want a work contact and ask to speak to the manager to schedule an interview. It shows that you are responsible and determined.

If you dont care where you work, hold sending out applications and one out of ten prolly will phone you (if all 10 are hiring).

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What should I do about my friend?

May 14th, 2012 2 comments

Query by : What really should I do about my pal?

Normally, I am not one particular to blame. Nonetheless, I was at my close friends last evening who is aware of that I have bad back ache. She was with another woman who I didnt even know and I was kinda like the third wheel (in friendship terms) due to the fact they have been playing xbox and I was just trying to go to rest because they had been enjoying for like three hrs. Anyways. I wasn’t asleep when they have been done playing, but they believed I was because I had my eyes closed. They started out by slapping my encounter, pinching me, ect. It wasn’t that undesirable, and I pretended to be asleep since if they knew I was awake it would only get worse. So anyways then my good friend sits on my back and hits it genuinely challenging. To her it made a “funny noise” So she kept hitting me. I informed her “Dude I have terrible back pain!” But she just kept carrying out it figuring out I was awake. I really feel like my good friend is truly a small messed up because she’s pushed me above a stairwell, and slapped my fingers in a door on function, but not my back truly hurts. I have difficulties with my back and my knees and I feel like I really injured it due to the fact each and every time she pressed down my pack cracked even far more. I just don’t know what I really should do? Ought to I inform my mom? She occasionally more than reacts about this stuff but I really feel like I want to go to the medical professional. Is there any exercise routines that will aid with my pain? And what really should I do about my pal? Btw, Im 13 and a woman.

Greatest reply:

Solution by Ian Kennard
They aren’t close friends, and if they ever had been its time to get new ones. You are only 13 and it really is not the end of the planet even if they are “well-liked ladies”. And yes, see a medical doctor. You don’t have to inform your mom precisely what takes place if she overreacts a lot but you never want to end up with severe back and joint issues at your young age.

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Really should I go on suboxone for a poppy tea addiction?

March 31st, 2012 Comments off

Query by theheatheatwave: Ought to I go on suboxone for a poppy tea addiction?

I am addicted to poppy tea. I take 8-14 grams of powdered poppy pods a day. This is equivalent to about 18 mg of Oxy a day— though I do not take oxy as it make me feel as well swimmy and I never like to get things on the street that may well be stolen/fake. When I take much less than 8 mg of poppy powder I have withdraws: nightmares, sweating, really painful tummy like becoming stuck with knives, sore joints, crankiness, suicidal thoughts (I know far better than to act on them, of course), depression, no appetite, feeling worn-out and unable to operate or care for myself. (Even taking a bath sounds like as well much operate.) I have tried to quit *3* times twice on my own and as soon as with my husband’s help by way of a slow taper. But, when I get down to the very low amounts all around six-5mg a day, the withdraws just seem to hold creating then anxiety from operate makes me snap and I give in to the want to take more poppy powder to make the withdraws go away so I can get my function accomplished. (That’s what I inform myself.. but deep within I just really feel weak and like a failure.)

This has been going on for 7 months and I’ve had sufficient. I want to get clean. I want to have a kid some day, to travel to areas like China, I am a extended distance runner and my education has not been good. (My addition traces back to pain meds I was given after a auto accident final year… immediately after I utilized all of the meds I was desperate for something else like the pain meds to make my depression about not currently being in a position to run go away.) I’m back to running now, I ran three miles these days and it was excellent– so, truly why do I nonetheless take this drug? It really is time consuming, and some of the time I get the dose wrong and end up sick– or if I neglect it I could have withdraws at work which SUCKS.

SO Here IS MY Question. I have an appointment with an addition expert to see about going on suboxone as a stepping stone to finding off the poppys. But ,I have study on the web in many discussion boards (drugs dot com for example) that suboxone is addictive and Quite tough to quit. So, this “remedy” may possibly make items worse for me. I am not taking large amounts of poppy and my existence is not at danger from it. I do not need to do dangerous injection or get my drugs on the street. It is also not extremely high-priced. So is suboxone a good thought for me? Or must I give all of my drugs to my husband. Have him purchase a Safe (this time) and go for the taper again.. this time extra slow … I even have a digital scale to make it precise…

I can not make up my mind.

I also be concerned about stressing out my husband. It really is not his fault that I got in to this so why must he have to clean up for me? That is 1 purpose I Iike the thought of going to a doctor and suboxone. He is really supportive of whatever I want but I want to respect him and not be like these drug addicts I have study about who hurt their loved one. So, what ought to I do?

Best solution:

Reply by Mer
Effectively suboxone can be addictive mainly if you inject(as I too have read online), and it prevents withdrawal syndromes. Even so suboxone itself only gets you “substantial” if you never have a tolerance(and you do from the poppies) so it wouldn’t give you the very same large but you wouldn’t feel the withdrawal signs and symptoms as hard. I’ve taken suboxone but have no dependence as an experiment and it is fairly robust(2mg), so you possibly will be prescribed a dosage a bit larger. But nothing at all compared to the grams of poppies you ingest, so this medicine will do much less harm on your insides seeing as that you will most like get a five-10mg prescription.

My older sister was prescribed it after rehab for Oxycontin and it aided her, but at some point she did relapse on Oxycontin. But she didn’t have significantly support, so if your husband is really supportive I’d so go for it 🙂
And finally they ween you off the suboxone.

Greatest of luck.
p.s. if you do consider to taper down what if you relapse? or worse move onto harder drugs like oxycontin?

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Should i tell my doctor of this back pain episode i just had?

February 22nd, 2012 Comments off

Question by : Should i tell my doctor of this back pain episode i just had?

I had this small episode a little while ago where i had a backpain so severe i had to take small deep breaths.i am 15 and i weight 245 pounds…could my weight be a factor…should i tell my doctor? Im afraid she’ll say “its because u dont get enough exercise”…but i washed a small amount of dishes and it triggered my back lasted only 7 minutes…but it was bad enough i was wondering if it was going to stop..should i tell my doctor or not?by the way i had a small episode like this on christmas eve too that llasted 2 hours.

Best answer:

Answer by pelican
Yes, you should tell the doctor. She can help you get started on a weight loss plan, which could be causing the pain.

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