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Well i had sex about three weeks ago and i believe i could be pregnant what are the early indicators of pregnancy?

August 4th, 2013 10 comments

Question by crystal m: Effectively i had intercourse about three weeks in the past and i feel i could be pregnant what are the early indicators of pregnancy?

Plus, i was suppose to have my period five days ago but when it came it was a dark pink, and not hefty at all like my usual intervals, plus i’ve been having actually negative cramps, i believe my breast are acquiring greater but they dont hurt, and i havent been throwing up. Also, my final day of my so referred to as period was like spotting, so thats why i’m not sure if i am pregnant, and i’m not certain what the indicators really are for early pregnancy. I dont think i have a lump but on my stomack only genuinely poor cramps.

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Reply by macca_79_05
Get a check kit from the chemist or see your doctor before you get by yourself into difficulties.

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How could I get details on pregnancy cycle.?

July 7th, 2013 1 comment

by tripu

Question by Weti G: How could I get information on pregnancy cycle.?

I would like to know the pregnancy cycle. Could you draw a single month calander? At the exact same time please tell me about ladies condom.

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Answer by Grown Lady
For that information you can go to and put in pregnancy stages or go to the library and get a guide on the diverse stages of pregnancy.

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I am at 18 weeks in my pregnancy, and I was questioning, what does it feels like when the little one begins moving?

May 29th, 2013 8 comments

Query by XXXBurningStarIV: I’m at 18 weeks in my pregnancy, and I was pondering, what does it feels like when the child starts moving?

I have a pain in my reduced side.
Does it come to feel painful or uncomfortable when it initial transpires?
Or need to I be anxious?

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Answer by Emma
it feels a bit like bubbles in your tummy. its not unpleasant, properly not till your baby is bigger and kicking you in your ribs lol. a bit like butterflys in your tummy.its fairly amazin to feel.

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How do I tell the difference among mid-cycle spotting and pregnancy spotting?

May 3rd, 2013 Comments off

Query by babble93: How do I tell the big difference between mid-cycle spotting and pregnancy spotting?

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Solution by Sarah
You didn’t specify precisely when you spotted, so I discovered this and considered it may be useful:

Here is some information to greater comprehend mid-cycle spotting:

•Changes in Hormonal Stability. All of the modifications in a woman’s menstrual cycle are due to alterations in the progesterone/estrogen balance.
•Timing. If you have spotting that takes place all around the time of ovulation (ten to fourteen days following the start of your final period), it is likely due to the increased estrogen in your system at this time. Spotting can also arise on implantation of a fertilized egg into the uterine lining. Spotting that takes place many days to 1 week just before one’s menstrual cycle can be due to lower ranges of progesterone, which while not a difficulty in and of itself, can lead to infertility or early miscarriage in the event that 1 is striving to turn into pregnant. Spotting that shows up at other times in your cycle is more probably to be abnormal spotting.
•Mittelschmerz. Mittelschmerz is German for “middle pain,” and it is a word that describes the mid-cycle discomfort that can accompany ovulation. You will expertise mittelschmerz on a single side of your reduced abdomen around the time of ovulation, from ten-14 days right after the 1st day of your last period. If you knowledge mittelschmerz around the very same time as spotting, you are nearly surely ovulating. If you are making an attempt to get pregnant, certainly pay out interest to spotting during ovulation that accompanies pain. Mittelschmerz is nothing at all to fear about I see it as a hassle-free way of realizing exactly exactly where I am in my cycle.
•Other Prospective Influences. A woman’s hormonal balance can also be impacted by the following situations:
•Weight reduction or gain•A adjust in diet regime (specially bad nutrition)
•Excessive caffeine or alcohol consumption
•Excessive workout health-and-fitness/a4684-how-to-understand-about-mid-cycle-spotting.html

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when do backpain begin in pregnancy and how does it feel?

March 7th, 2013 14 comments

by hiromy

Question by toy: when do backpain commence in pregnancy and how does it feel?

i am 3 weeks pregnant i have been having backpain ,but it only aches in specified spots ,is this from pregnancy?does it suppose to come to feel this way?

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Response by Remy
Yes, but it is all really worth it at the finish. Good luck


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Can pregnancy signs and symptoms demonstrate up a week following conception?

January 4th, 2013 Comments off

Query by bells09: Can pregnancy signs and symptoms demonstrate up a week immediately after conception?

Ok. I lost my virginity to my boyfriend last week. We utilised a condom but I feel at some point the condom came off result in my boyfriend opened up another packet and threw out the other 1. I’m frightened that I could be pregnant because I commenced feeling actually depressed lately and consuming a whole lot then I started out showing some blood spotting on my underwear. My question is if signs can demonstrate up this early? Can I truly be pregnant or is it my imagination?

Finest answer:

Answer by PregnantInVegas
Anytime you’re sexually energetic there is a likelihood of pregnancy. In early pregnancy there ARE some PMS-like signs and symptoms. I am 8 weeks pregnant and deal with “cramps” all the time. I’ve been told by my medical professional that they really aren’t cramps at all, its “round ligament discomfort” or something like that which fundamentally signifies my uterus is increasing and its somewhat unpleasant. Even though he did warn that if the pain will get worse than my common cramps it could be a sign of miscarriage. But anyways, back to your query, signs CAN show up this early but it is extremely unlikely. Since its only been a week if you ARE pregnant, you’d be going via Implantation right now which is specifically what it sounds like, the egg implanting its self to the uterine wall. Signs of Implantation are spotting, “cramps”, adjust in entire body temperature and some individuals even get nauseated from it.

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