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what is ovulation and when does it happens?…?

January 27th, 2014 2 comments

Query by Great: what is ovulation and when does it transpires?…?

My cycle starts on the 20th of every month so when is the time to have intercourse to get pregnant ………tell me just before and right after final results if you can?..

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Response by Vicky
Ovulation is the egg rupturing from the ovary, at which time it is fertilized by the sperm. The egg will only dwell for 24-48 hrs, but simply because sperm can live for 5 days, you have a ‘fertile window’ of about seven days. Ovulation is always around 14 days prior to the start off of your Subsequent time period, even if you have irregular cycles. So, count back 14 days from when you expect your period and make positive you BD daily starting five days prior to that date until finally 2 days following it. Excellent luck!

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i am 1 one/two wks post ovulation and have had only symp of reduce abd cramping (for the last wk) could i be preg?

January 23rd, 2014 1 comment

Query by lucky # 27: i am 1 1/2 wks post ovulation and have had only symp of lower abd cramping (for the final wk) could i be preg?

i lately had two surgeries for a tubal pregnancy about two-1/2 months ago, had a regular time period the 1st month, three days of spotting followed by truly poor, hefty, and unpleasant period the 2nd month (it felt like a miscarriage) and am now striving to get pregnant… the issue is that i am 1 one/2 wks publish ovulation and have had only signs of reduced stomach cramping (for the last wk). i guess you could say i have the other symptoms of fatigue and occ constipation/gasoline/nausea, but the cramping is the only “new” symptom for me…. it would seem to be lasting longer than my typical “ovulation pains”. what do you believe, could i be pregnant? i heard that soon after a d&c, obtaining pregnant is a great deal less complicated…

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Solution by dm kiss
Go to the hospital ASAP!!! Good luck

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Please aid me understand about ovulation?

January 8th, 2014 Comments off

Query by Outstanding: Please assist me realize about ovulation?

My periods are irregular and when my periods ends I get a white milky and strecthy dicharge. Does this imply I ovulated? thanks

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Answer by Jessica
Important Details of Ovulation:
An egg lives 12-24 hours right after leaving the ovary
Generally only one egg is launched every single time of ovulation
Ovulation can be affected by tension, illness or disruption of normal routines
Some females may possibly encounter some light blood spotting during ovulation
Implantation of a fertilized egg typically requires location 6-12 days soon after ovulation
Each and every female is born with hundreds of thousands of immature eggs that are awaiting ovulation to start
A menstrual period can arise even if ovulation has not occurred
Ovulation can happen even if a menstrual time period has not occurred
Some girls can come to feel a bit of discomfort or aching near the ovaries in the course of ovulation called mittelschmerz, which implies “middle pain” in German
If an egg is not fertilized, it disintegrates and is absorbed into the uterine lining
Monitoring Ovulation:
A woman’s month to month cycle is measured from the initial day of her menstrual period until finally the 1st day of her next period. On typical, a woman’s cycle generally is among 28-32 days, but some women might have considerably shorter cycles or considerably longer ones. Ovulation can be calculated by beginning with the day the final menstrual time period (LMP) commences or by calculating twelve-sixteen days from the subsequent expected period. Most ladies ovulate anyplace among Day eleven – Day 21 of their cycle, counting from the 1st day of the LMP. This is what many refer to as the “fertile time” of a woman’s cycle, since sexual intercourse throughout this time increases the chance of pregnancy. Ovulation can happen at various times during a cycle, and may happen on a different day each month. It is critical to track your cycle there are tools online to aid you do this: Buy Fertility Monitoring

The Ovulation Cycle Divided into Two Components:
The first portion of the ovulation cycle is known as the follicular phase. This phase commences the initial day of the last menstrual time period (LMP) and continues until ovulation. This first half of the cycle can vary tremendously for every lady lasting anywhere from seven days till 40 days. The second half of the cycle is referred to as the luteal phase and is from the day of ovulation until the up coming time period commences. The luteal phase has a more exact timeline and typically is only twelve-16 days from the day of ovulation. This ultimately signifies that the day of ovulation will figure out how prolonged your cycle is. This also implies that outside factors like tension, sickness, and disruption of standard schedule can throw off your ovulation which then results in modifying the time your period will come. So the old imagined that pressure can influence your period is only partly correct. Tension can impact your ovulation which in the long run determines when your period will come, but tension close to the time of an anticipated time period will not make it late—it was already determined when it would come twelve-16 days earlier!

