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Igor S asked:

Body pain is a condition experienced by most individuals once in a while. Pain management clinics help in providing total relief from pain. At Brooklyn, in New York there are a number of pain management clinics providing value added services to a wide range of patients.

Acute pain usually occurs due to physical injuries and this can be cured by proper diagnosis and treatment, whereas for chronic pain diagnosis and treatment are difficult. Pain management clinics in Brooklyn, NY utilize pharmacologic, non-pharmacologic and psychological measures to relieve acute and chronic pain. These pain management clinics have medical practitioners such as anesthesiologists, neurologists, and psychiatrists for providing effective pain management. Some practitioners concentrate on pharmacologic treatment, some others focus on interventional procedures such as steroid injections, neurolytic blocks, spinal cord stimulators, facet joint injections, and intrathecal drug delivery system implants. Physiotherapists, clinical psychologists, occupational therapists and chiropractors offer their services in advanced pain management clinics in Brooklyn.

Dentists for treating facial pain and specialists to help in improving relaxation are also part of pain management clinics. These practitioners coordinate to provide proper pain management. Anti-inflammatory drugs are delivered orally to relieve the pain. Some drugs are delivered transdermally, rectally or as injections. Neuro stimulation and electrical stimulation facilities are available in pain management clinics to reduce the sensation of pain. Other sophisticated devices for relieving pain are also available in these pain management clinics in Brooklyn, NY.

Physiotherapists administer appropriate exercise techniques to patients that help in controlling body movement and restoring the functions of muscles and joints. Pain management programmes in these clinics which last for 2 to 4 weeks help patients recover their overall health. Surgeries are provided for correcting the underlying problems that are causing the painful condition. Some pain management clinics in Brooklyn also make available alternative therapies which include Chinese healing methods like acupuncture.

If you are one suffering from acute or chronic pain, avail yourself of the service of a pain management clinic in Brooklyn and lead a happy and pain free life.


Lower Back Massage Therapy

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Blaise Breton asked:

Upper back pain, though the pattern it strikes is less frequent than lower back pain, can also intervene in our normal activities. The pain can be so excruciating that it can force a patient to stay in bed for a few number of days or even months. Thus, upper back pain like lower back pain should deserve proper diagnosis and treatment. 

Upper back pain is also widely known as middle back pain since the affected area is below the neck and just above the lumbar spine. Muscle strain, injury, and poor posture are among the most common causes of upper back pain. These identified causes can be prevented and can be responded to if early diagnosis and immediate upper back treatment are taken cared of. But, of course, some upper back complaints may be caused by more  serious conditions such as degeneration and herniation (bulging out) of your intervertebral discs, which calls for urgent attention because it could lead to impingement of the spinal nerves that could eventually lead to serious trouble.

Simple upper back pain treatment include massage therapy, physical therapy, acupuncture, application of topical creams and ointments, exercise, or just by improvement of one’s posture. Before, cases of upper back pains triggered by pathological conditions were subjected to invasive surgical methods. However, science has brought in a new technology making possible to treat upper back pain without resorting to surgery.

Non-surgical spinal decompression as upper back treatment has gained some ground because the procedure is safe, non-invasive, and convenient. The methodology entails a gradual therapeutic elongation of the spine to release pressure on the compressed vertebral bones and discs. The procedure is very simple. The patient lies on the spinal decompression table and allows the machine to apply decompression forces. When patient feels uncomfortable, he or she may opt to stop the process through a safety switch attached to the table. 

Since the causes of upper back pain vary, it pays to identify correctly the specific target areas for treatment application. Back pain recovery with the help of a medical doctor depends highly on how the process of evaluation, diagnosis and treatment is undertaken.