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Is it standard for a 16 yr outdated to have developing pains?

March 22nd, 2014 Comments off

Question by A Intelligent Person: Is it typical for a 16 yr old to have developing pains?

I’m sixteen, 5’11” and 150lbs. (I currently know which is really thin) I have been getting odd pains in my shins, ankles, and knees for about the last month that are absolutely random. They aren’t amazingly agonizing and they normally don’t final for a lengthy time. I have had some injuries from sports activities to all of these regions but aside from a shin pressure fracture the pains have never ever been in my bones. They remind me specifically of increasing pains like I had when I was in elementary school. I know some guys increase till 18, 19, or even twenty and I haven’t had a true development spurt considering that I was like 5’9″ or 5’10 two or 3 years in the past so this is why I inquire. Thanks in advance.
Other important detail that may or could not be clear is that I’m a guy.

Ideal reply:

Response by Hal Lancer
It is getting to be late for this at age sixteen, but the answer to your question is that it surely is nonetheless feasible for these signs and symptoms to be developing pains. It could also be other situations. You said *bones*, not joints. A shin is a bone. An ankle and a knee are joints. (In spite of the lyrics to the previous normal, “Dry Bones”… you know, about Ezekiel… there really is no such thing as an ankle bone or knee bone. Individuals are joints in which 3 or 4 bones join collectively.)

Joint ache rather than middle-of-the-bone pain would raise other possibilities this kind of as rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia–or could nonetheless be “growing pains.” An MD could x-ray a bone or two to decide if your physes were nonetheless open meaning that you have been still expanding. If not, you may take into account other prospects. If it is developing pains, you need to try to unwind and wait for it to pass there is not a specifically good treatment method for increasing pains.

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I am twenty years old and my bones hurt. Could it be expanding pains?

March 18th, 2014 6 comments

Question by allhaildeann: I am twenty years old and my bones harm. Could it be developing pains?

For the past couple weeks, I maintain getting random pains in my legs, arms, chest, ribs, and shoulders, and it just feels like the bones harm. It really is not the joints but just like the bones. Nowadays I have had them specifically badly. They typically only final a couple of minutes but today it really is lasted virtually all day. I have been a vegetarian for 8 many years, even though I do drink tons of milk and eat a lot of dairy, but I never know if it could have some thing to do with that.
Anyway, do you believe I could still be expanding/encountering growing pains at twenty many years previous? I am a woman by the way. If not what else could it be?

Very best solution:

Reply by LovinEcon
No, def not growing pains females create prior to males and males generally completely produce height-sensible close to 18-19.

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Hello i was wondering for the previous yr or so i have been acquiring sharp pains at the extremely top of my head?

February 27th, 2014 Comments off

Question by kim: Hello i was wondering for the previous year or so i have been receiving sharp pains at the quite prime of my head?

Generally its only when my heart starts to race I get them mainly when I am asleep often it wakes me up out of my rest but the ache only final for a number of seconds but now its starting to last longer I would just like a bit of a insight on what it might be , thank you

Ideal reply:

Answer by Nicky
I would go and talk about this with your medical doctor. There are numerous causes why this kind of signs happen. I am tempted to suggest that a good deal of this may be in your mind since you are now expecting this kind of discomfort. You indicate that these “pains” are right after dreams. How do you truly know you have this kind of pains when you are asleep?

Yes, go and see the Doc and discuss this. Meanwhile, I would recommend rest treatment. A racing heart suggests anxiety anyway, and fear is enough to give any individual a headache (and a racing heart also!)

Hopefully, someone much better informed on this can supply a much better reply. Meanwhile, end worrying, do deep breathing and chill!

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Q&A: Bad knee pains?

February 20th, 2014 8 comments

Question by Lindsay: Bad knee pains?

I am in substantial college and really feel as if i have terrible knees previously. I have never ever had a severe injury to them. They have usually been agonizing (as lengthy as i can remember). When i was younger they employed to just phone them growing pains, i have not grown in four many years.

What can i do about this? I went to a unique medical professional currently and he told me practically nothing is wrong with them.

They usually hurt right after a prolonged day of strolling, if i slam them down on the floor in the wrong way and so forth..

(Advil no longer performs)

Very best solution:

Response by SkylarReese
nonetheless, get a tylenol or take unique discomfort relief for arthritis for joint pain. Place ice and then heat pads. Whitch following two hours. Hope it works. I have bad knees to.

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Early Pregnancy – Anybody Had Stabbing Pains?

February 19th, 2014 2 comments

Question by Wannabemum: Early Pregnancy – Any person Had Stabbing Pains?

From 7DPO I had these light stabbing pains that progressed into sharp ones as the days went buy. They were intermittent but occurred all day. Lasted about 4 days.

I then felt a strange sensation, like a feather stroking my uterus, unpleasant.

apart from intense tiredness for two days, this is the only symptoms, I have, so doubt am pregnant. Plus am 13DPO carried out an IC check and zilch. AF is due tomorrow,

Anybody been through the exact same thing.
meant to say as the days went “by” Lol.

Best response:

Solution by alton w
u are pregnant

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I’m getting chest pains, worried it is angina!?

February 14th, 2014 3 comments

Question by Lucy: I am having chest pains, worried it is angina!?

I am a 26 12 months old female, my grandad had angina and I have been receiving chest pains middle to left of my chest. I went to the doctors thinking it was ache in my breast but did say it was sort of in the middle too and she did a breast check but no heart check. Is this achievable at 26? what are the other indications? must I go back to the doctor?
Also my mom died age 48, she had an irregular heartbeat and died of issues….

Very best answer:

Answer by DA DUCTA Guy
you are really young to have heart issues, but it is nonetheless attainable. critical chest pains often radiate to your left arm, jaw, back, shoulder, frequently feeling heavy like stress or tightness or a “band” around your chest. Return to your household doc and have them do a cardiac verify with an EKG and potentially a tension check.

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