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Getting ache in my proper kidney?

December 15th, 2013 3 comments

Question by Man U: Possessing ache in my correct kidney?

I’m having sharp ache in my correct kidney. Its been like this for a day. My dad says i could have slept on my side and that’s why it hurts, but i consider its possibly its from lifting also several weights. It hurts largely when i stretch or consider to perform sports.

Ideal answer:

Reply by ELxbby
go to the medical professionals

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Q&A: discomfort & “bubbly” feeling & cramping underneath proper ribcage?

March 25th, 2012 Comments off

Query by : pain & “bubbly” feeling & cramping under right ribcage?

For the final 3 months or so, Off & on, I have been having discomfort in my upper appropriate quad appropriate under my ribcage & cramping in my upper abdomen. The cramping is so poor at occasions, that I cant even stand up straight with no it doubling me over. The discomfort sometime would seem to radiate to my shoulder. In the final week or so, I have been feeling a gurgling bubbly feeling in the identical spot. Has anybody ever had anything like this? Anyone have any tips what it might be? I went to the ER last week because the pain got sooo unbearable but they genuinely didn’t have any answers, all they did was an xray & blood operate. They informed me they thought I was constipated & gave me some mag citrate to drink & the complete following day, I didnt get far from the toilet & was going pretty much all day. But if that was the problem, would it be back already so soon?? Thanks for the aid!

Best answer:

Reply by Massive Deal Maker
See your Medical doctor in the morning. Sounds like it could be serious. Be confident to drink plenty of water.

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My boyfriend (21 yrs old) is experiencing sunburn like sensations on the upper proper side of his back?

January 7th, 2012 1 comment

Question by Coadster: My boyfriend (21 yrs old) is encountering sunburn like sensations on the upper proper side of his back?

He has been feeling actually crappy lately, possibly has a flu, but he’s also encountering sunburn like sensation on the correct side of his back and on his armpit, mostly his upper correct side. I also cannot touch him simply because it hurts. Does any person know what this could be? I’ve googled it and identified “hot flashes” and “post surgical treatment discomfort”. Effectively he’s deffinately not having hot flashes lol, and he hasnt had any surgical treatment.

Totally confused.
No rash or redness. Skin appears fully regular.

He in no way had chickenpox as a kid.
Quite certain it isn’t shingles since he by no means had chickenpox as a little one, therfore it could not lie dormant for years and reemerge as this kind of. Also there is no redness and no blister like bumps present.

He has been suffering for about three days now.

Finest answer:

Answer by StephyBaby
Is it red and warm to the touch? It could be cellulitis. Cellulitis generally takes place on the legs and face but can happen anywhere on the body particularly if he had a reduce or scratch there and bacteria got into. If he’s sick his immunity is lowered and he could get an infection easier. He really should just go see his physician! It could just be rash or something. A doctor can diagnose him properly.

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Red spot/ring on inner portion of proper eye cornea? Came back soon after “remedy”?

November 21st, 2011 1 comment

Query by bennyboytx: Red spot/ring on inner portion of right eye cornea? Came back after “treatment”?

I had a couple weekend nights in which i was essential to be up late and had my contacts in way as well long. This was a month ago. A week after those nights, my appropriate eye was constantly feeling irritated and stratchy/itchy when i had my contacts in. If i wore them for as well prolonged, a red spot/ring would kind on what i feel is the side of my cornea closer to my nose. Soon after wearing contacts that week, the pain was unbearable and had to see a doctor. He told me i had some infiltrates and to cease wearing contacts for the next 3 weeks. Over that 3 weeks, I took lotemax, a distilled steroid eye drop, 3 occasions a day. Came back, he mentioned infiltrates were gone, and all i had was some dry eyes ( which he gave me some eye drops for) and sent me on my way.

These days! I place in a new pair of contacts, they felt fine. Around three o’clock my contacts started out feeling itchy/dry and just not comfy anymore. Came residence at 5 and took them out. My left eye feels fine, but the right eye exhibits a lot of indicators of irritation nevertheless. There was a redish ring close to the inner side of my correct cornea, along with a tiny red blotch branching off that semi-ring. The inner portion of the eye feels dry, raw, and puffy, and alot of other emotions i cannot describe. Point is it really is nonetheless uncomfortable. Whatever I had prior to is back, and I believe i was misdiagnosed. What do you believe it is?
I use Acuvue Oasys contacts and have been for the previous 5 many years. No issues ever. I purchased this 8-pack online from coastal contacts. Not confident if that is a feasible issue to blame (negative producer batch/source?)

Best solution:

Answer by David E
It is likely that you need to have to adjust manufacturers of contacts. You possibly even want to quit wearing silicon hydrogel lenses. I know we usually inform patients about how they are state of the art and give your eyes a lot more oxygen. They also cause signs and symptoms like yours in some individuals.

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Discomfort in proper testicle?

October 8th, 2011 1 comment

Query by Mike: Discomfort in correct testicle?

I’m 14 years old, and for the last 4 days or so, I’ve had a discomfort in my correct testicle. I’ve been doing studying all more than the internet to attempt and figure out what it might be.

I looked at testicular torsion 1st, because it seemed the most dangerous. But by all accounts, this was a “serious, sudden discomfort” and it had a 6 hour window just before the testicle “died”. My pain is not sudden nor severe, and I am pondering that my testicle would have “died” already if it was testicular torsion.

Then I looked at epididymitis, and the most typical lead to was an infection. No way I could’ve gotten a STD simply because I’m a virgin, and I have not had any viral infections like the mumps that could’ve spread to the testicles. I am fairly certain I don’t have a urinary tract infection.

Also checked out “blue balls”, specially considering that I was camping for a week and hadn’t masturbated there. But I learned that this discomfort only lasted about an hour and soon went away. Nonetheless, I masturbated last evening and this morning I felt slightly greater, but it got worse as I moved about once again.

The discomfort is in the back of the testicle, and absolutely on whatever connects the testicle and the sperm, i think it is named the epididymis. At very first it was on and off, had it the initial day and did not get it yet again until the subsequent night, but then i had it more regularly on the 3rd day, and all day the 4th day. I’m entering my 5th day now . The discomfort has began to radiate into my reduce abdomen…

any help would be considerably appreciated! 🙂

Ideal answer:

Answer by Dr. Kyron MD
You can’t get an answer to this query in a forum on the internet. You need to have to see a medical professional and have a physical check up correct away. Do not try to play about with health-related issues – it requires several many years to find out the fundamentals and a lot of far more many years to get it into practice. Let a expert assist you.

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