Fertility Awareness is one particular way to track when ovulation takes place, and it includes learning the adjustments in cervical mucus and using a basal thermometer. Cervical fluid will modify to a wet, slippery substance that resembles “egg whites” just just before ovulation takes place and till ovulation is more than. A basal thermometer assists track a physique temperature rise, which signals that ovulation has just occurred.

An additional way to track ovulation is through ovulation kits and fertility monitors. These can be Purchased On the web. Monitoring ovulation can assist a lady get a far better idea of when pregnancy can and can’t arise during her monthly cycle. Once ovulation has occurred, there is nothing at all you can do to improve your chances of pregnancy. Your up coming phase is to start watching for early pregnancy symptoms.

See and print an Ovulation Calendar to much better comprehend your menstruation cycle and ovulation.

From the Menstrual Period to Ovulation (the information you might not know!)
When your menstrual cycle begins, your estrogen ranges are lower. Your hypothalamus (which is in charge of maintaining your hormone amounts) sends out a message to your pituitary gland which then sends out the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). This FSH triggers a few of your follicles to create into mature eggs. 1 of these will build into the dominant follicle, which will release a mature egg and the other people will disintegrate. As the follicles mature they send out one more hormone, estrogen. The higher amounts of estrogen will inform the hypothalamus and pituitary gland that there is a mature egg.

A luteinizing hormone (LH) is then launched, referred to as your LH surge. The LH surge causes the egg to burst by way of the ovary wall inside of 24-36 hours and commence its journey down the fallopian tube for fertilization. The follicle from which the egg was launched is referred to as the corpus luteum, and it will release progesterone that helps thicken and put together the uterine lining for implantation. The corpus luteum will generate progesterone for about 12-sixteen days (the luteal phase of your cycle.) If an egg is fertilized, the corpus luteum will carry on to create progesterone for a building pregnancy right up until the placenta takes above. You can begin searching for pregnancy symptoms as early as a week following fertilization. If fertilization does not happen the egg dissolves soon after 24 hrs.

At this time your hormone ranges will lower and your uterine lining will start to shed about twelve-16 days from ovulation. This is menstruation (menstrual time period) and brings us back to day 1 of your cycle. The journey then starts all over again.

The time of ovulation is a single of the most important factors a woman need to realize about her physique, given that it is the identifying element in receiving pregnant and preventing pregnancy. The procedure can be confusing and somewhat mind-boggling when striving to recognize. The Association recommends utilizing an ovulation kit or fertility monitor to maximize your probabilities and to verify when your ovulation is occuring. There are numerous often asked questions about the ovulation method, and the Association has attempted to address those for you. If you nonetheless have additional concerns regarding ovulation, we encourage you to both talk with your healthcare supplier or make contact with the American Pregnancy Association for much more info. Currently being informed on what your body does can support you feel a lot more in charge of your wellness.

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If you come to feel a pinching feeling on 1 side could thae be ovulation and your period must be due 14 days later

November 15th, 2013 3 comments

Query by ღMomma to Mackenzie Grace!ღ: If you truly feel a pinching feeling on a single side could thae be ovulation and your time period should be due 14 days later on

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Solution by adverts
you will uncover guidelines on discovering your ovulation right here

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What precisely triggers ovulatiOn discomfort?

November 14th, 2013 Comments off

Question by Dandelion: What specifically leads to ovulatiOn soreness?

I have woke up this morning to EWCM, tender boobs and ovulation pain.. I get this every single month with no fail! I significantly get much more symptoms when i ovulate then i do for the duration of my time period!
I will not have cysts or anything at all I had a scan accomplished when I went for a examine up about irregular periods. It does not final a lot more than 24 hrs but it truly is just so annoying! What brings about the pain?
Thanku for any answers x

Best response:

Reply by Doom
Fundamentally each and every lady will get a small cyst on their ovary each and every month, and when you ovulate that tiny cyst bursts to release the egg. That is what women feel as “ovulation soreness”. The tender breasts and other signs and symptoms are all down to the hormone fluctuations.

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Can any person tell me what some symptoms of ovulation are?

July 22nd, 2013 5 comments

Query by michaelsmyth2002: Can any person inform me what some symptoms of ovulation are?

I was just wondering if any of you guys could tell me what some of the symptoms of ovulation are? Are there physical indicators women have that inform them they are ovulating?

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Response by capricorn
cranky, crave sweets, acquire a minor and moody.

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