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Visible knots in back? How to alleviate/avoid back pain?

December 13th, 2013 2 comments

Query by ~* Petite Choupette*~: Visible knots in back? How to alleviate/avoid back discomfort?

How to alleviate/keep away from back pain?
I am a competitive ballroom and latin dancer (I practice about two-three hrs a day) and I get the worst muscle pain in my back (a lot more in my upper middle back amongst my shoulder blades, but right now it really is all over the place. Also, fundamentally the top half of my back is tied up in knots… so unpleasant. Any ideas?

Very best solution:

Solution by Stu
If you have been in this variety of program in excess of a extended period of time (ie. practicing these routines routinely), I would anticipate that you are acquainted with “warm ups”,” great downs”, “stretches” and the like.
It is NOT clear from your study if the “discomfort/knots” have been a Persistent symptom, or just a current event.
It might be that you are “pushing” as well tough,skimping on the warm ups and so on., or truly suffered an Injury that is now aggravated by your regimen.
It would not be unusual (as you know), to be sore if you have overworked your muscle tissue. As well, heat , massage, a wonderful soothing bath can support to reduce discomfort if it is purely THAT.
Too, muscle tissues groups do have a tendency to bundled in the “upper tree”, and may “ache” could radiate along its lineage if overworked.It does sound muscle based, and when one set of muscles “knots” and so forth., it usually throws the equilibrium of other muscle groups off triggering much more “expanded discomfort.
On the other hand, if the supply of your discomfort is actual trauma and damage like a misaligned spine, pinched nerve and so on., you will require to have this assessed in a a lot more critical venue. Again, if this is something “NEW”, and abruptly Distinct, see a Medical doctor.
Hope this assisted. Excellent luck. Peace.

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Emotional pain that translates to bodily ache?

December 12th, 2013 4 comments

Question by Cala: Emotional soreness that translates to bodily pain?

Is it typical that when you are going via a divorce, you feel so a lot emotional pain that it physically hurts you? I come to feel so significantly soreness in my arms particularly, chest, legs. The pain type of kills my need to do other items and I lie there lifeless and empty…..and in this kind of physical soreness. How lengthy would this final? Days? Weeks? Months? Cos I actually come to feel like death is coming for me.

Very best solution:

Reply by ZIGGIE
Yes, this book known as “Buried Feelings Never ever Dies” explains it ideal, but it also explains how to cease the ache and feelings from continuing to hurt you. no means_Die

It is best if you could do anything everday at the same time of the day. Go for a walk each day following function or the pool even if you just sit in the steam area…it truly is for you.

Very good Luck.

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Want to tell me why my horse is “in pain”?

November 29th, 2013 7 comments

Question by ☼Lyla is wiggidy wack?: Want to tell me why my horse is “in ache”?

so *apparently* the fact that my horse is stuffing his cheeks implies he is in ache. i asked a Q yesterday about how i have noticed my horse stuffing meals in his cheeks. it seems like swelling, but if you seem closer you can see it’s the meals he is eating. and the “swelling” only shows up when he’s eating. Consider Note: Swelling=foods. no offering solutions saying swelling means ache. the swelling is meals.

IMO all that is going on is he’s taking way also massive of bites (he is always carried out that) and alternatively of dropping it out of his mouth, he just shoves the additional in his cheeks. i am not seeing an situation with that, but i’m providing the answerers to my Q a possibility. they say the fact that he’s stuffing means he is in pain. to me, the two are fully unconnected….which is why i’m asking the query.

the only “signs” are him stuffing meals in his cheeks and tilting his head to get the foods out of his cheeks.

now, a note about the head tilting. head tilting is a indicator a horse’s teeth hurt simply because they tilt it one way to move the grain to the other side that isn’t going to hurt. BUT my gelding ONLY head tilts when he has grain shoved in his cheeks, and the side to which he tilts isn’t consistent. it truly is both sides.

