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How do you really feel about this John Lennon quote?

September 5th, 2013 1 comment

Question by Jesse: How do you come to feel about this John Lennon quote?

In the song, “God” by John Lennon, he says, “God is a notion by which we measure our soreness.” How do you truly feel about that lyric? Do you consider John has a level?

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Reply by KLN
Your teacher desires to know what YOU feel, not what I feel. Do not be afraid to response.

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What was your favored Booker T quote from Smackdown tonight,Quotes Inside?

March 3rd, 2012 7 comments

Question by : What was your preferred Booker T quote from Smackdown tonight,Quotes Within?

“He had Michael Cole in a sharpshooter squealing like a girl.”

“You fine,you fine Cole?”


“Oh,wait a minute that’s my boy D-Bryan,nearly got him.”

“My boy D-Bryan just leveled Christian.”

“The professor just dropped that boy D-Bryan to the floor.”

“So let me tell you D-Bryan greater watch his back.”

“You know Christian might’ve pulled manipulated himself by acquiring into that cage match”

“C’mon guys we gota hell of a match.Chill!”

“Christian is the ultimate professor in the ring,view your self D-Bryan”

“What I like is D-Bryan going up leading”

“D-Bryan can move when when he going downhill”

“Imma inform you,Christian is out”

“You know Wade Barrett really has a point.I kinda agreee with him.”

“He should’ve been listening to Sin Cara”

“Guy,Sin Cara straight molly-whooped him”

“What about me,you could be me in a videogame”

“Put that boy Heath Slater down”

“Randy Orton is that counter,kind of speak”

“Ted Dibiase is what I call a lost soul”

“You know,I think Cody Rhodes understands how to use Ted Dibiase”

“Properly he get to that spot in his career.I do not feel so”

“Randy Orton is the best possibly the greatest I’ve ever noticed”

“Cody Rhodes is ugly.Cole:Okay,Booker you happen to be a prize”

“Anything can come about in the middle of the ring”

“Wait a minute,Randy’s about to do it.Wow,oh my goodness.”

“See that is what I’m talkng about right there”

“I do not know if that is challenging really like or what”

“Ted better money it in and cash it in tonight”

“You know,I feel Randy in fact likes to really feel the ache”

“Cole:The far more better.Booker:Yeah yeah you know the reality that Randy’s a 2nd generation superstar helps make it the more far better”

“Randy is hearing voices now”

“Let me inform you Ted”

“Ted’s looking far better than ever just before here on Smackdown”

“You know what I like is Cody Rhodes not getting involved letting it all play out”

“He threw down with the Globe Heavyweight Champion,it was gorgeous”

“Appropriate right here,Randy says,’Can I have the final dance for the 1,two,3 now can you dig it?”

“It is my point,I’m really agreeing with you”

“Send a household back in poverty,I imply c’mon what is that?That is why I don’t like Jinder Mahal”

“That’s ridiculous man”

“I like to contact Tamina the Warrior Princess.She’s smart and gorgeous.”

“Wow people are huge words proper there”

“I’ve offered her (Kelly Kelly) a number of pointers”

“Why are you searching at me like that,Cole?”

“That’s like Wilt Chamberlain laying down these poits from a female perspective”

“She got 69 rebounds”

“Alright a Dennis Rodman persective”

“Let me inform you what that is that is ego.Absolutely everyone has a single.”

“He’s got all the cash I don’t like guys like that”

“But Zeke has a lot of strength,he’s been in the gym a lengthy time”

“He’s sucking it up,is he gonna suck it up or quit”

“This will tell me a lot about him”

“Wait a minute,Wait a minute.Massive Zeke making an attempt to come out of this”

“Let me tell you man.All legs thats a lot of squats”

“Let me inform some thing.These are two men and I pressure that two males going one-on-one and I can’t just hand the bell to ring”

“It only take like this a second”

“What that is is fantastic method to maintain Mark Henry on his back”

“Did you see that right there let me enlighten you on something”

“So Mark Henry stay out the way if you know what I’m speaking about”

“Mark Henry is just squeezing the lifestyle out of him.Wait a minute Sheamus us making an attempt to use brute force not a good idea”

“Right now these guys are beating the hell out of every single other I am just sitting right here watching it”

“A check of feet I mean that was huge”

“That is what I’m talking about correct right here”

“Mark Henry is down for the count proper now”

“Someone is gonna get hurt tonight”

“Not yet again”

“That’s gonna be internal injuries right there bro”

“Mark Henry is like a snowball going downhill,it gets larger and bigger and greater”

What was your favored Booker T quote from Smackdown tonight?

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Solution by Bizzle
the mark henry snowball one

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