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32 Weeks and feeling Pressure and foot discomfort?

October 10th, 2013 6 comments

Question by morningtide_mondays: 32 Weeks and feeling Strain and foot ache?

I am eight months pregnant today! Nonetheless, when I woke up this morning I have felt significant strain nonstop in the reduce location. It was so agonizing earlier this morning that I almost wanted to cry. I could barely bend above to reach into my dresser drawer for outfits without wanting to cry out.

My child has been moving a minor this morning, but not as regularly as she generally does. She’s usually the most lively in the late afternoon early evening.

I have two jobs: a desk job, a job the place I am on my feet consistently. My feet harm so significantly that they truly feel numb. Final evening my kitten experimented with to kiss my feet (which I hate!) and I couldn’t even really feel her. I couldn’t even come to feel her brush along them.

Is this just a indicator that my little one is turning into the (hopefully) correct place, or must I be concerned? Why are my feet numb?

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Response by op_mommy
You should undoubtedly phone your physician and let her know what is going on… it could be nothing or it could be something severe. I am certain she’ll most likely want you to commence your maternity leave quickly or at least have your job function with you to maintain you off of your feet as significantly as achievable at this stage. When you happen to be at the desk job, try out and maintain your feet elevated as significantly as feasible (also when you are at residence or any other time you can). The soreness may well just be that the infant is dropping into position (that does harm a bit) but you want to make confident there’s nothing at all more significant going on.

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Is 111/70 low blood pressure…??

November 24th, 2011 8 comments

Question by steph23: Is 111/70 reduced blood stress…??

Im usually 125/80… some where in there. Went to the dr right now to locate out if i am pregnant. I have a mirena iud, but ALL the traditional signs of pregnancy – three weeks late for period, queeziness, cramping in reduce ab, lower back discomfort, “gnawing” in stomach in am, bleeding gums (in no way had just before, take care of my teeth nicely), heartburn with standard diet regime no modifications…and so on. Anyway, perhaps you can “believe” up some of that but then when they took my blood pressure it was low for me, and the two of my first pregnancies i had low blood stress as well. I wont know til tomorrow if im pregnant cuz they produced me do a blood test cuz urine testing wouldn’t detect an eptopic pregnancy this early, and i had takin an at home check and it stated neg.

Oh my, sorry to ramble on…. So concerns are: is that blood pressure reduced and do i sound pregnant to u?? Thanks all in advance!

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Answer by Lisa
That blood pressure is regular. For the duration of my pregnancy, my blood pressure was consistently 110/70. Right after I gave birth, it has been regularly 120/80.

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