so, that was really jumbled, sorry. if you can adhere to all of that, can you inform me how this points to him “getting in ache”?
yeah he is undoubtedly chewing. he eats enormous bites, puts portion in his cheeks, chews what’s in his mouth, then tilts his head to get what’s in his cheek into his mouth, then chews that.

i imagined about putting rocks in his feed, but even though he’s quite intelligent, frequent sense has by no means been his sturdy stage 😛 plus he bites every single new point he sees. i am afraid he’ll chip a tooth lol.

and he had his teeth floated sometime all around July, i felt them not too long ago & they’re not sharp
sorry i need to have stated, i’ve currently had the vet out twice about this. 1st time she explained his teeth have been sharp, but otherwise some of the “most gorgeous” teeth she’s noticed, specially for 15. they have been floated after that.
then i had her out again right after i noticed the head tilting, and she checked and checked and checked, absolutely nothing.

acquiring one more vet out isn’t an option. there’s two in the spot, and the other i cannot trust. no equine dentists both.
partly cloudy: if you would in fact read through my query, i stated there are no equine dentists anyplace close to me. not all of us have the luxury of just calling up some specialist at the drop of a hat.

Greatest reply:

Answer by Julie
Put a huge round rock in his feed dish to force him to consume far more carefully and consider modest bites. If he has to eat close to the rock, it’ll force him to be careful about the bite sizes he is taking.

Is he chewing completely prior to he swallows? If not, he’s not receiving all of the nutrients he can out of his grain.

I will not believe he’s automatically in discomfort, perhaps he demands his teeth floated however.

Include– he will not chip a tooth on it, as extended as it’s a really rounded 1 with no sharp edges. And if he somehow does manage to chip a tooth, properly, horses’ teeth get worn down naturally all of the time, and eventually more tooth will “expand” in (it truly is not really growing, just pushing via his gums and coming out), so it’ll get replaced.

Anyway, as long as he is totally chewing the food just before he swallows it and he is not choking on it, I would not worry. All horses have their quirks, and apparently this is his!

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Q&A: Can mental illness like depression cause bodily pain?

November 17th, 2013 2 comments

Query by Zootles: Can mental sickness like depression result in physical discomfort?

Greatest reply:

Solution by Elizabeth
Totally. Physical ache is a symptom of depression. It can be so bad you can’t get out of bed.

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Q&A: What would cause a 9yo to have pain in her jaw&cheek & has a challenging time eatting&talking Dr say practically nothing is wrong

October 31st, 2013 11 comments

Question by EMTorNot2EMT: What would trigger a 9yo to have pain in her jaw&cheek & has a tough time eatting&speaking Dr say nothing is wrong

My 9 yohas been complaining her jaw and cheek hurt she has a challenging time swallowing and talking Her neck and cheek are swellon
She has had her tonsils removed a year ago and a graph completed to her ear drum a yr ago she was seen in the ED and the Dr says there is practically nothing physically wrong…he says it is traumatic anxiety from coming residence from her dad’s residence She is now running a fever of 101 offering her motrin does not assist with the pain. I am an EMT and the signs seem to be to be like individuals of mumps but she has had her MMR vaccine as scheduled……what could this perhaps be and need to I get her to a various Dr to be observed…she was NOT noticed by a peds DR

Best response:

Reply by STEVE M
It would seem evident to me that if she has a temperature of 101

something have to be incorrect.

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Abrupt “pain” in the abdomen 15 weeks pregnant?

October 28th, 2013 4 comments

Query by SamIam82: Abrupt “pain” in the abdomen 15 weeks pregnant?

For the past couple of weeks, I have been experiencing what feels like a pinching or abrupt soreness in the center of my stomach, below the bellybutton, correct in which my uterous should be. It takes place at all instances of the day and night and lasts a couple of seconds. Its not terribly poor, but adequate to discover. I have no bleeding or other signs. Can round ligament ache occur in the front or only on the sides? Has anybody else seasoned this?

Ideal solution:

Answer by laurafreeman28
You require to see your obgyn asap!

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