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Q&A: Is a infant supposed to spit up a great deal to have acid reflux?

March 10th, 2014 5 comments

Question by cLaU: Is a child supposed to spit up a great deal to have acid reflux?

Properly my baby has all reflux signs and symptoms except the frequent spit up. She only spits up after in a even though. It can be every day but just a tiny amount. But it isn’t going to often happen. So could she have reflux or could it be one thing else?

Ideal solution:

Reply by blessed88
My 4 month old nephew has had the identical issue since he was a newborn(reflux). The medical professional prescribed him some medication and it helps.

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I hold feeling hungry. Is it due to my acid reflux?

January 5th, 2014 Comments off

Question by Ryuu: I keep feeling hungry. Is it due to my acid reflux?

I’m 18 years previous and I have acid reflux, small hernia and gastritis.I believe mine is continual… I never know. Recently I typically feeling hungry. It feels my stomach is empty though I already ate. Is it due to the fact I maintain my hunger for as well lengthy? I am a college pupil and typically miss breakfast due to the fact my house is far from college and it truly is challenging for me to wake up early. I will only start to consume in the course of lunch at 12 pm. I’m quite concern. I have acquired fat since then.. πŸ™ How do I steer clear of this? Any wellness ideas would be appreciated.

Also, I have doubts above my medication. My medical professional gave me 2 boxes of omesic 20mg to be consumed every month. Do I have to take it constantly without having stopping? It looks a whole lot.

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Reply by Diego
There known as ‘ hunger pains “. The place the inflamation confuses your brain that your hungry, I had it to! I had gastritis, and reflux. I went above a 12 months in hell with no aid, until finally I located cabbage. Plain previous green cabbage. The remedy is one cup cabbage/1cup water. In the blender right up until it looks like smooth green water. Hold your breath, and chug it down. Do this four instances a day. Do this every day right up until symptoms are gone, which is usually 2 weeks. But reflux will be gone that day! good luck! πŸ˜€

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Will dropping 50 lbs help my acid reflux?

October 3rd, 2013 2 comments

Query by Alex Forrester: Will dropping 50 lbs help my acid reflux?

I can barely eat anything at all at evening without it coming back up when I go to rest. Sometimes I truly feel like I am going to die from all the acid…I am sick of residing like this. I consider nexium and all it would seem to aid now is heart burn……my acid reflux is out of handle! please help!

Very best solution:

Solution by island.lizard
The acid reflux has nothing at all to do with your currently being a unwanted fat, stupid slob who realizes you get heartburn from eating and evening and is not smart ample to comprehend you should not eat LATE IN THE DAY.. say right after five PM.

This is about a dumb as the patient who goes to the medical doctor and tells him his head hurts when he bangs it towards the wall and needs to know how to end the hurting.

Getting STUPID can result in you health problems

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I feel i have “ACID REFLUX” How to Cure This?

May 25th, 2013 Comments off

Query by SADEYES: I truly feel i have “ACID REFLUX” How to Remedy This?

i truly feel i’m obtaining a little “chest ache” or ( my heart hurts a tiny bit ) and i come to feel theres one thing in my throat….

my brother informed me that this is “acid reflux” since everytime i finish consuming , i often sleep……

how can i cure my acid reflux??? i dont wnat to go to a doctor since im critically afraid to doctors lol.

Ideal response:

Answer by redblack
I as well have acid reflux along with a hiatal hernia. I know that you do not want to go to the medical doctor, but I highly recommend that you do. Sometimes acid reflux can be a sign of far more severe health issues. And, often a heart attack can mimic the very same signs and symptoms as a hiatal hernia or acid refluc. Also, there is a possibility that your esophagus could want stretched.

