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I have been obtaining horrible stomach pains soon after eating protein. What could it be from?

August 22nd, 2013 1 comment

Question by Hayley P: I have been receiving horrible abdomen pains following eating protein. What could it be from?

Lately, I have been receiving horrible stomach aches minutes following eating proteins, this kind of as eggs and meat. It isn’t going to appear to come about following chicken. I am also 26 weeks pregnant and this did not occur to me prior to. Nonetheless, before I was pregnant, dairy items utilised to bother my stomach and now I can consume all the cheese I want and I am flawlessly fine.
Tofu and soy goods also lead to me to feel sick to my stomach. But nuts and nut butters are fine.

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Reply by Evil Angel
go vegetarian, our bodys are not ment to consume meat. Consider other sources of protien such as nuts, tofu, and soy.

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I have chronic muscle discomfort.. is this anyhow connected to protein displaying up in my urine?

November 17th, 2011 1 comment

Query by Peter Griffin: I have persistent muscle pain.. is this anyhow associated to protein showing up in my urine?

I was in a automobile accident a year and a half ago. Considering that then it has been a Lengthy and painful journey. I have been officially diagnosed with “persistent muscle discomfort”. It took me a even though to don’t forget this but when I had gone for a verify-up a whilst back the medical professional had told me that I had protein in my urine. Then I believed- wait a min, is not protein suppose to assist your muscles recover! So my question is do you believe that perhaps all this persistent discomfort could also be induced by protein in my urine? I am to the point in which I am prepared to try Anything at all to get far better- anything. I just want my lifestyle back 🙁

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Answer by Waytootiny
Protine in your urine will not assist your muscles and I have never ever heard if it creating persistent muscle pain. Substantial purine levels in the urine can also trigger extreme joint discomfort and gout.

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