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Hello i was wondering for the previous yr or so i have been acquiring sharp pains at the extremely top of my head?

February 27th, 2014 Comments off

Question by kim: Hello i was wondering for the previous year or so i have been receiving sharp pains at the quite prime of my head?

Generally its only when my heart starts to race I get them mainly when I am asleep often it wakes me up out of my rest but the ache only final for a number of seconds but now its starting to last longer I would just like a bit of a insight on what it might be , thank you

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Answer by Nicky
I would go and talk about this with your medical doctor. There are numerous causes why this kind of signs happen. I am tempted to suggest that a good deal of this may be in your mind since you are now expecting this kind of discomfort. You indicate that these “pains” are right after dreams. How do you truly know you have this kind of pains when you are asleep?

Yes, go and see the Doc and discuss this. Meanwhile, I would recommend rest treatment. A racing heart suggests anxiety anyway, and fear is enough to give any individual a headache (and a racing heart also!)

Hopefully, someone much better informed on this can supply a much better reply. Meanwhile, end worrying, do deep breathing and chill!

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Sharp pain in my correct ovary?

February 21st, 2014 7 comments

Query by BabyHopes TTC #one has given up…: Sharp pain in my appropriate ovary?

Hey, right now is CD 25 for me… For the previous week my boobs have been killing me… They dont harm ALL the time, but most the time they are just dull and achy, then often they harm so poor I just want to cry. But now for the last few days I have had a genuinely sharp pain in my right ovary. Often it feels like its in the middle, but it hurts the worse on my appropriate side. And I suggest, it really hurts. Not like PMS cramps, just a shooting discomfort. I have been so exhausted recently too. And nowadays when I went to the bathroom (sorry TMI) there was a ton of EWCM. I am on my 1st round of clomid and the clomid entirely “dried me up” so this is the 1st time I have had any CM.

Are all of these side results from the Clomid? Could I have gotten pregnant presently? Or is it possible I’m just now ovulating on CD 25?

Thanks girls!! I really need to have all the answers I can get! I went to the physician for bloodwork final Friday to see if I ovulated, but they havent acquired back to me but! 🙁

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Reply by sheesh youre all nuts
sounds like pms

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Often I get a sharp ache down there when I am on or fixing to begin my period. Is this something I need to have to

November 22nd, 2013 6 comments

Question by blue_woods_bird: Sometimes I get a sharp pain down there when I am on or repairing to start off my period. Is this one thing I need to

worry about? It feels like a slight stabbing discomfort and then it just goes away and then It wil come back. What could this indicate???

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Response by radheyqwe
you have week harmones-take plenty of black currant seeds to cure it.

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So occasionally I have this sharp ache in my butt?

October 17th, 2013 1 comment

Question by Linz: So often I have this sharp discomfort in my butt?

I’m critical. It generally occurs if I have to go variety two or am semi constipated. It sometimes occurs if I have gasoline. It almost feels like a charlie horse in my bottom that lasts a couple seconds. I almost wanna scream at times haha…I am only 21 so Idk if its IBS or anything like that…maybe its standard, due to the fact its not like i get these each day. do you get these? (ha and yes this is a wonderful friday evening)

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Answer by greengo
Yeah, each and every now and then that takes place to me, I by no means really believed about it much to be truthful.
Just drink lots of water, eat fiber, and things, it will be fine.

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My friend is having sharp pain in the lower left corner of her stomach?

July 25th, 2013 4 comments

Question by ^ __ ^ ? My friend is having sharp pain in the lower left corner of her stomach She is 13 years old and she is literally flipping now so that’s why I ask for her. It’s been so for a few hours and she has no fever. (98.6) They think it might be something related to this are .. (Exact Quote) “I threw and a week later I again when I took my temp it was LOW (a symtom) I had nesea all day and this is gross, but I had diarrhea, but ive good feeling as expected at the fair and the pain ‘now Any idea what this is or that it has to surrender her or something Please reply and thank you =) to:. 3 I had appendicitis (sp) And it did crack I?. did not go to the hospital under about 4 days later, because a nurse said it was just a stomach bug, -,. We were talking about it, but the left Ehh … When I had / was / in the middle though. . = / Best answer:

Answer PG-13
Have you ever thought that she might have appendicitis Those were the simptoms of one of my friends and almost torn. Having taken her to a doctor and have it checked out as soon as possible. Your welcome

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Why do i get a sharp stabbing discomfort in my right rib cage?

May 17th, 2013 2 comments

Query by carlos: Why do i get a sharp stabbing discomfort in my correct rib cage?

I received this discomfort in my right rib cage yesterday i couldnt breathe or laugh simply because in class and my pal stored making me laugh ibegged my buddy to cease producing me laugh but i stored going thruu that really undesirable stabb pain what is it? Oh yea and i feel like going to bathroom alot more if that helps o,o not pee though and its frequently :/

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Answer by Laura

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