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Q&A: Doctors Please Response This Question and Give me Some Tips?

December 1st, 2013 4 comments

Query by Lindsay: Physicians Please Reply This Query and Give me Some Suggestions?

What are some signs that you have apendicitis(I know I spelled it wrong).
My side has been hurting alot latly.
Please give me some advice

Greatest response:

Solution by the crusader
The discomfort begins about the belly button and, soon after time, will radiate over to your lower right side. You will be in excruciating discomfort and you will be nuaseous and will probsbly be vomitting. If you think you are having a dilemma with your appendix, you need to have to have it checked out. You never want it to burst since that could be daily life threatening.

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Just a question involving common sense?

October 14th, 2013 4 comments

Query by Junior: Just a query involving widespread sense?

is it attainable to be in a depression for so long you feel numb and no longer observe it.
come to feel totally free to make unesesary feedback.

Ideal response:

Reply by Dreamer
I think that is a symptom of depression. It’s your decision what you want to do about it. I felt like that right up until I stopped caring about what other individuals thought about me and did what created me content. I will not know you or your situation but daily life is only what you make it. It’s a difficult struggle but I guarantee you that if you at least try to see the great… then you will comprehend that daily life has some good to offer you 🙂

good luck

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Question about odd soreness that I’ve had for Years.?

August 7th, 2012 Comments off

Query by : Query about odd ache that I’ve had for Years.?

It commenced when I was 9… I would get Quite sharp pains in my arms and legs. Only 1 at a time. It would only final possibly five minutes AT THE MOST but even though this sharp throbbing ache was occurring I was unable to use no matter what component of my physique it hit. I’ve fallen a lot of times from it quickly happening in a leg or a thing. Back then, I asked a doctor and they explained it was “expanding pains”. I am now 24 years old… it does not happen in my arms or legs as a lot anymore.. usually my head. Only in one spot. It variety of feels like somebody is beating me in the head with a hammer. Sharp throbbing pain with dull pain in between the sharp pains. It brings about my vision to blur and I can not truly do anything at all until it goes away.. generally the exact same quantity of time… 5 minutes at the most. It occurs possibly three occasions a month… often I can go for a month or two without having it taking place.

What on earth could this be?
Oh and when it transpires in my arms or legs… it truly is like they go numb.. I cannot feel them and I can not use them but I can truly feel the sharp, throbbing ache. And it really is typically concentrated in one spot on my arm or leg… And it never ever transpires in far more than a single spot at a time.. like if it really is my left arm, it is only in my left arm, or appropriate leg. When it transpires in my head, it can take place anywhere on my head but it always concentrated to one particular quarter sized spot. The most common spot on my head is the proper side in direction of the front.

Finest answer:

Reply by Tasha
You need to have to go get a CT scan or MRI of your skull and neck for a start. All these pains could be induced by pinched nerves, or some other neurological situation, which it is extremely hard to speculate about on here. If the scans are damaging, inquire for a total body bone/neurological scan to have a look & see if that displays anything at all. U could even have little blood clots, or have had what are called TIA’s (a series of mini-strokes in excess of a period of time) causing these troubles.
It would also be worthwhile having baseline bloods done to examine for diabetes, CBC, any thyroid condition, liver function exams, cardiac enzymes & have all ur female hormones examined. Also get ur blood pressure checked, have an ECG accomplished too. Get an echocardiogram to examine your heart for any defects also.
If ur on the oral contraceptive pill, I would recommend strongly you cease it quickly if u have throbbing headaches/pains in the head, legs, chest or arms.
And I would see your major care Dr ASAP.

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Question about back discomfort?

July 10th, 2012 Comments off

Query by : Question about back ache?

What are some great everyday stretches/exercises for you back? To hold it wholesome and avoid slipped disks, discomfort, and other difficulties later in daily life?

I do a stretch virtually each and every morning exactly where I essentially touch my toes and bend my head down so that the stretching is targeted on my lower back region. It has a “great kind of soreness” to it occasionally, and feels wonderful afterwards. Often, I also do trunk twists that crack my back. Are these two exercise routines secure to do? I ask since the past two days I’ve had a (extremely) dull reduced back ache, and I’m asking yourself if it is due to the fact of those exercises.