Mine began out with coughing when I ate. It appeared like I was allergic to whatever I was consuming and I would actually cough until finally I would throw up. I also felt like there was anything “caught” in my throat or esophagus, like a piece of bread. I would also get a nausiating feeling when I ate, and then of program that would be followed by the acid. I commenced taking Tums ahead of bedtime which worked for awhile. I also propped the bottom of my bed up by about 4 inches so that I was not lying flat. When these things failed to perform I went to my medical professional who had me see a Gastroenterologist. He discovered that I do have a hiatal hernia and thank goodness, practically nothing a lot more. he prescribed Nexium for me. It has made such a variation! No more signs and symptoms…AT ALL! I take it initial thing in the am with a glass of water.

Now, given that I know you don’t like to go to doctors, even though I extremely advocate that you do to get a proper diagnosis…..You can try numerous thingssuch as steering clear of spicy foods and citrus fruits. Spaghetti sauce was one of the worst for me. Also, when you truly feel an, “assault” coming on, drink a massive glass of water speedily. Milk can make it worse! Also, stay away from consuming numerous hours just before bed. Prop the bed up at least four” so that your head is elevated which will aid to remove the acids from coming up your throat. And, since you never want to go to the medical professional…you can try over-the-counter antacid medicines. They come in all diverse price tag ranges, and so forth…You may have to try many to uncover out which one particular performs best for you. I personally liked Prevacid 24 hour. It worked the very best for me.
Make positive you observe for indicators that you could be allergic to whichever medication you make a decision to consider. I had an allergic reaction with one particular brand which I developed a rash and light-headedness.

I hope this aided. I still recommed going to a medical professional however. πŸ™‚

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Actual heart pains induced by acid reflux? Are medical doctors scamming individuals?

April 18th, 2013 6 comments

Query by Memetics: Real heart pains triggered by acid reflux? Are physicians scamming individuals?

I went in the emergency area right now due to the fact I have been obtaining chest pains for the last three days.

Soon after tests had been accomplished I was told its just acid reflux, but I hardly ever get heartburn.

Nonetheless, following a fatty meal I do get sharp stabbing pains in my heart (left side of chest).

How can a physician equivicate heartburn, which is a burning sensation, with sharp stabbing pains like heart attack signs. My left arm has been hurting also.

All this and Im only 21.
Whats weird is that it has lasted for 3 days. How can acid reflux be leading to continual discomfort for 3 days when I have no signs and symptoms of normal heartburn (i.e. burning sensation)?

They did blood exams, the Electrocardiogram, they did chest xray, and ultrasound on my gallbladder and liver. But they did not locate anything at all abnormal.

The ache even now persists, when I get a deep breath I get a sharp stabbing discomfort in my heart. Its as although I have a clogged artery and when my lungs increase with air it puts better strain on my heart area causing the discomfort in the heart. Thanks for the help so far, these answers have been valuable.

Best solution:

Solution by firemedicgm
Acid reflux or other digestive problems can mimic cardiac chest soreness. There are a lot more conclusive methods to establish if your soreness is cardiac in nature.

Initial of all, did the physician give you a nitroglycerin tablet in the ER? If he did, did it help? If the pain is resolved with nitro, that’s a great indication that it may possibly be cardiac.

Second, did he do an EKG? This would indicate any feasible cardiac occasions. If absolutely nothing showed up on the EKG, then issues are pointing much more toward a gastrointestinal issue.

Third, did they draw blood samples? The lab can verify different enzymes in the blood (troponin I & CKMB) that turn into elevated following injury to the heart. If these enzymes are not elevated, then there apparently wasn’t an occasion that triggered any damage to the heart.

Fourth, did they give you a “GI Cocktail” (at times named a “green lady”) to drink? If so, did it resolve the ache? This drink is produced of an anesthetic agent, and antispasmodic, and an acid neutralizer. If you get relief from this drink, which is a genuinely excellent indication that it was heartburn.

Let me know what you uncover out.

P.S. – Just re-go through your publish. You describe the soreness as “sharp, stabbing soreness”. That’s not typical of a cardiac issue. Of course, there are no one hundred%’s in medicine, but normally, cardiac chest discomfort feels more boring, or probably not even agonizing, but rather “stress”.

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