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Q&A: Following second MRI physician says back is fine?

December 4th, 2013 1 comment

Query by crljeff: After 2nd MRI physician says back is fine?

I have been going to Kaiser for in excess of a yr and a half for my reduce back. I completed the pain management course for a poor reduce back and ache. They gave me a MRI final yr and said I had mild spinosis secondary to congentical canal stenosis, arthritis, bulging disk amongst other factors. I was in pain, and my discomfort would keep with me in which I could not rest at night since my legs would have shooting cramp like pains. I also have warm sensations going down my legs. Following going above a yr to Kaiser for this. I commenced to get the impression they had been exhausted of treating me. A number of months in the past they gave me six steroid shots all in the identical day. The next morning when I was about to get up, I had this horrible pain, and I was doubled over and had chills. It would happen for a handful of weeks. I referred to as Kaiser and spoke with the medical doctor who gave me the shots and she told me this was not from the shots, and probably some other back concerns I had that I can come to feel now, due to the fact the other difficulties had been taken care of from the shots. I informed her I had pain, but in no way like that prior to. The shooting pains let up some following the shots, so I was in a position to rest a tiny better, but I nevertheless have pain in my lower back and hips when I lift something that has weight. I just received an additional MRI final week. They did dye this time. My doctor informed me my mri was “much better” than the initial one, and the disc bulge is far better, and I need to go on and and do my standard program and go back to operate. I told her my back is even now agonizing(ache fee is often 7-8) and if I lift one thing heavy, it goes to ten and stays theres until I rest it and allow time go by. She informed me she does not know why my back is even now hurting and my “discomfort level” might be minimal. I could not think she said that. I bear in mind my pain therapist telling me that Kaiser had altered their policies regarding the doctor and their ability to deal with SDI (short phrase), after dealing with me. My medical professional at Kaiser was extending my brief phrase disability advantages until they ended. I never know what the situation was, if it had something to do with employees comp,or the state or what. But anyways, I had been possessing neck “aches” and pain from my neck and I asked for a x-ray. I know I had arthrithis and a undesirable disc in my neck but I did not tell the doctor. She gave me a x-ray, and sent me a letter saying almost everything was standard and very good. A red flag went up in my head. Then, Following this MRI, the doctor calls me and says my MRI on my back is better and my bulging disc has mysteriously gotten far better and I ought to not be possessing any back soreness, and I may possibly have ” chronic pain”. But now they say I have epidural lipomatosis. I do not believe in Kaiser and I was considering about taking copies of my X-rays and MRI’s and getting another view. I would detest to believe that Kaiser would not inform the reality and lie rearding a individuals well being concerns just to appease some other entity that is on them concerning SDI or other problems. Is there a word for this kind of conduct?

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Reply by David B
Wow, you are a really hard situation.

Every person has disc bulges and some arthritis. You look to genuinely dwell on the findings that actually are not too substantial.
You seem to have what is called “symptom magnification”.
The healthcare individuals sense that no matter what they do or say…you are not going to ever get far better, for you have been on disability and perform comp. and odds are…you will never get off of it.
Please don’t forget…the final point you want is a surgery you do not need.
I have seen this variety of situation above and above yet again.
It is like viewing an previous know what is going to occur up coming but there is not a thing you can do about it.

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My mom can not rest effectively on her left side coz she says she’ll begin feeling a pain in her heart.?

September 6th, 2013 8 comments

Question by Zahara: My mom cannot rest correctly on her left side coz she says she’ll start off feeling a soreness in her heart.?

She has substantial blood strain as properly. What could be the dilemma? She’s 51.

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Response by trent4kala
er she could die

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which was the episode of greys anatomy where meredith says “pick me….”?

February 25th, 2013 Comments off

Question by maemae: which was the episode of greys anatomy where meredith says “pick me….”?

I need to know that episode and the one where everyone makes fun of izzy and posts her modeling pics every where. please and thanks!!!

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Answer by My2Cents
the “pick me” speech was in Season 2, Episode 5 titled “Bring In The Pain.”

The Izzy modeling pics was in Season 1, Episode 4, titled “No Man’s Land.”

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What to do when physician says there is no hope?

December 19th, 2011 2 comments

Question by : What to do when medical doctor says there is no hope?

I have persistent back discomfort from fracturing two vertebrae. I am 21 years old and am in a position to stroll without a limp, and so forth. and am extremely excellent at masking my discomfort. I went to a discomfort management specialist and he mentioned I am also young for surgery, do not need pain medication other than what I’m taking (Aleve) and that “there is nothing at all I can do for you.” He also just told me to take a yoga class and “deal with the discomfort”

I am in such undesirable ache nearly continuously, and experience like giving up. Any suggestions on what I can do? I am worried about going to other physicians simply because I do not want to be seen as “medical doctor purchasing” for drugs, etc.
I do not want to be witnessed as doctor-shopping because my former main care health practitioner stated I am as well young for prescription discomfort medication and will grow to be an addict if I get any. He was a really crazy osteopath who would give me difficulty obtaining antibiotics for an ear infection. My latest main care doctor is very good and can prescribe me pain medication but I am looking for a far more long term resolution.

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Solution by Douglas B
Jessica, I hear you, I went close to for many years in pain and no one seemed to believe it was something big, but it could genuinely bring me down when I was behind closed doors. I had been to p.t., chiropractors and even did acupuncture, all with small or no support. Then I found out how to release the muscle tissue to get rid of pain. It is like some have discomfort locked into them and it stays there till it’s released. As soon as I released my back muscle tissue I went from seeing a chiropractor each other week just so I could maintain functioning to not seeing 1 for 17 months. It was a life saver, I now do much more than I ever did and without having pain. Here’s how I released the muscles in my back to get rid of that pain:
(do from a sitting position)
Place your left hand on your left leg up coming to your body. Location your right hand more than your left shoulder and locate the muscles up coming to your spine and firmly press on them and hold. Right after 30 seconds slowly lower your entire body forward and to the outside of your left leg, trying to keep your left arm relatively straight as you do. When you attain your lap stay there for yet another 10 seconds, release the stress but rest there for another 30 seconds. Then reverse your hand positions and do your correct side.
For finest results take it easy your physique first by taking a deep breath and exhaling. If you have any problems or questions drop a line, I will be glad to aid out if I can.

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