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Q&A: Why do my reduce back and hip region ache constantly?

March 20th, 2013 Comments off

Query by Taylor: Why do my decrease back and hip area ache constantly?

I am a 14-15 12 months old female, and I have been going through ache in my reduced back/hip area. It is not an unbearable pain, but it is quite irritating and I would like to know what would lead to such a point. I was striving to find a purpose on the internet but I couldn’t discover something that would make sense. I had a shoulder problem from carrying a heavy backpack on it for as well prolonged, and my dad and mom mentioned the ache “traveled” but that isn’t going to make sense. It’s not cramps or something either, it really is a weird ache which is challenging to describe. It really is nearly as if I have bruised my total pelvis… but I did not. Could it be posture? Could it be something terrible? Do I need to have to go to the physician? What is incorrect with me?

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Answer by Marina del Rey
thanks for age and excellent details yes go to a re and get a mri thingie to verify issues out and yes backpack have been acknowledged to result in this Huggles

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for the duration of menstration, is it regular to have cramps other than in the uterus region?

February 11th, 2013 11 comments

Question by draecoiram: in the course of menstration, is it typical to have cramps other than in the uterus spot?

for example, (sorry, kinda gross!) i always get crampy bowels & get diarrhea, and my abs & back tend to cramp up occassionally. does this take place to any person else? is it standard, or does it level to some thing like endometriosis?

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Answer by kasey06
It is regular. It happens to me too. I think it occurs to most women. I wouldn’t be concerned about it. I guess its just yet another joy of becoming a females 🙂

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Discomfort, and slight discomfort in upper right abdomen area,with same in back region, and lower back?

November 22nd, 2011 4 comments

Question by alongfortheride: Discomfort, and slight pain in upper correct abdomen location,with same in back area, and decrease back?

Not too long ago with a substantial excess weight gain, heavy alcohol consumption, and poor diet regime, i have noticed not necesarily a “pain” but a discomfort in the upper correct abdomen place, and slighty in the surrounding location. Also have the very same, in the same area, but on the back, as if I pulled a muscle in my back. It only really hurts when pressure is applied to the certiain location. I have felt no naseua, and have not noticed any big difference in urine or stool. Any suggestions? And any guidance to what I can do?

Finest answer:

Answer by milissa
How extended has it been going on? Drink plenty of water and eat reasonable healthful and if it does not get far better go to the doctor it could be a ton issues, but since you do not have any other signs it is difficult to diagnose.

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