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is depression a physical or emotional sickness?

September 24th, 2013 5 comments

Question by Jazlyn: is depression a bodily or emotional sickness?

my friend was telling me about how depression kind of chokes you to death…dont kno if thats real or not but id like to know a minor far more about it. like wat it is, how do u become truely depressed, wat age groupes get depressed the most. my major query is that if depression really chokes you to death then id like to know how and why.

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Answer by Elphie~*
No, but you could truly feel like you are choking. I come to feel like I cannot breathe well often.

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Q&A: Does the silent treatment amount to emotional abuse and then go on to physical abuse?

April 7th, 2013 6 comments

Question by No R: Does the silent treatment amount to emotional abuse and then go on to physical abuse?

Is it true that giving someone the silent treatment amounts to emotional torture if done after a very long and extended period of years and also to give them the silent treatment is like ostrocizing someone? Because then ostricizing is like causing somebody pain and physical pain that is, because it affects a part of the brain that detects pain and therefore it is goes on to be like physical abuse. Anybody ever heard this and can agree with a story? Thanks!

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Answer by eden grace anderson
yes it is very very true. the brain does detect pain but it doesn’t go straight to physical abuse.

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Q&A: i have a herniated cervical disc and am currently taking physical remedy can i opt to have the surgical procedure if im?

December 23rd, 2012 Comments off

Query by hendrix j: i have a herniated cervical disc and am at present taking physical treatment can i opt to have the surgical treatment if im?

on employees comp, my dr doesnt seem to really care about my opinion, but the physical treatment isn t actually operating

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Answer by mistify
Initial, if you are not possessing good benefits with physical treatment, seek an additional approach to physical therapy…just like medicine there are numerous approaches to physical remedy and if you are not obtaining very good final results with one particular supplier, you might have exceptional benefits with one more. If you are not seeing 1 presently, I would advise you see a physical therapist who is credentialed in mechanical diagnosis and therapy. (Go to: )

At the extremely least, an MDT trained therapist can generally inform inside the initial couple visits if this dilemma is reducible.

Factors that lend it self to a excellent prognosis are:

one. Symptoms that are intermittent
2. Signs that do not go past the elbow
three. The ache “centralizes” on the initial check out
four. Adherence to the house exercise plan and posture correction
five. You do not smoke
6. You have an internal locus of control.

Conversely, people who will not do properly with physical remedy include:
one. People with signs and symptoms that are consistent and radiate to the hand at all times with no any second of relief even with rest
2. People whose symptoms commenced instentaneously and went to the hand quickly
3. You have an external locus of manage (meaning you feel issues come about TO you rather than you affecting your very own destiny)
four. Your injury is accompanied by neurological weakness
five. You smoke

…not that individuals who have these items are unable to get far better…it can be just that the possibilities are lessened.

It actually is greatest to avoid surgical treatment if possible as prolonged expression persistent soreness is virtually always related with surgical procedure. Therefore, you medical professional isn’t going to recommend surgical procedure unless it is completely needed and very properly may possibly refuse to carry out surgical treatment on you if you are not a very good candidate.

Surgical treatment CAN be successful, but has to be accomplished for the correct motives…not just because you request it.

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The Complete Guide to Joseph H. Pilates’ Techniques of Physical Conditioning: With special help for back pain and Sport Training Reviews

December 26th, 2011 3 comments

The Complete Guide to Joseph H. Pilates’ Techniques of Physical Conditioning: With special help for back pain and sports training

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HOW TO SAVE YOUR BACK: A Ninety-Nine Cent Lower Back Pain Session with a Physical Therapist

November 28th, 2011 1 comment

HOW TO SAVE YOUR BACK: A Ninety-Nine Cent Lower Back Pain Session with a Physical Therapist

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I’m in constant physical pain. Anybody know what might be triggering this?

October 8th, 2011 Comments off

Query by notdamonbradley: I am in consistent physical pain. Anybody know what may well be creating this?

I have asked a doctor about this, and she wasn’t any assist. My shoulders constantly hurt, and I get headaches extremely effortlessly. My fingers hurt a lot of the time, and my knees and elbows sometimes hurt to. Occasionally I get this floating discomfort that hurts and seems to move over my body. Appropriate now it is in the back of m head.

My blood pressure is usually slightly increased than common. I am a couple of pounds overweight, and would most likely be fine with exercise, but for me physical exercise is like torture. It causes so a lot physical pain I cannot bear it for much more than a handful of minutes. My biceps are beginning to hurt as I type this, as is my left big toe. Now the bridge of my proper foot. My shoulders are the worst even though. Sometimes I wish I could rip my shoulder blades out of my physique.

I’m never ever not in some kind of physical discomfort, and I do not keep in mind ever not being in discomfort.

My medical professional says to exercising, but as I stated, that is torture. I’ve tried finding massages, taking more than-the-counter pain medication, and a few other items. They all lessen the pain, but nothing at all requires it away completely.

No chairs, beds, or anything are at ease for me. No position I rest in is far better or worse.

I do not really feel weak or damaged in any other way. In truth I’m relatively powerful. In higher college I was a weight-lifter.

I am otherwise pretty darn healthy. I eat well. I am a vegan (although this dilemma was going on for 20 years ahead of I became a vegan). I’m presently 29.

When I was a kid and complained about this, my parents and doctors would say it is “expanding pains.” They tried giving me a placebo pill, which didn’t function, and I caught on after a number of months. Given that then medical doctors are mostly dismissive about it.

I’ve located a number of frequent placebos that assist for a brief amount of time, but nothing that lasts and absolutely nothing that tends to make it go away totally.

The appropriate side of my head now hurts, and the knuckles of my left hand…. and now my proper elbow.

It just goes on and on.

I’ve been considering about attempting weed, but I’m worried about acquiring caught. I have a family members and I cannot afford the penalties.
D P, thank you. I read a couple of on the internet content articles on it, and that sounds exactly like what I have. I’m on the verge of tears. I’ve lived with this for my complete life and no one has recommended this. I am at present seeing a therapist for anxiousness and depression, so yeah, it fits. Thank you so much.
Oh, and I just didn’t feel the psychological troubles had been linked, or I thought that they were brought on by my pain. It by no means occurred to me that they could have a typical root lead to, or be associated.

Very best answer:

Answer by D P
You probably have “fibromyalgia.” You obviously concentrate A Great deal on your physical signs. I would suggest meeting with a psychiatrist to help discover a medical regimen which includes cognitive therapy as quickly as feasible.

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