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Q&A: Doctors Please Response This Question and Give me Some Tips?

December 1st, 2013 4 comments

Query by Lindsay: Physicians Please Reply This Query and Give me Some Suggestions?

What are some signs that you have apendicitis(I know I spelled it wrong).
My side has been hurting alot latly.
Please give me some advice

Greatest response:

Solution by the crusader
The discomfort begins about the belly button and, soon after time, will radiate over to your lower right side. You will be in excruciating discomfort and you will be nuaseous and will probsbly be vomitting. If you think you are having a dilemma with your appendix, you need to have to have it checked out. You never want it to burst since that could be daily life threatening.

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Doctors and nurses please response?

October 18th, 2013 4 comments

Question by AJ: Medical professionals and nurses please answer?

ok, for the past 3 many years i have had heart “problems”. i’ve been to the hospital 3 occasions, and they’ve carried out x rays and ekg’s but mentioned that they all demonstrate up standard. they said i do have a slight abnormal heart beat, and that my left atrium ( i think thats what its called) had enlarged. but they explained they discovered no complications? although they said i should go see a professional, but my insurance ran out prior to i could. i am having these pains right now, they arent serious soreness, but more of discompfort and my left arm gets numb and heavy, but that all took place the three previous instances. so is there one thing wrong? i do suffer from anxiety, but they stated that probably isnt the issue b/c of what they identified on the ekg (the enlargement of the atrium) so please if you can give me any advice whatsoever i would really actually value it.
oh im 19 by the way, it commenced on and off considering that i was 16.
thank you alexandriagirl. i apprectiate the prayers 🙂

Ideal solution:

Reply by Alexandriagal
I am sorry that you aren’t feeling nicely, honey. Please go see a physician! That doesn’t sound excellent. Please get some aid for your pain and nervousness.

I pray you will get much better, but DO see a doctor.

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Dose anyone know anything about the response you get if you get the incorrect blood group?

March 29th, 2013 3 comments

Query by Hanna F: Dose anyone know something about the response you get if you get the incorrect blood group?

Ok, say you had been o- and you acciendly acquired A+ blood What would come about?

Very best answer:

Answer by mom_of_one
you die

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