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Hello i was wondering for the previous yr or so i have been acquiring sharp pains at the extremely top of my head?

February 27th, 2014 Comments off

Question by kim: Hello i was wondering for the previous year or so i have been receiving sharp pains at the quite prime of my head?

Generally its only when my heart starts to race I get them mainly when I am asleep often it wakes me up out of my rest but the ache only final for a number of seconds but now its starting to last longer I would just like a bit of a insight on what it might be , thank you

Ideal reply:

Answer by Nicky
I would go and talk about this with your medical doctor. There are numerous causes why this kind of signs happen. I am tempted to suggest that a good deal of this may be in your mind since you are now expecting this kind of discomfort. You indicate that these “pains” are right after dreams. How do you truly know you have this kind of pains when you are asleep?

Yes, go and see the Doc and discuss this. Meanwhile, I would recommend rest treatment. A racing heart suggests anxiety anyway, and fear is enough to give any individual a headache (and a racing heart also!)

Hopefully, someone much better informed on this can supply a much better reply. Meanwhile, end worrying, do deep breathing and chill!

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Inner ear soreness when I swallow. been sick for previous handful of days, with cold/flu like symptoms. had sore thoat ahead of

February 8th, 2014 3 comments

Query by Taylor M: Inner ear ache when I swallow. been sick for previous handful of days, with cold/flu like signs and symptoms. had sore thoat prior to

I will not know what could be leading to this pain…its kinda sharp when I swallow, I had the flu/cold like symptoms for three days before, exactly where I also had entire body aches and sinus headache, but those are gone now… I’m currous about what this inner ear pain is?
I’ve already have had my wisdom teeth tooken out…

Greatest solution:

Response by U dont want two know
It genuinely sounds like sinusitis, it implies irritation of the sinuses. This can result in earaches also. Go to the dr. it may be something contagious

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I think my eight mth previous son is not feeling very good??

November 23rd, 2013 2 comments

Query by Nicole C: I feel my eight mth outdated son is not feeling great??

My eight mth previous son has been sleeping alot lately and earlier he was coughing and threw up all above his father . I am not certain if the sleeping is from him teething or not feeling excellent and if the throwing up is from coughing or being sick…Support!! I never want to fret!

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Answer by Ava
It could be a minor cold. Children will get sluggish when they dont really feel nicely. Consider him to the ped and he must be fine.

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Why does my 2 month previous puppy cry so a lot?

August 13th, 2013 4 comments

Question by Stefunny: Why does my two month outdated puppy cry so significantly?

I’ve had him about a month now so I don’t think it is trigger he misses his mom. He is not hungry. He does not require to go outside. He cries when he tries to get comfortable. He’ll cry when he’s enjoying. Or even just laying down. Is anything wrong with him?

Greatest solution:

Answer by Mrs. N.
He is a infant he is going to cry just give the pup plenty of adore and it need to fade in time! Very good luck!

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How do i diciplin my two and one/two month previous peachface lovebird?

June 24th, 2013 5 comments

Question by p0kka dotz: How do i diciplin my 2 and one/two month previous peachface lovebird?

I have a child lovebird, I have had it for a week, and I take it out daily, its still fairly frightened, and bites me occasionally when it is cornered…how can I diciplin it to tell it its NOT okay to bite?

Very best answer:

Response by A no person from Oklahoma
Tap it gently on it is beak.

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Q&A: My Recruiter told me to Lie about Previous Medical History at MEPS?

October 9th, 2011 7 comments

Question by Daniel: My Recruiter informed me to Lie about Previous Medical History at MEPS?

I hate my self for becoming a undesirable liar – I am enlisting in the Air National Guards and I just got booted off MEPS at the health-related verify-in when I was told to read off the list of conditions that I utilized to have on this sign on the desk and read off the circumstances that I had even although I place no on my paperwork. My recruiter told me to say “no no no..and no” to every single condition that the MEPS will attempt to get me booted out of the MEPS. For the paperwork I currently put no to every condition that I had in the past. Among the items that I lied about THAT ARE ON MY Medical RECORD are: Mild Head Injuries, Observed a psychiatrist, Broken middle finger lol (had limited movement to hairline fracture,) medicines, contact lenses, Anemia(on my records from yet another country maybe,) wet my bed Once because age of 12.

Of course some of them, and alot of them are in my opinion frankly quite minor or arguable and, also excluing the ridiculous ones like “have used but not anymore get in touch with lenses” or “back discomfort” or “foot discomfort” But my Most significant concern is about my mental wellbeing history. I had a minor court situation when I was charged with disorderly conduct and some concerns in my family members that I was ordered to see a pyschiatrist and was diagnosed with OCD, and “maybe” mild depression. I have went via 3 psychiatrists in the previous (excluding my school psychologist) and I in no way had a “resolved situation” with any of them b/c my parents would pull me on and off them and they’d dismiss me b/c of my mothers and fathers “uncooperation” or what ever. I was on Medication (antidepressants) for about three many years for OCD. I am off it now. However, when I was 16 or 17 currently being the hypochondriac that I was I saw my last shrink and I was obtaining panic attacks from marijuana, and I believed I was going crazy and had depersonalization. My shrink urged me that I’m fine and it really is just my anxiousness, and that I’m not going crazy and that pot is not going to make me go crazy. But I insisted that I’m truly worried that I may possibly go schizophrenic and I wouldn’t even be in a position to inform. SO, he prescribed me this supposedly genuinely sturdy medicine that my mother confiscated from me and I am guessing it could be an antipsychotic or one thing. But shortly after I quit seeing this psychiatrist of mine. I still do not know what that medicine is and I am afraid that it’ll disqualify me for great if I informed the truth and released my record to the MEPS. I am also afraid that it will stop me from getting secret or prime secret clearance, and if I lie they will locate out and discharge me. The thing is I was out of whack since of I was having some difficult times with my family members, my parents are acquiring divorced and consistently fighting, but I am able to pull via the tough many years and really make it to college, my ASVAB score is 95, with one thing as disqualifying as been prescribed antipsychotic (by no means took it, and two years later I guess I’m still regular adequate to be in college and writing this.), do you believe I can make my situation that I can nevertheless serve in the guards? Can it be fixed with some variety of waiver?

Please feel cost-free to answer even if it is just your viewpoint. What are you experiences at MEPS, do you know anyone with my circumstances or worse capable to get in, if so were they able to Keep in? What is best secret clearance really like? Would I get kicked out if I said I didn’t wear contact lenses even though I only wore it for about 4 months and quit?

I hate it when individuals refuse to answer my questions just due to the fact they can’t “guarantee” something. I am not producing you promise me that I will or will not get in, if you can just say based on your emotions you will “likely” be fine, I’d significantly appreciate it.
Wow thanks everyone for replying to my query so fast. Sparrenvoy: this is Connecticut ANG, I’m not confident which unit however.

Greatest answer:

Answer by Jefferson
You may possibly be capable to get in, but it will take a fistful of waivers and a lot of time, effort and energy on your part. One of the largest points you need to comprehend is that you must not lie — those inquiries have to do with retaining you, and the troops dependent on you alive and protected.
Your most significant troubles are the mind altering drugs — your other health troubles, namely the injuries, are less considerable. All will require waivers.
You have got significant time commitments ahead of you if you want to get in, but if you happen to be confident this is what you want you’ve got to attempt, and have to function.

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