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I’m 20 years old, I excersize, but I have chest pains the place my heart is?

December 28th, 2013 3 comments

Query by Malcolm: I am twenty many years outdated, I excersize, but I have chest pains where my heart is?

Im kinda worried about it..
I am a male..I excersize, I have incredibly quick metabolic process, I’m genuinely thin and tall.
but Im concerned, what do you think the ache in my chest the place my heart is?
Often it just randomly hurts like in the morning when I get up.

Very best reply:

Response by $ !<
effectively it could be due to exhaustion or that you are taking some diet plan that impacts your heart immediately ie taking also a lot fats.

seek advice from a physician for further support,it may well be serious

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What it taking place to your entire body when your heart ‘hurts’?

September 7th, 2013 Comments off

Query by Tay: What it taking place to your physique when your heart ‘hurts’?

Anytime I study a story about something like somebody not pondering they’re very good ample for someone else, my heart aches for them, due to the fact i have had this issue. But It truly physically aches, and I was questioning what is happening to make it truly feel like it really hurts when it really is just your emotions. My hands feel odd and my chest hurts when I read through issues like that. What’s occurring?

Ideal answer:

Solution by Vulcan
It truly is an fascinating physiological point – but you can envision why all the previous songs communicate about “heart ache”. Not positive HOW this occurs – it would seem to be that some of the arteries get “necked down” – get smaller sized – blood stress rises – and probably it denies a small blood to your hands so they come to feel weird.

In accordance to Dr. Sarno – in “Healing Back Soreness” – (you can get it utilized off of Amazon) – the mind frequently controls blood flow in very odd small techniques to create all manner of terrible physical symptoms – but their origin is the mind. The men and women in Sarno’s book lay in hospitals in horrible soreness, and but the soreness they truly feel has been supplied by the thoughts “necking down” a variety of arteries. He says that it can be demonstrated that this pain they feel is not induced by physical damage to the body.

you just have a small edition of this phenomenon.

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Q&A: What would take place if you woke up in the course of surgical procedure?

July 29th, 2013 3 comments

Query by Mortymight: What would happen if you woke up throughout surgical procedure?

I want to know what they’d do, and what YOU’D do.

Very best answer:

Reply by rwinnie2
they would give you added anaesthetic to place you back to rest

and anaesthetic also has the impact of wiping your memory so you would not remember

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What are some good songs to place on my Ipod?

May 11th, 2013 26 comments

Query by Maegan: What are some excellent songs to put on my Ipod?

I like issues like Plain White Tee’s, Nevershoutnever!, Beyonce, T.I, Taylor Swift… I quite considerably like every little thing!
Any recommendations?

Very best response:

Reply by nowiampissed
It’s your I pod Put what ever you want

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Q&A: How a lot of instances must a physician try a spinal tap in lumbar place? twelve instances? And THEN other factors?

July 27th, 2012 Comments off

Query by : How numerous occasions ought to a doctor attempt a spinal tap in lumbar area? twelve instances? And THEN other items?

Went to the county hospital in Alabama- headache, really slurred speech & particularly weak- Have a 4mm aneurysm in the ‘Circle of Willis’. Serious degenerative disk ailment nevertheless I am particularly limber. EDS perhaps? N E way, my neuro advised the hospital medical doctor to WAIT & that he was on his way. The doctor informed me he wasn’t in a position to get hold of the neuro. ?? He continued to complete the spinal tap. He Stored sticking me! I asked him when he finally finished if that was his record. He mentioned he had to poke me 5 times since the holes have been as well tiny to get through to the spinal membrane. All the disks are gone in my reduced back. An hour before this took place, a nurse came in & what I believed was a flushing of my IV, I looked down & saw a needle. I asked her what it was she was giving me- hoping it was a thing to make me much more at ease perhaps? As she was finishing injecting it she informed me it was STEROIDS. I wondered why they would do that. BTW, not After did they ever Seem at my armband! 2 of my close friends / neighbors had come in to see me. A male nurse walked in & stated “Ms. Doe” , not the name of what he said OR MINE for that matter, he informed me that he was going to consider me down for a “breathing therapy”. My friends freaked! They started out asking concerns, I knew THEN that another patient was supposed to get that STEROID injection.
A couple of days later on the headaches began really negative. When I went to my neuro for a stick to up, I pointed out the STEROID & he also informed me that the attending nurse wrote down that I was stuck 12 times!! Now that component of my spine is killing me & the spinal injections I get, ‘marcaine-depo’, does not touch the pain there. My doc mentioned he was glad it wasn’t insulin, and so on.! AND we informed him that immediately after the tap, the steroids manufactured me restless. I cleaned up in the hospital area, curiousity received me as to what the ‘tap kit’ looked like & what gauge needle. It was a 22 gauge AND the kit EXPIRED 6 months earlier! He asked how I knew, I Kept the cover of the kit! So? ANY feedback, suggestions? Glad I am even right here to inquire this question! Oh yeah! The hospital physician was a cardio-pulmonary & family members practice physician! Does NOT know how undesirable my spine is! THAT is why my neuro advised him to WAIT on him. He flat out lied to me about how several instances he stuck me & about my neuro’s ‘where-abouts’. This has been down proper scary & I am Nevertheless suffering… 🙁 Aid please? Thanks!!

Best solution:

Answer by Oblivion Firebright
I’d sue. Massive time.

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Where ought to I place my lyric tattoo? Has to be hidden.?

July 19th, 2012 7 comments

Query by : Exactly where should I place my lyric tattoo? Has to be hidden.?

I just just lately received my first tattoo which is a Latin phrase “per aspera ad astra” with a depiction of it in the upper-center part of my back, like between my shoulder blades. In January or so, I’m looking to get my second tattoo which is the lyric “Trigger there’s yet another daily life & a sweeter discomfort” I’m trying to keep it hidden due to parental troubles, even even though I am going to be 19… So there is kind of a quick checklist of where I can get it done. I was contemplating my foot, since it’ll be winter but when it is warm out I put on flip flops all the time, so clearly which is a difficulty. Do not want it on my back due to the fact I never assume it’ll go properly at all with my existing tattoo. Recommendations, please!
Truly, I was thinking about obtaining it under my left boob a tiny bit to the side, but I’m a little frightened to get it done on the ribs… I know it’ll hurt quite bad. But I am by no means in a bathing suit about my dad and mom, that’s why anyplace that can be covered by a t-shirt is a excellent spot for my ink trigger I just constantly put on t-shirts around them lol

Very best answer:

Reply by twoshoes
That has to go along the sides of your bum-crack

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