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Am i going too be pregnant if my boyfriend cums on my thighs?

November 19th, 2013 4 comments

Query by Ervin: Am i going also be pregnant if my boyfriend cums on my thighs?

my boy pal had his head of the penis in side of me but climaxed on my leg but my vagina was genuinely wet , the following day i had head ache and abdomen pains . i will not know if i am pregnant or not please aid i am truly worried , if my time period comes will i even now get pregnant

Best solution:

Answer by Invisible Pink ~ RN
“the up coming day i had head ache and abdomen pains”

You never get symptoms of pregnancy the very subsequent day – you teenagers truly require to band with each other and discover sex ed!

You could be pregnant but not from him ejaculating on your thighs – I had twins from pre-ejaculate

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Is is feasible that I could be pregnant?

November 2nd, 2013 Comments off

Query by : Is is achievable that I could be pregnant?

Ok final month (June 2013) I acquired my time period on the third and went off on the tenth(3rd-10th) which is typical for me. I have been back on the capsules for four months at this time. Nonetheless this period was hefty the whole time, which is not typical for me.Then 2 weeks later on I acquired yet another period but the 2nd one was light the entire time(barley anything on the tampon, most of the time its heavy a few days and then gets lighter). Getting a 2nd period or obtaining one particular this light is not standard for me. On the 4th day of the second period it stoped and I had unprotected sex (other that me taking the pill) with my husband the the day soon after obtaining sex it commenced once again and lasted three more days and was nevertheless as light as prior to. I have never spotted for the duration of a period or in amongst a period. Because then my husband appeared to get all the pregnancy symptoms this kind of as nasiua in the morning, headaches each day, toothaches, drinking far more water than normal but wanting it ice cold, and leg cramps that have woke him up. Me on the other hand I have headaches every day, slight nausia throughout the day, back aches, drinked a lot more water than ever, pee nearly every hour, truly feel extremly bloated and I have been having terriable mood swings and really upset a lot more simply above the smallest items that would not typically bother me. and my boobs seem greater than just before.(I have an outdated bar that is about stretched apart from sporting and washing so a lot and was really loose ahead of now it seems like it just does cover my nipples) i also have a modest belly, but I have had that for awhile due to being out of function for some time. I have not had considerably of an appitite or had morning sickness. My husband also cuddles up with me a lot more now for the duration of the night than before. The last 2 nights I have not been able to go to sleep and just toss and flip. during the evening I appear to have “expanding pains” like sharp pains down to the bones. COULD I BE PREGNANT?(which will be wonderful if I am)

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Reply by Felann
Get tested. Very good luck!

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Abrupt “pain” in the abdomen 15 weeks pregnant?

October 28th, 2013 4 comments

Query by SamIam82: Abrupt “pain” in the abdomen 15 weeks pregnant?

For the past couple of weeks, I have been experiencing what feels like a pinching or abrupt soreness in the center of my stomach, below the bellybutton, correct in which my uterous should be. It takes place at all instances of the day and night and lasts a couple of seconds. Its not terribly poor, but adequate to discover. I have no bleeding or other signs. Can round ligament ache occur in the front or only on the sides? Has anybody else seasoned this?

Ideal solution:

Answer by laurafreeman28
You require to see your obgyn asap!

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Well i had sex about three weeks ago and i believe i could be pregnant what are the early indicators of pregnancy?

August 4th, 2013 10 comments

Question by crystal m: Effectively i had intercourse about three weeks in the past and i feel i could be pregnant what are the early indicators of pregnancy?

Plus, i was suppose to have my period five days ago but when it came it was a dark pink, and not hefty at all like my usual intervals, plus i’ve been having actually negative cramps, i believe my breast are acquiring greater but they dont hurt, and i havent been throwing up. Also, my final day of my so referred to as period was like spotting, so thats why i’m not sure if i am pregnant, and i’m not certain what the indicators really are for early pregnancy. I dont think i have a lump but on my stomack only genuinely poor cramps.

Very best response:

Reply by macca_79_05
Get a check kit from the chemist or see your doctor before you get by yourself into difficulties.

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Can you get pregnant days soon after your period?

March 8th, 2013 2 comments

Query by mcamp1107: Can you get pregnant days soon after your time period?

My abdomen is challenging and my breast are tender. But its only been a number of days following my time period. Is it attainable?

Best reply:

Answer by Andrea W
Typically, the best time to get pregnant is in the course of ovulation which occurs 10 days soon after your period. I’m thinking if you had intercourse inside of a couple of days after your period, you are not pregnant, but if you happen to be late for you following period, get a test.

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What harm you the most/ what pains did you get when pregnant?

February 3rd, 2013 Comments off

Query by Deborah: What harm you the most/ what pains did you get when pregnant?

Example: Stomach, Hips, Feet, Back, Abdomen.

My buddy began having excruciating hip soreness just before two weeks of becoming pregnant. So I was thinking:

How early did your “pains” start off?
What hurt you the most?
How lousy had been they?
How lengthy did they last?

Thanks! Im presently TTC conceive and have had slight hip pains the past number of days but imagine its also soon.

Finest answer:

Response by Baby ♥Emilee due Jan 14th 2010
pains two weeks before? i didnt have any discomfort until eventually about 17 weeks when i began to acquire a little fat and get my stomach. the back pains for me were the worst, i couldnt stand or stroll at times. they lasted from about 17 weeks to about 26 weeks and now im 35 weeks and havent unquestionably had any pain. my hips and feet never ever hurt and my stomach didnt hurt but its just hefty….cant definitely clarify. but its not that undesirable induce im gonna get the biggest gift ever outta all this pain…its so well worth it!!
High-quality LUCK TTC!!

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