Oh, and I’ve been undertaking this routine for a couple months.

Finest solution:

Solution by Jan
discomfort or any sort of back pain requirements to be noticed by a medical doctor, the dilemma with back soreness is there can be a lot of leads to from muscle cramping, standard discomfort or full blown denerative disc condition. This is why seeing your medical professional is crucial. If you happen to be over 40 many years old possibly degenerative disc condition may be the concern.

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Please support? geico settlement question, rear-ended and injured at other party’s fault.?

May 21st, 2012 2 comments

Query by Dazed: Please aid? geico settlement question, rear-ended and injured at other party’s fault.?

hi everyone,

i had no notion geico even supplied settlements, thats how ignorant i am when it comes to this stuff bc i in no way get into accidents. anyway, i was rearended challenging final week and have been feeling ache in my upper back and neck….it could potentially be whiplash but i havent gone to the medical professional yet bc i lately lost my wellbeing insurance coverage and didnt want to shell out for a examine up.

anyhow, geico previously supplied to cover the examine up etc and remarkably they supplied me a settlement for “my troubles and for missing 1 day of work due to ache”….that settlement is $ 300. is this great or negative? consider it or leave it? any strings attached?

alsooo a very good good friend of mine is tellling me i must have gotten a more substantial settlement and must even get a lawyer involved in case my injury is a lot more dire than it would seem now. he mentioned geico is takin the cheap way out, but it just sounds ludicrous to me to employ a lawyer and fo via all this.

anyway, id enjoy ANY insight at all, anythingwould support.

thanks a great deal!

Very best solution:

Solution by evaohell
You ought to listen to your friend. Certainly you have no thought what you are undertaking…

$ 300 vs probably thousands of dollars in health-related fees? Is Geico your business or the other driver’s?

Let’s say you take the $ 300…a month from now you discover you can’t rest from the pain in your neck. You ultimately kind of sensible up and go to the medical professional and you find out you have whiplash and you want to go to remedy to ease the pain. Your final medical bill is now $ 4000. What do you do? You cannot go to Geico since you took the $ 300.

If Geico is your insurance coverage you require to converse with them about them having to pay for the test up but not accepting the $ 300…I’d inform them that you will consider the free of charge test up but you will not accept $ 300 or any settlement right up until Following the check up.

If Geico is the other person’s Insurance, exactly where is yours? If you don’t have ins, get a lawyer…If you do not have funds, look for Legal Assist in you location. Legal Help supplies you with a totally free service. Most of the time it really is a rookie lawyer in a firm hunting for experience and so they take tiny instances. Even if you do go to a law firm and not legal assist, most lawyers will function until you get a settlement and take their charge from that…I assume that is pro bono or something like that. So it is in their finest interest to get you the highest settlement attainable.

For instance, if your lawyer gets you $ 3000, you get $ 1000 or much less, the attorney gets $ 1000 and the rest is health-related. Most likely you will get the significantly less percentage. So yet again, it really is in the lawyer’s greatest interest to get you the most cash..

A single a lot more thing, if Geico is your insurance, I strongly recommend you seem for a greater organization. Yes you may well pay out much more, but my god, $ 300!!! I go with State Farm and they would never ever supply me some low cost settlement like that!

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Q&A: I am asking this is Mens health cuz its a question for u guys!?

April 5th, 2012 8 comments

Query by Joey: I am asking this is Mens well being cuz its a query for u guys!?

My g/f asked this query:
I am 16, I am not sexually energetic. i excersize every day, and consume healthy.I have been acquiring extreme ache w/ my time period. I have had it for like two yrs. Each and every time I get it, I get sick, feel like I am gonna puke unbarable back discomfort, “curl up in a ball” abdomen pain. Every time I get it I am out of school for the total thing and am in bed unable to maintain anything at all- the only point that doesnt make me puke is water. The pain meds the doc gave me r not functioning, and the past two-three occasions I have had my period, I passed out a couple of occasions from the discomfort. Any suggestions will aid!

OKAY I want to know how I can comfort her during her time period? How can I make her feel much better? Any guy w/ a g/f if u know pls give me advice on how to comfort her!

Greatest solution:

Answer by pelos
DUDE your a weirdo, allow nature consider its corse

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